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CometStorm: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
CometStorm's Clan
The best color is cyan. It's cyantifically proven.
Ancient Lair
of the
Tempest Spire
Clan Information
18/female/INFP/+2 FRT

Aquarius, an air sign that carries water
+ the Chinese Zodiac sign of snake, metal element
+ name that translates to electron sparks
= an electric water-carrying metal air snake
= an airplane. no wait wha-

COLLEGE is here i'm not READY
if you ever see that my dragons are starving it's against my will, i'll try my best to get back

and hey, even if you only said like two words to me, friend me if you want, i'm serious
i'd be too shy to do it first
but also i forget to reply a lot please slap me when i do that
and why yes it does take me 9999999 energy to write long messages

Interests: Flying, Drawing, Star Trek (mostly TNG/Voyager/DS9), Doctor Who, Rick and Morty, Undertale, Terraria, Kpop, TAZ, and MBMBaM. also Teminite's music is fantastic ok thank u for your time

Kpop groups I stan + biases:
GOT7 (JB), Monsta X (I.M), DAY6 (Young K), VIXX (N), BTS (Suga), NOIR (Yoonsung/Junyong), Stray Kids (Jisung), CIX (Jinyoung/Seunghoon) NU'EST (Minhyun/Ren), A.C.E (Sehyoon), SF9 (Youngbin), Ateez (Jongho)
working on The Boyz

personal fr lore/ignored canon:
-coatls and faes speak normally
-coatls can hear normally
-dragon sizes are closer to each other, like imp:fae = great dane:chihuahua (instead of imp eye:fae)
-coatls are not bigger than wildclaws that still bugs me
-dragons can occasionally eat outside of their normal diets (see: horses/deer eating meat)
^this is canon but not in the encyclopedia



Comet Storm is the Clan. When in battle, the electrical energy inside each Clan member, given by the leader, Stormy Evening, will intensify. When diving midair, it forms a visible coma and tail around the dragon. This is our force. This is our Storm. Our Comet Storm.

"United We Rise, United We Fall."

Bios are all over the place, shh, I know ;-;

While crossing the Shifting Expanse, a rumbling, growling storm sneaks up on you. You've never seen one so menacing. Sure, you had noticed the Storm Seekers, but you had never imagined this monstrosity would come so fast. Time to do some seeking of your own - seeking of shelter, and fast. As you glance around, seeing little other than shrubbery and stones, movement catches your eye. Further along the line of approaching clouds, you recognize a Tundra, who is sitting and watching the dark mass. Perhaps this dragon can help! You race over before he leaves.

Approaching the Tundra, a huge gray-and-white male, he can be seen more clearly. He is a dressed in a couple of pieces of moonscale armor, a dusky peacekeeping headband, and a cyan flair scarf. His fur seems to crackle with electricity momentarily, becoming even more spiky in the process. Hearing your frantic footsteps, he turns his head in your direction. The dragon stares, seeming bewildered and almost horrified to see a traveler out just before such a storm. But before you have even expressed your distress, he nods, stands up, and beckons with a flick of his lush tail for you to follow. Lightning and thunder quicken your step as the black clouds close in, but the Tundra's easygoing pace suggests his lair is close by.

You are led to one of the towering sandstone mesas in the area, and when you glance up at it you see the looming form of the giant spire standing atop it. At first, it looks normal, but as the two of you approach you see that a symbol has lit up, flashing a blinding cyan against the rock and sandstone. The symbol is three electric comet-like projectiles shooting out of a storm cloud, and you stare at it admiringly. The dragon veers right, to a part of the rock wall with many veined cracks. Stepping closer, you see that one spot is bare of cracks, and this spot is where the Lightning Tundra stares intently. You see a bright light beam itself across his face; there is a pause, then suddenly a section of the cliff lowers itself into the ground to reveal an illuminated tunnel lined with strong, thick metal. Clearly he is proud; he gives you a swift, smug glance as he steps into the tunnel.

As you begin to follow, you hear yet another shriek from a Storm Seeker - and this time, much closer. Before you can turn around, the bird swoops over your shoulder to land on the folded wing of the Tundra. His friend, you realize. Shrugging off the startled feeling, you follow your guide into the lair. Recessed electrical lights flicker on in front of you, gain strength as you pass, and fade out slowly behind you. The smooth tunnel, which sloped down at first, pitches up sharply as a set of stairs with a large drain at the bottom. You assume this is to keep out any floodwater, because the tunnel then dives down again. After the two of you walk for about a minute more in companionable silence, you come to the end of the roomy hallway, and at the end of it is a simple round space with two doors.

Between the doors stands a Ridgeback-sized statue of a Raptorik, its finely shaped head pointed down and its eyes closed as it jabs its spear into the ground. The fluffy dragon beside you pauses to gaze around the room, and you see that it is decorated with Lightning banners and emblems. A large plaque with a sleek-looking train on it hangs on the wall to your left, appearing to state the purpose of the Clan. As you rest your gaze upon it, however, a shiver runs down your spine, and your heart begins to race. You whip your head around to lock eyes with - the statue? It changed since you last saw it. Its head is raised now, and it gives you a calm stare from newly opened eyes that seem to pierce through time itself. The spear it holds no longer stabs the floor; instead it points skywards in a non-threatening way, and once spread wings are now folded neatly. Unnerved, you sidestep over to your guide, to find that he too is looking at the Raptorik statue. His expression, however, is not one of surprise or fear, but one of approval. He nods to the dark figure, adding to your confusion.

The Tundra turns and sits before you, an inquisitive gleam in his cyan eyes.

~To the first dragon's page~

Oh, by the way, if you were wondering what's on that plaque, I'll tell you!

What does our Clan do?
The Clan is running a subway of sorts, called the Circuitboard. The Clan is having deep tunnels dug, with permission, through key points and populated areas of the Shifting Expanse. This new way they are connecting the Lightning Flight is why their project has earned the name Circuitboard. Dragons, especially those not used to the surface conditions and lightning strikes - such as those of the Ice, Light, and Water Flights, and most Tundras - can hop on a speedy underground bullet train. They're sleek, and considerably large, due to Imperial passengers, though there are sections for different breeds. This way, Snappers don't take up whole isles and Faes don't get injured.

There's designated trains for cargo too, because, well, Lightning workers. Some stations are already up, serving the Lightning workers at the Lightning Farm. Drop materials on the train, they go wherever they go, and they're picked up. Passenger trains are currently being built between the borders of the Shifting Expanse and to the most populated areas, for the ease of Flight-to-Flight travelers. There is always a train being built below the Clan's lair, with a long figure-eight test track. Interested Clans are welcome to help, of course. They will have special access to the trains-in-progress.

Dragons from these Clans can help out at Circuitboard.

Dragons of Glasshollow Sanctuary
The Fulmineous Phrontistery
Codebreaker Clan
The Seekers
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
09/16 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Female, 2 Tundra Male
09/04 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Male, 1 Guardian Female, 1 Tundra Male
08/29 Became friends with SeaDuchess Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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