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Stormheart's Clan
Ancient Lair
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Clan Information

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--This is an EXALTING lair. If the dragon doesn't have a familiar or a bio, they're probably going to be exalted. They WILL be named.

STORMHEART- she/her, Canadian, melancholic, infp-t
Hi, I'm Stormheart! I'm an artist and writer who's obsessed with cat drama (Warriors), Skyrim (and the Elder Scrolls in general) and Doctor Who. I talk about these things a lot.

Saving up for: black rose vista, 600k
Working on lore: Fruity
Drawing: wc
Current gene project: Mearcian

Clan of the Arcane Storm, of the unfathomable

On a medium-sized island near the Focal Point, one will find the Clan of the Arcane Storm's home- in a large, cylinder-shaped stone building.
There are fifteen members in charge, with Feather and Thistle making the final decision. This consists of the first ten dragons and five chosen members.

The Central:
Literally what it sounds like. The fifteen, their family, and other old and/or important members live here.

The Artistry Circle:
A large area with different kinds of food, art, and a theatre. The Clan's interest in art has lead to it's expansion.

The Familiar House:
A large enclosure in which the many unbonded familiars live. Mitchelle and residents willing to help make sure no dragon arms are bitten off.

A few floors abive the ground, this is where most dragons live. There are a few places to go, but it's mostly housing.

The part of the lair in the sea.

The Markets:
The Clan's main income comes from the marketplace set right outside the main lair. Parties for exaltation, birthdays and festivals are celebrated in cleared areas here.

Senior members:
Any dragon that lived in the Clan before the move to the Star Wood Strand.

Dragons without a rank. These dragons do any jobs available.

The Storm:
A mysterious, powerful, otherworldy being that surrounds the Clan's territory. It cannot be seen, save for strange distortion and flashes of color within the Clan's boundaries. This is a territorial being that is protective of the place it calls home.

'Droplets' is the informal term for dragons possessed by the Storm in their eggs. These dragons have a close connection to the Storm. Only two dragons are truely made by the being, though- Calor and Frigore.

the Gilded Inferno Clan

An enemy of the Clan of the Arcane Storm. A few of their members have even left to join this cruel Clan. Living in the Star Wood Strand and being led by Ambrosia and Khuprus, the Clan has almost no order. Those who can fight and hunt well are respected, while those who can't are not. Fights are common. Dragons starve. And any dragon that wants to leave will be killed.

To-buy list:
Sky/rose tun
Cantaloupe glimmer
Grapefruit okapi
Orca bar
Radioactive glimmer
Radioactive pet/butt
Radioactive giraffe
Tan petals
Bog with skink/glim
Obs basic/glim
Obs crackle
Rose bar
Facet spines
Beige crystal/rose stained
Orca ripple

Dream dragons:
Male Coatl
Maize-White primary | Coral secondary | Coral tertiary
Iridescent | Shimmer | Any tertiary
Flexible with flight

Rose primary | Sunshine/Tangerine secondary (Fire/Tangerine preferable) | Chocolate tertiary
Any primary/tertiary | Shimmer
Flexible with flight










Sunrt and cantaloupe ;-;

