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DragonSage's Clan
May your roots grow strong
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
Welcome to The DragonSage Clan. We are servants of the Gladeskeeper, although dragons of any breed and element are welcome to join the clan. The Dragon Sage clan is home to the Wandering Wings, warriors who travel to different nature clans to train them. Many of the dragons born to this clan will be exalted to serve the Gladeskeeper.

The Elemental Mages:
Arcane - Tejina
Earth - Rust
Fire - Chrysopoein
Ice - Budkeeper
Light - Alkali
Lightning - Proteus
Nature - Kyla
Plague - Averie
Shadow - Nadia
Water - Samhain
Wind - Nekyia

Sales and Such
Clutch Size Percentage
Different Breed
The average weighted clutch size is 2.7 eggs
  • 5 eggs (5%)
  • 4 eggs (10%)
  • 3 eggs (45%)
  • 2 eggs (30%)
  • 1 egg (10%)

Same Breed
The average weighted clutch size is 2.54 eggs
  • 4 eggs (12%)
  • 3 eggs (40%)
  • 2 eggs (38%)
  • 1 egg (10%)

C&P Common Suggestions Responses
An easy for me to reference copy and paste response for common suggestions so I don't have to scare up my usual response to these questions.

This is a rather divided topic within the suggestion forum. I personally do no think it is something that should be added as it removes a lot of the challenge from the game and it would be too easy to get a desirable result. Instead of breeding for it players could just scatter that one color and not worry about messing up the other colors. The tri-scatter scroll is a gamble, it may make things better or worse. A single-color scatter scroll is unlikely to make things worse but more likely to make things better.

For example my custom progen before I scattered her was Sky/Stonewash/Emerald. I thought the randomly generated emerald looked horrible with her colors. With a single color scatter scroll I could scatter that emerald, yes it may not improve things but it isn't going to harm it, as I really didn't like it. Sure it might take a few scrolls to get something I like, but it would still be a lot less risky than the tri-scatter scroll where you can scatter dozens of times to get something that you like. With the color expansion it may make it harder to get a particular color, but the general percentages of getting any color that could improve things have stayed about the same.

Also such a scroll could have a negative impact on the dragon economy. Currently color is king and it is about the only thing other than new genes/breeds that sell. Instead of breeding for three nice colors, if you were able to scatter the one clashy color and get a good result, you can start popping out hatchlings with those nice colors much quicker resulting in a drop in price of good color dragons due to oversaturation.

If something like this was added into the game, it should probably be at least three times more expensive than the tri-color scatter scroll as it is a lot less risky than a single-color scatter scroll.

This is a very hot button issue There is nothing wrong with unnamed dragons and I would hate to see something put in place to prevent them.

Players exalt dragons unnamed for a variety of reasons.
--Some players exalt dragons for story reasons:
----Unnamed hatchlings may have been ones that died as a hatchling
----Unnamed dragons may not have earned a name
----Unnamed dragons essentially do not exist in their story/head canon for certain pairs perhaps because they are trying to breed certain offspring and any that are not to the right characteristics are exalted unnamed
----Unnamed can mean something completely different from Nameless. Unnamed suggests the dragon never got or earned a name while Nameless suggests they do not deserve a name/lost their name for some reason.
--To differentiate exalted dragons from existing dragons on an offspring list. (IE they exalt their hatchlings unnamed; if they sell they generally get a name so its easy to tell at a glance who it is worth checking up on to see what that dragon has been up to)
--Some exalters prefer to exalt unnamed to avoid 'potentially harassing names' (IE the Mulch mess)
--Some exalters don't care if the dragon is named or not but don't want dragons automatically named when they exalt because it will slow them down (the system will have to update the name field and mark the dragon as exalted) when compared to pre-named dragons.
----If unnamed dragons were given a default name upon exalting (rather than a randomized name), it still wouldn't solve the issue for many of the players who have an issue with unnamed dragons (which generally is its 'ugly' or complaining about having multiple of the same name on the list); these players would likely feel the same about a 'default' name.
--Some players prefer the look of a long list of unnamed dragons as they find it cleaner than an offspring list such as: WingWing, Mary, Hirareana, Acadia, Haku, Goober, xXxRose, james
--There are some pretty bad names in the randomizer.

