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Flowerfell's Clan
The Sparkleflower of Nature
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
Clara sXyqxCK.png 28 sXyqxCK.png USA sXyqxCK.png Twitch sXyqxCK.png Tumblr sXyqxCK.png FR +3
tumblr_inline_ny8ya7RCSb1tpn0nn_540.png QWM2ADo.png pDX5L3A.png ZIM0uNr.png iXiFEbh.png IOZxYWm.png RvqgVFd.png twYPMKC.gif
I do exalt dragons whether for money, dom pushes, or if I am tired of them or just can't think of anything good for them in my lair. However, if you ever wish to buy your dragon back, just let me know. I have no problems with that!

0gdTv5Q.png Clan Lore 0gdTv5Q.png
tumblr_osyumbq9JU1v8lm95o3_100.gif The Flowerfell Coven has it's roots within the fiery land of the Ashfall Waste, started by Kanagosa and Jack under the name of the Clan of the Fire Opal. The two mated for some time to populate the clan, but they never truly had feelings for one another. As the clan grew, they bred less and sought out other mates. Jack eventually left to serve the Flamecaller, leaving Kanagosa to lead on her own.
The clan continued to grow under her leadership and joining in on various Fire Flight activities such as fighting for dominance and taking care of tundra hatchlings known as Flambebes. While the Ashfall Waste was warm and inviting, it didn't quite feel like home. Kanagosa became reclusive in studies, trying to find a way to make her clan happier. Vo9OlO6.png
tumblr_oswg5vcfeg1v8lm95o3_r1_100.gif She met an Archmage guardian by the name of Malygos. A strong, regal male that had many stories to tell and lessons to teach her about leadership. He spoke of arcane magic from the Arcane Flight and the Arcanist himself. In her gut, she started to feel wanderlust towards the Arcane Flight and after some thought and words spoken to other members of the clan, the Clan of the Fire Opal packed their things and made their way to the Starfall Isles, starting a new chapter for the clan.
The Starfall Isles brought about wonder and amazement. In this new land, the clan renamed themselves to the Clan of the Eternal Eye. Kanagosa remained as leader, though now she wasn't alone. With Malygos at her side, she felt confident she could lead the clan to greater heights. The clan saw a boom in mages of all kinds. Some happily served the clan whereas others went to study under the Arcanist. Regardless, the clan became known for their wisdom and study of arcane magic. rL9SvOR.png

Kanagosa rose in power, finding herself allied with a clan called the Celestial Senate. Such a clan was made up of various leaders of other Arcane Flight clans and claimed to help lead the flight as a whole. Kanagosa was skeptical of such power, but she enjoyed helping the flight as much as she could. Whether it involved Dominance or other things, Kanagosa and the clan helped in any way they could.
Things began to go south rather quickly as Kanagosa discovered, with the help of Jetfyre, the Celestial Senate was abusing their power and becoming rather aggressive. They were becoming dishonorable and wouldn't listen to reason. Kanagosa was at a loss of what to do. Her clan was suffering, taking wave after wave of attacks from multiple clans allied with the senate. If something wasn't done soon, the clan would surely be destroyed. ycSPlSO.png

Jetfyre, the Archdruid, came to Kanagosa with a plan to save the clan. The Starfall Isles was no longer safe for them. Rallying the clan, they fled with Jetfyre leading the way. Kanagosa trusted Jetfyre knew what she was doing. Deep into the Virdian Labyrinth they went and were greeted by the Glademother and other druids. Jetfyre asked for the Gladekeeper's blessing for her clan to have sanctuary here. The Gladekeeper gave a gentle nod, giving them sanctuary among the trees.
Stepping down from leadership, Kanagosa passed the mantle onto Jetfyre and her mate, Kaless, who saved the clan from peril. With their new home came a new name for the clan, the Flowerfell Coven. While some still stuck with the arcane arts, others began practicing druidism. Druidism and natural magic seems to be the clan's strong point now, though many still carry with them talents from both the Fire Flight and the Arcane Flight. EAkAVBs.png
The Flowerfell Coven welcomes all to their territory in the Blooming Grove so long as they mean no harm. Open with trades, they even make peaceful negotiations with the Beast Clans. Jetfyre has become a beacon of hope for the clan as they settle themselves within the Nature Flight. After everything was settled, Kanagosa and Malygos had left to study under the Arcanist while Jack had returned from studying under the Flamecaller, bringing with him valuable knowledge for the clan.
0gdTv5Q.png Wishlist 0gdTv5Q.png