Dragons I should consider giving genes to: (after seeing them with apparel on)
Feather (Skink, saturn, capsule)
Thistle (Skink/poison, butterfly/saturn)
CrystalClear (Falcon/cherub, Toxin/saturn)
Red (Skink/falcon/cherub/jaguar, thylacine)
Phyleas (Skink, shimmer/butterfly)
BerryCrunch (Jaguar, Toxin/rosette, thylacine)
Angel (Saturn, Thylacine)
Jewel (Poison, Contour)
Cream (Falcon, thylacine/contour/runes)
Volcaniclastic (Falcon/cherub/savannah, Toxin/saturn)
Rachelle (Skink/falcon, Toxin)
Rayne (Skink, Thylacine/contour/okapi/runes/capsule)
Nebula (Runes/capsule)
Ambrosia (Falcon)
Khuprus (Poison, saturn/rosette, Thylacine/okapi)
Ebru (Poison)
SkyCurrent (Rosette)
Conrad (Skink/Poison, Toxin/butterfly/rosette)
Seafoam (Rosette)
Autumnal (Rosette, Thylacine)
Ephron (Cherub, Okapi/capsule)
Sweetheart (Poison, butterfly/rosette)
Iolo (Skink/poison/cherub, saturn/rosette, thylacine)
Grape (Skink, butterfly/rosette, Contour)
Frosting (Rosette)
Mikos (Rosette, Thylacine)
Jam (Poison/jaguar, saturn/rosette, thylacine/capsule)
Morbid (Jaguar, thylacine)
Feallan (Rosette)
December (Thylacine)
Amore (Falcon, Toxin/rosette, Contour/runes/capsule)
Egg (Skink, rosette, Thylacine/capsule)
Baienrok (Skink/Poison, Toxin, lace)
Eboende (Skink/ripple/savannah/jaguar, butterfly/rosette)
Saevio (Capsule)
Cladent (Skink, runes/lace/underbelly)
Ilvastar (Skink, rosette)
Volo (Jaguar)
Calana (Rosette)
Eblaite (Savannah/jaguar, rosette)
Splendor (Skink/Poison, Thylacine/contour/lace)
Dazzlegaze (Skink/Poison/falcon/cherub, runes)
Marx (Falcon, Thylacine/contour/okapi/runes)
Kree (Saturn)
Isavar (Poison/falcon)
Saturn (Butterfly, Thylacine)
Greens (Falcon/jaguar)
Kisses (Jaguar)
Frellica (Butterfly, Thylacine/runes/scales)
Jubilee (Poison, butterfly)
Splinter (Thylacine/contour/scales)
Shadesong (Skink/Poison/falcon)
Cicatriz (Skink/falcon)
Frigore (Scales)
Celeborn (Skink/Poison, toxin, thylacine)
Cosmos (Scales)
Clover (Butterfly)
Apolla (Skink, Contour/okapi/scales)
Khorne (Shimmer)
Talia (Skink/Poison)
Treat (Falcon)
Achalendra (Thylacine/contour/runes)
Actinidia (Skink, Toxin)
Bat (Skink, capsule)
Berrik (Skink, Thylacine/okapi/runes)
Chance (Skink)
Dragza (Thylacine)
Era (Skink, runes)
Frightful (Skink)
Guntir (Skink)
Halloween (Skink, runes)
Mitchelle (Skink, thylacine/runes)
Maroux (Poison, toxin, thylacine)
Nutmeg (contour/okapi/runes)
Pipsqueak (Skink, runes)
Vasyl (Okapi)
Vasylyna (Thylacine/runes)
Ligature (Toxin)
Gloria (Contour)
Nier (Poison)
Pearlie (Poison, thylacine)
Breeze (Thylacine/contour)
Mearcian (Poison)
Andgiet (Poison, Toxin)
Prism (Toxin, Thylacine)
Kaas (thylacine)
Wylde (Poison, thylacine)
Thunderstruck (Thylacine/contour)
Sunrise (thylacine)
Fever (Thylacine)
Strawberry (Thylacine)
Odebix (Poison, Thylacine/contour)
Calixto (Thylacine)
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
12/17 Earned: Shadow Egg Find or obtain an unhatched Shadow Egg.
11/22 Became friends with GarryValencia Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
11/21 Became friends with Spriggan Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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ProwlerOfHell wrote:
I was a little sad I didn't get a skin this Rockbreaker's, because I was broke. I was opening my strange chests and I noticed I had a Rockbreaker's chest!! It had my favourite accent I it, too! I didn't even realize!
Dec 17, 2017, 15:04:02
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
I found an imperial named Nocturne. It was uncomfortable.
Dec 17, 2017, 14:57:17
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
NO. Buttrock*
Dec 17, 2017, 12:43:05
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
Also buttock...
Dec 17, 2017, 12:42:47
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
Rare yools are so frickin voluble though, don't complain. I used entbrat + T-rox.
Dec 17, 2017, 12:34:11
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
I BRED A GHAZT. At first I was super confused, because why was the wait time so high. I thought maybe there was a rare entbrat promotion, but then it dawned on me...GHAZTTTT
Dec 16, 2017, 21:24:37
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
ly didn't name my yool Armbjorn. Definetly not.....nope...didn't happen. Might have happened....maybe (Also you got a rare yool???? I didn't grt a rare Yool!!!! Those are super hard to breed andjwkaofmjrjkwos)
Dec 15, 2017, 13:59:33
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
He has!!!! I think he only acted in one of them thoihg, the others he directed and wrote. I forget what they're called though.m
Dec 12, 2017, 18:16:55
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
And no one knows how he got his money. He claims he got it from selling leather jackets. Oh, and he has an online store. He claims he makes the best underwear in the world. I love this guy.
Dec 12, 2017, 15:55:14
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
Tommy Wiseau is not Tommy Wiseau's real name. No one knows Tommy Wiseau's real name, and no one knows his age. And he frequently changes his mind about where he was born. Sometimes it's the U.S, sometimes France, sometimes Poland.
Dec 12, 2017, 15:54:34
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
Apparently it's a good film, and it's funny.
Dec 11, 2017, 22:10:55
ProwlerOfHell wrote:
Yay, yoooool! Oh, and apparently thr guy who played Mark in The Room is also the guy who made The Disaster Artist, so it's about his personal experience with it. (Idk why I've been researching Tommy Wiseau)
Dec 11, 2017, 18:06:03
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