Suggestions like this essentially state that the breeder is more important than the buyer (since the argument tends to be that the unnnamed exalted offspring appear on the parents' page) which is incorrect since when you buy a dragon; you buy all rights to that dragon including the name or lack there of. The breeder seller has already been compensated for the dragon as they got the sales price they asked for. The exalter may have reasons for exalting unnamed (for example the dragon they exalted unnamed may have been used for a breeding project where they wanted unnamed parents or the dragon exalted unnamed may be referenced in their active clan members' profiles) and it is their right to be able to leave the dragon they exalted unnamed because it is their dragon. Therefore, i a player wants to prevent unnamed exalts they can name the dragons before they sell them since once named a dragon cannont be unnamed by a players action and there have been several polls that have shown that most players aren't bothered by a pre-named dragon so naming dragons before selling them will not negatively affect their chances of selling

Dragons that are exalted are still tied to the account that exalted them (if you move flights all the dragons you exalted move with you) thus technically the owner of the dragon is the player who exalted them since they are still tied to that account. Therefore if the ability to rename an unnamed exalted dragon is added only the exalter should be able to name them. Not the breeder, not the owner of one of the parents, only the exalted.

I know that unnamed offspring can be upsetting to those who do not like them, but I do not feel that forcing names upon exalted dragons is the best way to handle it. There are plenty of different head-canons you could use to explain away the unnamed offspring: for example that the dragon does have a name, its just that your clan does not know it, because the dragon did not send news back to clan so they couldn't update the records or that the deity gave the dragon a name, but it's a secret name that dragon cannot or will not share because names, especially deity given names since names have power.

The admins were working on a way to collapse exalted offspring so that they do not have to be visible if a player doesn't want to see them which is likely the best compromise to the issue although personally I hope they take it a bit farther than just being able to collapse exalted offspring and allow us to completely customize it although there MUST be a way to easily see the complete and unaltered list to prevent scamming when selling.

I wouldn't object to a toggle that autonames dragons exalted from your lair as long as the default option was off (thus the default would be an unnamed dragon would be exalted unnamed). The reason it should be off by default is it's two less actions (generating the name then updating the database) the site would have to take before exalting thus less strain on the system and less lag potential.

Nor would I mind if they incorporated an option to name the dragon in the current pop up. It should be in the current pop up and not as an additional pop up before exalting when unnamed, as we already have too many confirmation pop ups and its unfair on those who want to exalt unnamed, especially when those who don't like unnamed dragons have a way to prevent them. The pop up could be changed to something like this:
Exalting Unnamed to the service of deity will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small some of riches they have accumulated. This action is irreversible. Do you wish to continue?
(Exalt Dragon)(Cancel)
(Name Before Exalting)
Clicking on name before exalting would then bring up the option to name or randomize the name.

This is a rather divided topic within the suggestion forum. I personally do not want to see a sex change scroll that would allow you to change the sex and then be able to breed according to the newly assigned sex (IE You have two males, you change one of them to a female and then you would be able to breed the male to the female). I'd rather not see this for a couple of reasons:

First of all, it could probably involve having to recode a fair amount of the breeding/display system which I think could be better spent adding new features rather than recoding a system that works perfectly fine the way it is. The reason I say it could involve a fair amount of recoding is depending on how the lineage is stored in the database the system could have a fit over trying to figure out how to display the parents when one of them has been sex changed so they are now the same sex since there is no longer a male and a female parent to display first and second.

The second reason I don't like this is because it would remove some of the challenge involved in breeding since sex is the only thing you can't change and something should remain static. You can change color by using a scatter scroll and you can ensure the hatchlings are of a particular element by breeding it in the appropriate nest

I'd personally prefer to see a cosmetic change (changes the image to the opposite sex, so your male dragon displays a female dragon image, but he is still a male dragon so he still can only breed with females so the breeding pool for him doesn't change). Alternatively if there wouldn't be a coding issue like mentioned above (or there were additional restrictions like must never have been bred to avoid the entire potential coding issue) and it actually changes the sex then that individual becomes unbreedable.

