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Secrets of the Whispering Ivy
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
I am currently in the process of some serious upgrading in my lair. EVERYONE is getting new bios, fancy layouts for their bios, and some gene/apparel shifts to fit these roles. As a result, my lair will be VERY VERY MESSY for a while, and I apologize for that. Once a full description of the clan and roles is back up in this box, you'll know that I've finished all the work and I beg you to go gaze at my dragons b/c I'm workin' my tail off to get all this done.
Thanks for the consideration!

You have entered the lands of the Whispering Ivy Clan. A large clan situated deep within the Viridian Labyrinth. It’s territories expand within huge swatches of forest, tunnels weave through the undergrowth and huge clearings surrounded by thickly-trunked trees reach towards the sky, butting up against the roots of the Behemoth. Their lair offers shelter for clanmembers and travelers alike, and there is always a warm meal and bed for those who need one. But enemies and those that wish to do the clan harm will be doomed in their attempts, the winding tunnels and thick growth blocking and confounding all who attempt to enter with ill will. The ivy whispers for a reason, after all.

The members of the High Ivy Council settle any disputes that clanmembers may have, as well as distribute punishments and verdicts for those outside dragons who disrupt the peace. They are often considered the glue that holds the entire clan together.
The Council Chairdragon’s job is to make the final decisions on what is best for the clan. They are always the patron/matron of the clan, and therefore must also be a child of the Gladekeeper. If the Council Chairdragon passes away, one of their offspring must take their place, and must also be born of nature.
Current: Nattros
The High Priest represents the clan’s spiritual energy, and devotes themselves wholly to the study and worship of the Gladekeeper. As such, they will only take on a mate but once, in order to carry on the lineage before they die. Their mate must also be born of nature to ensure the purity of the line. They will speak for the clan when contacting the Gladekeeper to request more lands for their lair and rank to grow, providing any necessary sacrifices in order to keep the Mother pleased. They will always be adorned with the Druidic Emblem as a sign of their total devotion to the Gladekeeper, and be accompanied by a Nature Sprite. They will also care for their own shrine to the Mother, and usually live apart from the clan in their own lair close to said altar.
Current: Furstelovverk
Apprentice: Traddyrkan
The job of the Public Speaker is to relay the High Ivy Council’s messages to the rest of the clan, as well as bring the public’s messages to the Council. The Public Speaker may be born of any element, as long as they have accepted the Gladekeeper as their true Mother, but will always be married to the Council Chairdragon. If they die, the Chairdragon must take a new mate, which will take the place of the old Public Speaker. If the Head Chairdragon dies, their successor’s mate will become the new Public Speaker.
Current: Kvallkar
The Committee is purely a decision aid. Composed of two members, usually a mated pair, they give their input on issues and help try to find a solution that will satisfy all involved parties. They also aide in the passing of judgement, speaking for both parties. As such, they could be considered both attorneys and jurors. They are highly involved in clan life in order to assess a dragon’s true personality. If a stranger comes to the clan, they are the ones to lead them around. They may be born of any element, as long as they have accepted the Gladekeeper as their true Mother.
Current: Havsorm, Vidrig
The Judge suggests just punishments for any dragons, whether they be clan members or outsiders. They mediate between any parties involved, making sure that the solution is fair. No matter how small the issue, if it is brought in front of the Judge they will aide in the resolution. Along with these jobs, they are also the executioner, when the sentence is required, though it almost never comes to such a harsh punishment. They can be identified by their burlap hood, worn at all times. They may be born of any element, as long as they have accepted the Gladekeeper as their true Mother.
Current: Kalleld

Those who have excellent prowess in battle and yet are able to restrain themselves take up positions in the Fern Guard. Their duty is to keep the clan and its members safe from intruders, Beastclans, and wild animals. The members of this group may be born of any element.
The Head Guard controls who enters and leaves the clan’s territory, to a degree, as well as sets patrols for the rest of the guard and drills them. They must be firm but fair, and well-disciplined, as well as skilled in both physical and magical combat. They will also assume the main role in the coliseum when needed. Though they do not usually take a mate due to the obvious danger of the job, it is not terribly uncommon. They can be identified by their Little Red Riding Hood, which is worn at all times.
Current: Vardanstalt
The High Guard is made up of two members chosen for their incredible control and unwavering concentration when it comes to protection. They accompany the Ambassador when they work on inter-clan relationships. More importantly, however, they stay close to any members of the High Ivy Council to ensure no harm befalls them. They must be skilled in both physical and magical combat. They can be identified by their Blue Warrior Face Mask, painted on meticulously each day by dragons skilled with their claws.
Current: Stamande, Havsvirvel
There can be anywhere from 3-8 Lesser Guard members at any one time. They patrol the borders of the clan’s territory and help keep things peaceful, both within and without. Though not as skilled as the High Guard, they are nothing to be scoffed at, holding a majority of the combat power in the clan. They are divided into physical and magical combat groups, and can often be found in the coliseum. Physical combatants can be identified by their Red Warrior Face Masks, and magical combatants by the Eastsong Warrior Face Masks, painted on meticulously each day by dragons skilled with their claws.
Physical Combat: Genetiker, Ihaligljus, Bananvridning
Magical Combat: Syra, Farskprakt

