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TheTawnydragon's Clan
*confused pterodactyl screeching*
Ancient Lair
of the
Forum of the Obscured Crescent
Clan Information
Regular Reminders for me:
--Save up for lore from Bartz
--the cranberry mage set and paper masques are for halloween costumes no matter how much you want to use it for your dragons!
--Expand hibernal den to 68 slots! (43/68)
--Add 43 dragons to hibernal den (25/43)

--Get basilisk to awakened
--PUT STARFALL SKINS ON WISHLIST. Add starfall crystalcloak and standard of the arcanist to dragon apparel page. Add crystalspine gem golem to fam. Page.

Auction House Reminders:
--ornate gold bracelet
--silver steampunk wings
--peacock scorpion
--vista: woodland path
--undergrowth shovelsnout
Baldwin Reminders:
None :3
I am Online/Offline

|female | 17 | Hufflepuff | Thunderbird | My Wishlist|
hmu if you want to chat about Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, Pitch Perfect, Flight Rising, Stranger Things, Riverdale, Marvel, Teen Titans, Anne with an E, Supernatural (only season 1), or anything art-related!

I am +3 hours ahead of fr
Attention to mods! My friends (BelladonnaBloom, Mapleleafshade, FireFlies120, Angrybudda, itisahuman, and AmphytoVanny13) and I are very generous towards each other and mostly give each other free gifts and dragons! Do not be alarmed to think we're all being hacked! Plus, our dragons have very close relations to each other, so it can get quite awkward! Along with that, when we're over each others' houses we log in on our accounts while using their computers! Thanks! c:

My Art Shops!

Hello all to my clan profile! I would like to inform you of where you can find all of my art shops (there's four!). You see, my friends (@BelladonnaBloom and @Mapleleafshade) have combined our art shops to create a unique One Stop Art Shop! In it we have unique shops compared to each other! You won't find that many diverse shops combined into ONE post! We have everything from gijinkas, to music, to lore, and the list goes on! So come on by and say hi at the Willows and Wilds One Stop Art Shop!

Daycare! Nest Hosting!

Hello again! If you read this title, you'd be right! I hold dragons for others in my lair for the expense of food points while they stay. I like to help out others who need to expand and are just looking for a temporary place to hold some dragons for a few days! Along with that, have you ever wanted hatchlings with purple, Shadow eyes? Well, this is ALSO the clan for that! I rent out my nests as well! As long as I have enough space, I will allow it! All info can be found in the daycare+nest hosting thread HERE

Her animation Here

credit goes to my friend @BelladonnaBloom this was just too funny, because her white male coatl is blind. If you would like to read his sad lore, his name is Nadya

I'm always ACCEPTING hatchling letters!



Most Important Things
  • I usually sell my hatchlings because I need room
  • If you need nest room, i'm available most of the time, so just go to my daycare post here. I'll usually have one nest open, unless someone else has asked already. All info is in my daycare thread! While nest hosting is usually open (I don't use my nests often), I'm usually limited on lair space!
  • I'm looking to get every familiar, so if you'd like to help, thanks!
  • Along with familiar collecting, I collect armor sets, including, filigree sets, 'scale' sets (shadowscale, moonscale, etc), medieval sets (ornate set, gold set, etc), and just recently, the samurai sets (butterfly, frog, cat, etc)