If breeding for stats was added; there would have to be a way to make it so that new players are not greatly handicapped (they aren’t playing “catch up” all the time) and since the admins don’t won’t generation to matter (which is why only the parents determine the offspring looks/traits) this should also follow that. As such here are ways to breed for stats I'd find acceptable:

Stone Inheritance - If when breeding there was a chance of the parent's basic stones being inherited (IE the energy stones Anticipate, Scratch, Meditate and the Ability stones Shred, Contuse and Guard). So perhaps quarter of the time the offspring would have the breed specific stones, a quarter of the time it would be the mother's stones, a quarter of the time i would be the father's stones and the last quarter of the time would be one of each of the parent's stones

Stat Distribution - A hatchling's stat distribution could occasionally influenced by parent's stat distribution but the but the overall stats of the offspring should remain normal (45 stats for most breeds). IE two physical statted faes could occasionally have physical statted offspring

Levelled Parents have Higher Stated Offspring - Offspring form higher levelled dragons can have higher stats than offspring from non levelled. The stat bonus shouldn't be outrageous (perhaps 5 to 10 stats total so for most breeds two level 25s would produce a hatchling with a total of 50-55 stats). This mustn't stack generation after generation, so if two higher statted offspring were bred their offspring would have normals stats unless the higher statted offspring were also levelled. IE it doesn't matter if the offspring was the result of a single generation of 25s or the result of 10 generations of level 25s, it would still have the same stat total. The reason for this is to prevent super-dragons and make it so that generation doesn't matter, so that new players aren't constantly playing 'catch up' because established players are popping out hatchlings with a thousand starting stats.

Personally I would not like to see the addition of hybrids. First of all and most importantly, it takes a long time to create a breed and I'd much rather that time be spent creating a completely new breed rather than hybrids of existing breeds.

Just to give you an idea of how much work is involved: There are three poses (hatchling, male and female) that need to be drawn, plus the lineart for each of the genes needs to be drawn for that breed. Then they need to fit all the existing apparel onto the breed as well. Doing that will take quite a while. There are currently thirteen breeds which means there would be (if I've done the math correctly) 78 hybrids. Then for each new breed they'd also have to create a hybrid of it and each of the currently existing breeds.

Additionally there are plenty of players who want predictability in their pairs, and having a hybrid pop up in one of their pairs could be quite annoying, especially if they were working on a breeding project, especially if the hybrid happens to be the right colors needed and if its infertile or sub-fertile it can't even be use it to progress the breeding project or would require a player to have to pay even more treasure/gems to correct its breed in the cases it was the ideal gene/color/gender combination.

Another issue is many players already have dragons they consider hybrids and they wouldn't be able to convert these dragons into hybrids--and the addition of official hybrids could restrict creativity as there would be one official appearance which would conflict with other views. An alternative that has been suggested is creating more apparel along the lines of the wooly coats and feathered wings which would allow players to essentially build their own 'hybrids'

A bond all button would be a very bad addition to the site. For two reasons: Economy and Lag.

From a lag stand point, a bond all button would requite a lot of actions per familiar: the database would have to mark they've been bonded for the day and also change their bonding percentage and for the ones that go up a level they'd have to create the appropriate chest. That's a lot of things to do in one action. Multiply that by each familiar attached to a dragon and you have the potential for a lot of lag.

From an economy stand point, if it was as simple as click a button and get a bunch of treasure/chests, far more people would do it each day resulting in more treasure in the system.

I would like to see a way to bond your familiars through the bestiary (with a little bond button below their entry) so they are still done individually but less work than having to open each dragon's page or having to switch familiars on one dragon or another such method.

Prices are set by supply and demand. The reason why dragon prices are so low is because the supply far outstrips the demand. Dragons do not die and do not have to be replaced, they also can produce other dragons indefinitely; thus by their inherent design they aren't worth much. They were never intended to be a major source of profit. It is quite possible to make a living breeding dragons, although this generally involves finding a niche and being good at marketing.

Setting a price floor (beyond the exalt price floor) won't do anything because the market is over saturated--if anything a price floor would decrease sales (at least AH sales) because the dragons would be over-priced. Due to the saturation I've mentioned--most dragons are bought as exaltlings. Profit exalters won't over-pay because it cuts into their profits--instead they will go to the sales forum and do crossroad sales which means players with less time will have an even harder time to sell dragons.

I would not like to see the reduction of nest size. The weighted clutch average is 2.7 eggs (mixed breed) or 2.54 eggs (same breed), which is quite a reasonable size. Reducing clutch sizes impact would be minimal however it would make breeding projects extremely frustrating. For players breeding a relatively narrow range for a project dragon, it can currently take several breedings to reach the goal and reducing the nest size would it even more difficult for players. I say the reason why it wouldn't have much of an effect is because the dragon population has already passed its saturation point.