sXyqxCK.png Art of any of my permanent dragons
sXyqxCK.png Unhatched Nature Eggs
sXyqxCK.png Any missing sprites or missing familiars
sXyqxCK.png Any pink Apparel
sXyqxCK.png Help with Lair expansion(975kt mark)
sXyqxCK.png Any Druidic Apparel (Wood/Sylvan/Greenskeeper)
sXyqxCK.png Any gem/treasure genes
sXyqxCK.png Any food
sXyqxCK.png Seraph Apparel
sXyqxCK.png Kelpie Manes

sXyqxCK.png Any Swipp materials
sXyqxCK.png Sakura Flowerfall
sXyqxCK.png Black Tulip Flowerfell
sXyqxCK.png Crimson Silk Apparel
sXyqxCK.png Raven Sylvan Apparel
sXyqxCK.png Black Lace Apparel
sXyqxCK.png Onyx Seraph Apparel
sXyqxCK.png Sunlit Kelpie Mane



sXyqxCK.png Any Baldwin materials
sXyqxCK.png Any Baldwin Genes
sXyqxCK.png Any missing Baldwin Familiars
sXyqxCK.png Poisonous Rose Thorn Apparel
sXyqxCK.png Charming Sage Apparel
sXyqxCK.png Unhatched Bogsneak Egg
sXyqxCK.png Breed: Bogsneak
sXyqxCK.png Vista: Tentacles
sXyqxCK.png Haunted Flame Apparel
0gdTv5Q.png Breeding Pinglist 0gdTv5Q.png
d0MtRNq.png Sanguinaar x Umbra
Fanartsy - Female
Pandademic - Male Coatl
0gdTv5Q.png Incoming Art 0gdTv5Q.png
tumblr_osyord8RnW1v8lm95o1_100.png sXyqxCK.png Mihaellawliet
sXyqxCK.png Rasaliina
sXyqxCK.png tappioca
0gdTv5Q.png Dominance Participation 0gdTv5Q.png
PEoUA2B.png3F09YvH.pngDpjUF2k.png XmGx3pb.png WCnXNKf.png5sXZ2g7.png
0gdTv5Q.png Special Events 0gdTv5Q.png
0gdTv5Q.png Nature Forums 0gdTv5Q.png

0gdTv5Q.png Misc. 0gdTv5Q.png
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05/23 Became friends with Glurpagos. Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
05/22 Earned: Level 40 Fishing Reach a level of 40 in the Fishing skill.
05/21 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Guardian Male, 2 Guardian Female
Flowerfell User ID: 42111
Date Joined: 2013-10-23
Birthday: January 19
Forum Posts: 3462
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Latias wrote:
Thank you for your help!! I think my profile looks really nice now ;v;
May 19, 2018, 09:34:25
Latias wrote:
And thank you! Latias is actually my second favorite Pokemon. The first being Arceus, but sadly that username is on a dead account.
May 15, 2018, 17:59:42
Latias wrote:
Ha! I didn't actually expect to be right. It is a very sad AU... I also gotta blame it for getting me into Sans/Adult!Frisk because dang that's kinda cute. Also the Baby Hell portion of the AU.
May 15, 2018, 17:58:50
Latias wrote:
Is your username a reference to the Undertale AU Flowerfell? OvO
May 15, 2018, 17:45:23
KitschBird wrote:
The layout of your userpage and the pixel graphics are so cute! Makes me wanna work on my clan's insignia/banner.
May 07, 2018, 19:30:43
Lokenosse wrote:
(this is late sorry) Thank you! I'd need to make a few more before I made any for others (I painted it like a normal drawing, but at its final size -- a technique I'm not reliably familiar with yet lol), but I'll let you know when I can make one for you!
Apr 21, 2018, 21:45:24
Layla789 wrote:
its no problem! the place looks so live and full of energy!
Apr 11, 2018, 15:06:23
Layla789 wrote:
I love your layer! so pretty!!
Apr 10, 2018, 14:59:59
jorbee wrote:
i love your dragon Groot!!
Apr 07, 2018, 14:53:16
nicknack wrote:
Thank you so much, I think you're lair is absolutely gorgeous! As soon as I saw her I knew she was exactly what I was looking for :)
Nov 03, 2017, 03:10:19
KameTurtle wrote:
Thank you for buying Starlight! ^^
Oct 26, 2017, 12:39:03
TeaStorm wrote:
Thank you so much! Your clan is looking wonderful as well :)
Jun 27, 2017, 10:38:51
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