shadowv1.png Intro

Good job! You didn't get immediately killed by Raven, as she's in a grumpy, raging mood. She noticed you were different, and trusted you into the secret world of the Crowtalon Clan. So, don't blow it and she'll show you around! The Crowtalon clan is essentially a thriving community of misfits. It's divided into sections, each corresponding to a page in my lair. The first page is Raven and her royal family. She has built this clan from the ground up and takes care to make sure her family keeps it that way. Page two are her ambassadors. They had pledged to devote their lives bonded to the deities and to make sure all elements are supported equally. They also have promised to never take on a family due to their long and frequent journeys. Recently, rumors about changing this ideal in the clan after Wispwillow's scandal have been reaching Raven and she may reconsider. Also, Raven has appointed ambassadors for her clan's allies, including Crowtalon. They include Maple for Vaher (@Mapleshadeleaf's clan), Bella for Solanaceae (@Belladonnabloom's clan), Tawny for Crowtalon, and Hawthorn (for Elmvermore, the clan inside Crowtalon clan). After the ambassadors in the are the clan managers. They mostly take care of the chores other dragons might fins boring in the clan. Included are the treasury council, records, Baldwin apprentices, scouts, expeditioners, healers, and familair caretakers. What about battles you may ask? Well, Crowtalon finds themselves in more quarrels than they wish. So, Crowtalon has built up an army. These warriors are split into the Ptarmigan, Plover, Godwit, and Heron divisions based on skills and personality and all report to Requiem, who reports to Brightwing. Requiem is the Lieutenant that personally sees to training warriors, and he is at the top rank of the warriors. He is seen in any major battle Crowtalon takes part in for strategy. Storm leads the Heron division since Requiem has stepped back. This division is known to take on more challenging quests against enemies and are the most skilled fighters and spies of the clan. Nacreous leads the Godwit division. They usually tackle minor quarrels at borders and disputes with allied clans yet tend to be the fiercest along with being great mechanics and builders. The last official division that reports to Brightwing is the Plover division lead by Bean. These warriors are rarely seen outside of The Tangled Wood. They deal with all disputes within the Shadow community and this clan. They're the most approachable and inexperienced on the battlefield. But, if called upon, all three divisions will be represented if a war begins. The seemingly isolated Ptarmigan division is called on in times of severe danger. They are the frostbite dragons who can take blows normal dragon flesh cannot. So, they jump around depending on the situation. Now, lastly, the band of criminals who call themselves the Native Rogues are a special branch of Crowtalon's brigade. The name Native Rogues come from commonly found native, metallic elements (ex. Gold, Copper, Platinum), and the fact that they are rogue-like, or distant, from the clan. Their leader, Bone, reports directly to Raven. The rogues serve as Raven's personal guard and take up any classified patrols Raven send them out on. The bond they share with each other is as strong as clutchmates. They are skilled engineers, bandits, thieves, and conmen. Essentially, they deal with the shady situations. Sometimes, missions last months and they must put up an entire campsite in mere hours. Being Raven's personal guard gives them shelter, food, and money. Their trips can be from The Southern Icefield to the Viridian Labyrinth. They mostly keep to themselves, and although they do interact with the clan, they are very isolated. On page 3, you'll find the hunters of the clan. Each of them specializes in one type of food and two of the ten hunters are skilled in all four food types in case there is more demand for another type of food. Now, most of the female dragons within the clan have formed an organization dedicated to caring and picking up for the bustling clan. They clean up lairs, storage rooms, and other caves within the complex Crowtalon society. They help distribute messages to boards around the cave tunnels and care for the familiars, plants, and empty nesting grounds. Caretakers usually don't go outside the cave and can be either male or female, though they are usually female. Within the Caretaker organization are the Hatchling mothers. These are dragons who tend the nesting grounds, and even have hatchlings themselves. They also take care of hatchlings whose parents cannot due to their position within the clan. These dragons are female and are doing a heck of a job! All five hatchling mothers have been a part of Crowtalon for years and are big influencers on Raven, espaecially Neapolitan (they will take care of nest hoster hatchlings). The next five dragons divide the work for Crowtalon's daycare service for other clans and the remaining caretakers tidy the little things in the clan like notice boards or hallways. Following caretakers, Jayfrost and Boa have set up a small shack outside of the cave to retreat to and brew potions. They have delved into the art of alchemy mostly. Some in the clan call them the Voodoo Brothers. Jayfrost is a mentor to Boa, but Boa is very collected for his age and could surpass even Raven if he tried. The Crowtalon witches usually accompany the Voodoo brothers when they brew, but they also interact with animals, herbs, and even weak magic. The witches believe in four sources of auma, one for each of them. They harness their energy from the sun, moon, the living, and the dead. There could be more sources, but they haven't been discovered yet. Eldritch harnesses auma from the dead by using whatever herbal essence is left from Corvens in Talonok beastclans. This usually means hunters of Crowtalon clan that bring back any Corven must send them to Eldritch to be given the proper ritual and prepared for extracting the auma. Once auma is extracted, the body will become brittle and most likely crumble into dust, as if a straw sucked up all moisture in the body. Eldritch has learned how to do perform this from when she used to work for Shadowbinder. Talonok clans have expressed their dislike with this, and instead send Corven that have died of natural causes, accidents, or old age. Raine harnesses energy from the living through meditation. She mostly uses her own living auma, but if it strains her soul the other witches help her by sharing in the strain. Raine, when she lived in Light flight, had lots of peaceful time to herself and was taught how to harness her auma by a past clanmate. Raine has been experimenting with plant auma as a substitute too. Crescent harnesses auma from the sun. Also from light flight, Crescent learned how to control a part of the sun's rays and focus them into her brews to help the healers of Crowtalon. She also sometimes uses it to make sparkling water. The last witch, Foxfire, gets her auma from the moon. Her magic is the weakest and most controllable. Growing up on the border of Plague and Arcane, she was always fascinated with space and learned from an Arcane clan how to use the moon's rays to fashion gadgets like telescopes and holograms. The last page includes all of the artisans of Crowtalon. The theatre group, Crowtalon Productions, is included in this mix. Mostly, these artists create beautiful works of art that could also be functional, like apparel. They also restore items for dragons. Then, the three skydancer Auction House representatives market the items.

Crowtalon has taken on a small Nature clan after their territory was destroyed by the Plague. Raven noticed them on the way back from Solanaceae and has allowed them to thrive under Crowtalon. Raven allows them full control of their whole clan and has created a separate cave for them to inhabit. They are also led by a King and Queen, but they don't have much power.

Forum Posts for later:
Halloween ToT Sheet
NotN Egg Post
NotN Hub
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07/03 Earned: Level 40 Foraging Reach a level of 40 in the Foraging skill.
06/14 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Tundra Male, 2 Tundra Female
06/08 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Tundra Male, 2 Tundra Female, 1 Imperial Female
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