I personally don’t see increasing cooldown length doing much to help as the length of cooldown is not the limiting factor when it comes to breeding; it’s the number of nests a player has. I have went a year hatching a nest a day and never in that time did I run out of RTB dragons. A couple downfalls of increasing cooldowns is it will make breeding projects much more tedious and it would affect new players far more than it would established players.

Personally I would not like to see egg rot brought back unless it was an option players could choose in their account settings. It only really affects those who don't or can't get on daily--these players generally aren't the ones contributing to 'overpopulation' because by the fact they aren't on daily, it means it takes far longer for their nests to hatch which means they aren't popping out a nest every day or several nests every week. I would like to see the option for a player to discard a nest (the parents of the nest would still have to wait for the cooldown to lapse before rebreeding).

I would not like to see dragon death or dragons automatically becoming infertile after a certain point. I feel it’s too late to add these ideas into the game; they would have been fine if they were in at the start, but now, it’s too late. Many players have adapted a play-style suited to the fact that dragons are eternal and they only have to replace a dragon if they want to. Many players have invested a lot of money into dragons they may not have done so if they knew their dragons would die/become infertile after a certain point. I for example tend to approach FR far differently than I would a game like Lioden, Howrse, etc where I do not get as attached to my pets.

I would not like to see an increase in exalt payouts as this could lead to too much treasure in the game which could cause economic trouble. I also don’t think things like the genes, breed, colors, age, etc should affect payouts. Many of those are primarily an aesthetic choice. Although yes scrolls had to be used initially to introduce genes and different breeds into the game and in many cases those scrolls cost genes or treasure to buy; the vast majority of dragons being exalted were bred with those genes/breeds and not scrolled to have them and they may be many many generations removed from the individual who the scrolls were used on so there is no need for ‘compensation’. The only exception to increasing payouts might be to adjust it slightly based on breeding cooldown since its currently more profitable to breed to exalt plentifuls than it is other breeds (IE currently the average base payout for an unlevelled dragon is 2500 T, if you divide that by the cooldown of a plentiful it works out to 167 T/day. Take that 167 and multiply it by the cooldowns of the other breeding rarities so a base price of 3340 for commons, 4175 for uncommons, 5010 for limited and 5845 for rares) but even that might result in too much treasure influx and I personally don’t see the need for it.

Another thing that I’ve seen suggested on occasion is a massive wipe of the dragons on the AH. Making all the current dragons in the AH go away will upset a lot of players, and if they pay exalt payouts, it would result in a huge influx of treasure which would cause economic troubles. Exalting of dragons should only be done by the owner of the dragon. Even combining exalting of dragons for sale with cutting nest size would only have a temporary effect because most players have reached the saturation point in their lairs. They aren't buying enough dragons to compensate the numbers coming in. As such prices will drop quite quickly to current levels because the supply will still outstrip demand.

One of the best ways to 'fix the tanking dragon prices' is to encourage exalting (without increasing treasure payouts) as it removes excess dragons from the game. It’s already been shown that doing so improves prices as is evident by how prices rise during a dominance battle. Ways to do this include Fayd's Overhaul, an exalt shop or even rare drops that are exclusively received via exalting.

Another thing that could help is to increase the lair cap, although that should only be done when the servers can handle it. Increasing the cap would help with the demand issue, as it acts as a limiter, if you’ve reached the cap you can’t buy any more even if you wished. Ideally it be nice if the hard cap was completely removed and prices readjusted somewhat as that would allow players to expand as much as they want (and could afford) and by not having a limit expansions could continue to act as a treasure sink. I’d also like to see a way for players to pay into the expansions over time that way it helps people save their money as many players have trouble saving up to pay the higher expansion costs. If unlimited expansions wasn’t feasible for whatever reason, perhaps once the cap was reached, allow players to found colony lairs (perhaps even in other flights) and allow them to expand the colony lairs.

It's also possible to reduce the supply by voluntarily having players take dragons out of the breeding population by encouraging eternal youth dragons or adding a new optional life stage like 'elder' where breeding is disabled (or only possible via an item) but give a benefit of some sort (possibly merely aesthetic) for having the player choose to have a dragon become an elder. Another way to reduce the supply is by having new features that reset the cooldown so that there are options beyond breeding. (Yes you can coli and breed at the same time, but adding new things that require a cooldown means players will choose between breeding that dragon this time or using it in the new feature. If something like this was added, coli should not affect the cooldown.)