The purpose of the Orchids of Knowledge is to care for the clan, keep records of all of the goings on, accumulate knowledge about their surroundings, and, occasionally, to entertain the hatchlings. The members of this group may be born to any element.
The duty of the Caretakers is to help the hatchlings break out of their eggs, and then to make sure they are kept safe, warm, and fed. They keep a close eye on them, and the nursery, ensuring that they are cared for, and that they do not cause too much trouble in the clan. The Caretakers will always be female.
The Healer is in charge of curing any ailments that the clan may be affected with, as well as healing any injuries. They often work in tandem with the Caretaker, as both possess healing knowledge, and besides, two sources of healing and calming magic are better than one! The healer may be any gender.
Caretaker: Himmelback
Healer: Bananvridning
The Bookkeeper writes the records of all clan events. Births, deaths, and the everyday goings on are all recorded by their careful claws. They often spend much time alone in the Alcove, inscribing anything they feel is important to the clan, and occasionally run messages between clans, as well as accompany the High Council Chairman on any visits. Their mate is always the Storyteller.
Current: Vitavdrift
The Storyteller memorizes many of the important events in clan and dragonkind history, as well as those written down by the Bookkeeper. They will often help the Caretaker in keeping the hatchlings entertained by reciting many of these stories to them, occasionally making up their own when they tire of the same old tales. They usually have their own little library with their favorite stories as well, hidden away in a secret room. They are always mated to the Bookkeeper, and can be identified by their Pearl Flourish apparel.
Current: Ljusaen
Automation is advancing quickly through Sornieth, and those in the Secrets of the Whispering Ivy clan aim to be on the forefront of the Viridian Labyrinth’s technological awakenings. As such, they have created a Newspaper of sorts, detailing the happenings of the clan and surrounding areas. It is updated bi-monthly, recording when positions change, new hatchlings are born, and new members join the clan. The team is typically made up of one Arcane and one Lightning dragon, using magic and electricity to print the papers.
Current: Alvhoppasmasten, Forstavblixt
The Beastkeeper cares for all of the familiars that have allied themselves with the clan. They spend much of their time among them, studying them and learning how to better care for them. They introduce the familiars to the other members of a clan, so that each may be comfortable with their chosen charge. They also work to find ways that the familiar's abilities can help better improve the clan's workings, and attempt to solve rivalries between dragonkind and the Beastclans. Highnoon apparel and fur armwraps are the dress of the Beastkeeper.
Current: Blommarok

The Reaching Oak Council was created to keep tabs on the outside world, improve inter-clan relationships, and promote exploration. Their job is to spread and take in knowledge over all of Sornieth in the hope to improve flight relations between all. The members of this group may be born of any element.
The Ambassador travels between Flights and Clans in order to attempt peacekeeping. This ensures a steady supply of important materials that the clan needs, and a fun variety in the diets of the dragons. It also helps the metalworkers trade their creations with other dragons, and allows some clanmembers to breed with dragons of other clans. They are always dressed in elegant finery as a way to show others their status and the wealth of the clan, which will match their own scale colors beautifully.
Current: Ryggradryck
The Mapmaker creates elaborate spreads of all Sornieth, marking where important events in clan history have occurred, as well as key trading points between clans and any migration trails known. Their lair is often pasted wall-to-wall with their cartographic models. The Mapmaker must have constant energy, artistic skill, a likeable personality, and must be able to speak with the Beastclans as well in order to gain more detailed information about every section of the world. They typically wear many scarves, and can speak multiple dialects.
Current: Utstralandedimma
Collectors are the dragons that obtain any materials in their territory, whether it be food, items, or key materials crucial to the efficiency of the clan. They must have careful, quick claws and sharp eyes in order to identify and obtain the items they need, as well as a good memory for the best areas to gather items, the differences, however minute, between key materials, and the proper trails to use.
Current: Mossigavaggar
The Metalworkers create trinkets, apparel, and sources of energy for the clan. They are excellent at harvesting the magical energies around them, and work along with the Fern Guard to apply these resources as defenses for the clan’s territory. They often travel long distances to trade items and knowledge with allied clans, and are always busy doing something with their claws. These dragons will always be found wearing Steampunk apparel.
Veterans: Jonskala, Mentsjo, Vattenhaj
Apprentices: Mangooring, Tandaklo
The Elementals exist as direct lines to the deities of other flights, and permit the use of all kinds of magic within the Viridian Labyrinth. There will usually be two from each elemental flight, one male and one female.
Arcane: Svartillganglig, Magiskagava
Earth: Grottmalning
Fire: Brasavalsignelse
Ice: Slasksjal, Kylapust
Light: Ljusstrale, Ljusdtrottning
Lightning: Blixtgava, Elvener,
Nature: Murgronaviskning
Plague: Smittkoppor
Shadow: Nyanshal, Elakhjarta
Water: Akvatiskadrom
Wind: Vindande
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01/22 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Male, 3 Guardian Female
01/21 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Guardian Female
01/20 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Male, 2 Ridgeback Male
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Take good care of Lovecraft!
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Temeraire is named after the character from Naomi Novik's series that begins with His Majesty's Dragon, if that's what you mean! (Also I'm glad you liked his offspring)
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