Generally it’s best to use positive encouragement to have an effect rather than have negatives such as fees or taking things away and changing them to that they are less likely which feel like punishment for playing the game.

((I apologize in advance if I bring up things not mentioned in the OP, this post is a C+P of my usual responses to different aspects of ‘improve the dragon market’ type responses.))

The elemental attacks (Envenom, Congeal, Sear, Enfeeble, Fossil, etc) are supposed to be the magical counterpart to eliminate. Instead of creating a magical clone of eliminate, personally I'd prefer if the admins increased the base damage of those attacks so they are closer to the damage eliminate does on an elemental neutral pairing. The magical attacks would keep their side effects and would not refund breath, the only change would be to increase the damage so its a bit more even with eliminate (although I still think it should be somewhat less than eliminate since the magical attack's side effects can be quite the benefit)

For example this guide has the formulas when it comes to damage.

The current formula for Eliminate: (12 * STR + 75) - (4 * DEF)
These are the forumlas for the elemental specials:
All elemental specials except Enfeeble - (6 * INT + 17) - (2 * MND)
Enfeeble - (2 * INT + 100) - (floor(MND / 3) * 2 + round ((MND % 3) / 3))

So if we had two dragons, one with 100 str and 5 def and one with 100 int and 5 mind
the current damage for those would be
1255 for the melee dragon using eliminate
607 for the mage for any of the specials other than enfeeble. If I understood the formula correctly, then enfeeble would do 297 damage

Instead of using the current formula for the specials they could use (10*INT+50)-(4*MND) which would give 1030 base damage using the example dragon above. Quite respectable, and yet balanced when compared to eliminate considering you've got the chance at the special effect. It wouldn't refund breath, because breath is easy to generate on mages.

I'm not certain why they want enfeeble to do less damage, however if there is a valid reason, then they could use a variation of the current enfeeble formula to increase the base damage or use a variation on the suggested alternative formula perhaps (8*INT+25)-(4*MND) which would cause 805 damage.

Personally I would not like to see random mutations. There are many players who are breeding for particular aesthetics, and a random mutated dragon is not what they want-- the 'rareness' (and thus potential profit) may not make up for the fact that dragon just ruined that round of breeding for a particular breeding project they may have spent months breeding for.

I'd love to see the possibility of mutations occurring in offspring if you expose dragons (or nest) to a mutagen. If mutations became a thing I personally think they shouldn't be art intensive mutations (such as wingless dragons or double-headed dragons both of which would essentially end up work wise the equivalent of a new breed and as such I'd rather the time be spent on creating a new breed rather than a variation on an existing breed), but should be relatively simple things like albinoism, melanistic and leucistic (essentially a black or white translucent layer that darkens or lightens the existing colors) or things that don't require artwork (such as size mutations). If it's applied to the dragons, the dragons affected by a mutagen should have some kind of identification marker so players don't accidentally buy a dragon that has the option of throwing mutant kids.

If mutations become a thing there should probably be a scroll to remove the mutation and/or the effects of the mutagen. However a removal scroll should not be used as an excuse to make the occurrence of mutations random--a player should not have to pay to remove a mutation they did not want in the first place. An item to prevent mutations from occurring is also not a good excuse to make mutations random--a player should always have say on if they want the possibility of a mutation to occur and should not have to pay to prevent it.

In addition, existing dragons should NOT be left out of the fun. There should be a separate mutatgen that when applied to a dragon, would have a chance at applying a mutation to that dragon (rather than affecting the offspring) this mutagen should not be something that retires, especially since it would reply on RNG and would only be a chance.

I do not think the cost of lair expansions should be reduced at this moment. If/when they raise the cap, the admins can re-evaluate expansion costs like they did the first time they raised the cap. Ideally it be nice if the lair cap was completely removed and prices readjusted (with a less steep increase in costs for the lair spots up to the current cap) as that would allow players to expand as much as they want and could afford and by not having a limit expansions could continue to act as a treasure sink.

Lair expansions are a very important treasure sink. You need treasure sinks because they help the treasure keep its value. If more treasure is added to the game than removed, it devaluates the worth of each individual treasure. Yes players might have a lot of treasure in such a situation but it will cost a lot more to buy things. People complain about restockers with new items, if the treasure devaluates, you'd see restocking for more than marketplace prices just about everything.

Another reason behind the expenses in lair expansions is because active (as in a non exalted dragon) takes up more server space than an exalted dragon due to the data needed. The high costs help deter players from keeping dragons they don't really want; those unwanted dragons usually get exalted, thus saving on server space.

Dropping the lair expansion costs without altering the lair cap is not something I would like to see added but there are ways to make it easier for people to reach their lair expansions. For example I would love a way for players to pay into the expansions over time that way it helps people save their money as many players have trouble saving up to pay the higher expansion costs.

Personally I'd prefer to see that that omnivore diets get randomized, possibly taking in account the amount of food stores and the order of preferences.

By order of preferences I mean:
--If they only eat one type of food they will eat that 100% of the time.
--If they eat two types of food they will eat the first food 66% of the time and the second food 33%.
--If they eat three types of food they would eat the first food 50% of the time, the second food 30% of the time and the third food 20% of the time.
--If they eat all food's they'd eat the first 40% of the time, the second 30%, the third 20%, and the last 10% of the time.

As for the adjustment according to the weight it'd be something like below.
For a species that eats everything:
--Most abundant +10%
--Second most abundant +5%
--Third most abundant -5%
--Least abundant -10%

If they ever add a species that eats three foods the adjustments would be:
--Most abundant +10%
--Least abundant - 10%
--No change for the food in the middle

If it eats two foods
--Most abundant +10%
--Least abundant -10%

And again single food types would be always that food type.

If this was added, and since I currently have 2732 insects, 2237 seafood, 900 plants and 37 meat, the percentages for guardians would shift to 30% Meat, 35% Seafood, 30% insects, 5% plants. And in the case of my mirrors they would eat meat 56.7% of the time and seafood 43.3% of the time.

This would set an official treasure to gem ratio, which is something many players do not want. Currently the treasure to gem ratio is controlled by the players and by supply and demand and it should remain so.

Lair expansions are a very important treasure sink and should remain one. If you were able to expand with gems, you'd hinder the lair expansion's ability to act as a treasure sink. You need treasure sinks because they help the treasure keep its value. If more treasure is added to the game than removed, it devaluates the worth of each individual treasure. Yes players might have a lot of treasure in such a situation but it will cost a lot more to buy things. People complain about restockers with new items, if the treasure devaluates, you'd see restocking for more than marketplace prices just about everything.

If you are better at collecting gems, just sell them to other players to get the treasure for your expansion. Its quite safe with the crossroads option, but I wouldn't mind if they added a 'treasure/gem' sale option on the Auction House to remove the step of having to go to the forums to find treasure or gems for sale. If they don't add that option, as a work around to avoid the forums, you can buy items from the gem market and sell them for treasure on the Auction House. It will be slower than purchasing directly from other players but is an option for those with anxiety issues.

I am very reluctant to have a voting option/flagging option as it has no real middle ground and polls may discourage discussion. The admins do not add suggestions because they are popular or not, they add suggestions that they think will improve the game and fits their vision of the game. There have been many suggestions that have evolved due to the discussion and defending of their points. A polling option is anonymous and is unlikely to encourage discussion which means ideas that have potential may not reach their full potential. And in case of ideas that evolved the poll wouldn't be able to differentiate between votes before the evolution and after the evolution. Polls also wouldn't work well for multi-segmented suggestions.

Currently people pledge their support and occasionally expand upon it. If players could just pledge their support via a vote they may not expand upon it. I know personally in most cases if there was a poll included in the suggestion I'd usually just vote and not bother commenting, but with the current system I generally expand upon my feelings about a suggestion.

In the case of an evolving idea, a poll may not reflect the reality of the support/no support status of the idea because of votes before the idea evolved.

In my opinion adding a new playable flight is too much hassle and would involve reworking too much in the game to justify it. New flights should remain a fandom thing. As it is, dominance wise Beastclans already act as a 12th flight. Also if we add a new flight it just opens up the possibility of adding more flights down the line--when would it stop?

With 11 flight festivals and December’s Night of the Nocturne event there is no room in the year to squeeze in another flight. Having multiple flights celebrate in the same month isn’t fair for either flight as most flights host celebrations of their holiday--usually it’s the week of the festival but there have been cases the week before has also been incorporated into the celebration. Having one festival in the beginning of a month and one festival at the end of the month means the flight who’s festival is at the beginning of the month would have to choose between effectively grinding for currency or effectively levelling exalt fodder. We don't need a December flight festival. Initially Ice’s holiday was in December but it was moved because the players didn’t want it interfering with real life commitments as generally December is a busy month. That’s one of the reasons NotN was decided to span two weeks.

Having the holidays overlap or only be a few days in sequence is even more unfair for the players of those flights as who would claim dominance for that week? In all cases, it would make getting enough festival currency difficult.

Coliseum and Dominance
It would involve having to rework the entire checks and balances of the elements--currently each flight has the same numbers of strengths and weaknesses. Even if it’s rebalanced it means players would have to relearn the element strengths and weaknesses.

Players already complain about how hard it is to grind for currency in the coliseum. New flights means new elements which means more enemies which means diluting the populations in the various sages which means its harder to grind for currency.

More flights means more competition for dominance. Some flights already have hard enough time getting dominance, adding more competition means that they’ll have an even harder time.

Adding a new flight generally would involve retconning the current lore, which I'd rather not happen. The Night of the Nocturne slips in well with the current lore and adds to it; it doesn’t involve twisting it or whatever. Also many of the new 12 flight suggestions already have ties into the existing flight lore.
--Metal -- Fire are the metal workers.
--Wood -- That’s nature’s flight
--Chaos -- That’s shadow’s thing
--Space -- Arcane’s thing
--Evil -- That’s the shade
--Knowledge -- Arcane and Light’s thing
--Time -- Too powerful of a concept. Nature and Plague were initially intended to be life and death but the concept was too big, so they changed it to aspects of that

Other Things
Unfair to players who’ve used their free flight change. They’ll have to pay to join this new flight that didn’t exist when they joined
Would involve redoing the map to fit them in - relatively minor thing but still
We already have 11 flights that’s a lot of choice to begin with--there are some flights with very small populations; we don’t need to further split ways to split populations.

Once you are established, the length of cooldown is not the limiting factor when it comes to breeding; it’s the number of nests a player has. I have went a year hatching a nest a day and never in that time did I run out of RTB dragons. There's also a very big negative for such an item--if it was used in conjunction with boons of fertility it would crash any new breeds/genes very quickly. This would happen as rich players will cash in on the hype of new genes and breeds (it's already quite common for players to slap new genes/breed change scrolls on RTB dragons and boon the nest. They can easily make back their initial investment)

You can convert treasure to gem and gems to treasure through other players. You can find players trying to buy/sell gems in the items for sale forum and after negotiating the trade you can complete it through the crossroads.

I really do not want to see a feature to be able to convert treasure into gems directly through the site (It should remain a player transaction) because gems are a premium currency; and being able to convert treasure into gems could seriously affect the rate that gems were bought, especially when some players can make 200K or more through the coliseum in a day. You can get some through game play but the vast majority of gems in existence are bought by players with real currency.

In addition, a site run conversion mechanism would set an official treasure to gem ratio, which is something many players do not want. Currently the treasure to gem ratio is dynamic and is controlled by the players and by supply and demand and it should remain so.

The gathering system does need some adjustement as although it does ‘level up’ the way it currently works can punish a player for levelling up by decreasing the chances of desirable items and logically it makes no sense that a high levelled clan would bring back a single item. The way gathering currently works is the system rolls which tier (star rating) to pull from, then rolls which item from that pool, then rolls the amount, then rolls to see if there is another pull. So when new items are added to the pool, they compete against items of their rarity. New items generally have a higher hoard sell value or food point value so in theory adding new more valuable items in the pool should increase the average sell value or point value brought back; but it is not at all useful when a player is searching for a particular item which is frequently the case.

Probably one of the easiest ways to improve the gathering system would be as you level up change the minimum number of pulls and minimum number of items in a stack for items that stack and possibly also increase the maximum potential pulls in the higher levels.

I personally don't think removing ‘junk’ as you level up is the way to go; because ‘junk’ is subjective. A player may collect that junk and removing it after a certain level means they wouldn’t be able to collect it themselves. In addition ‘junk’ might be given a new purpose (for example a component in swipp or baldwin) which means a player that has levelled out of its range would be forced to buy it.

To avoid the issue of valuable items like chests and eggs getting flooded out by other items as you level up, add them to the pool multiple times (or possibly adding them to multiple pools) so although there are more items in the pool the chances of pulling the valuable item stays the same or increases. Alternatively special items could be put in a different pulling system similar to the festival currency (in that it doesn't take up a normal pull). Possibly Swipp/Baldwin items could be also added to the pool multiple times as you level up so they don't get washed out by 'junk' as you level

Another thing that may be useful is at a certain level, you could select a particular item and it would add a few more of them into the loot table, so that it would increase your chances of finding that item and allow for a more customized gathering experience.

According to established lore(dragons without an element cannot exist and dragons have great difficulty using an element that is not their own) an elemental change would very likely kill a dragon.

Dragons have great difficulty in attempting to use foreign magic and if they succeed it's very weak and they absolutely cannot use elemental magic that opposes their own (for example an ice dragon attempting to use fire). So to be able to infuse themselves with a different element they'd most likely have to strip themselves of their current element to avoid it fighting off the new element. In stripping themselves of the element they'd kill themselves as dragons with an element cannot live.

Ignoring lore this could cause issues in the coliseum if elemental stones were attached. In addition a flight change would remove some of the the difficulty of obtaining an ideal dragon. If for some reason admins decided to go again site lore dragons should be reset to level one and stripped of any non basic stones and their breeding cooldown should be reset and the item should be very difficult to obtain.

I could easily get behind a way to temporarily change the element of a nest but do not think already existing dragons elements should be changed. I could also see more apparel options that affect eye color although if they decide to introduce contacts they should be non flight colors.

There are some coding issues to consider with a two player breeding system--namely both dragons tend the nest and hatchlings aren't rolled until the nest is hatched, nests must be manually incubated and must be manually hatched so its quite possible to keep a pair in limbo--unable to be rebred, exalted, breed changed, regened, sold, etc so if there aren't things put into place to prevent issues, a player could end up with a dragon they cannot breed, exalt, regene or change breed because the other player disappeared.

If a two player breeding option is added I'd like to see these restrictions
  • Both sexes can be put up as available for breeding.
  • It is not a nest sharing situation--its a simple transaction, the requester gets the nest/eggs, while the owner of the dragon who put it as available for breeding, get the fee they set.
  • The player who sends the breeding request ((pays)) gets the nest in their lair and is the one who gets the eggs. They are also the only player who can incubate or hatch the nest.
  • No dragons physically leave their respective lairs. The genetic donor will be listed on the nest as a parent but still remains in their home lair (to prevent lair space issues)
  • Both dragons go on the breeding cooldown ((lore wise, the rented dragon is still helping tend the nest, game wise its to keep the current requirement consistent))
  • If the nest isn't hatched in X days then the clutch is automatically discarded to prevent dragons from being stuck in limbo. Potentially the player who put their dragon up for breeding can specify the length of the time, but at a minimum it should be a day or two beyond a normal incubation period and at maximum 15 days which corresponds with the length of a plentiful's cooldown.

The suggestion for a queue comes up pretty often. Personally I'd prefer more cauldrons as queuing would not encourage checking in frequently as you could set it and forget it. In addition queuing could affect the page views which’s helps keep the site funded from the ad revenue. A queue would increase the number of transmutation materials in the game which would negatively affect their selling price (higher supply means lower cost) which is another thing to consider. If queuing was added, I think:
  • Queuing is only used for transmuting objects and not created new items
  • It should be multiples of the same item rather than several different items
  • The time to should be the same time (or slightly longer) than it would have been to melt them down individually (so five items should be at least two hours and thirty minutes). Preferably longer due to the convenience.
  • There should probably be a limit to the number of items brewed. At absolute most 30 items or fifteen hours... although personally think about half that would be best.
  • The experience gained for brewing should be reduced in exchange of the convenience of being able to queue and/or you have to pay to queue items. Personally I'd prefer both. Lore wise it makes sense your experience wouldn't be as much as you aren't there learning and it really wouldn't affect leveling up as its crafting items that generally give you the most experience. The convenience fee should be per item, perhaps 500 T and could be explained as paying Baldwin or one of his apprentices to tend the brew in your stead.
  • You have to finish the queue and collect the materials before you add anything else; no topping off the brew. You also can't cancel the queue mid-brew.
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