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roselapis » Den » Pumpkaboo
Level 1
Snapper Female
Jul 26, 2016 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryEldritch Basic
SecondaryNightshade Peregrine
TertiaryNightshade Underbelly
Eye TypeLight Glowing
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Emergency Flashlight
A little ghost ghoul that popped up in the clan's lair one day with no explanation. Pumpkaboo does not appear to be harmful and can project beams of light in front of her from her eyes. She is very forgetful and has trouble abiding by rules--except when sugar is involved.
wip needs polishing

this dragon is off limits for lair games involving romance and/or shipping of any kind

when clan pendulum first began excavating the cliffs of the beacon of radiant light they discovered the spirit of a tiny hatchling known as pumpkaboo. despite assertions she was harmless several dragons discovered their own fear of the supernatural and ghosts when pumpkaboo began showing up out of the blue time and time again in order to steal snacks or mess with things. this spooky behavior caused construction of pendulum's lair to a halt.

in order to rectify the situation and ensure that pumpkaboo would not be harmed or provoked while also continuing construction of the lair the monarchs nyx and raine put together a temporary team of ghost-almost-whisperers-kind-of-maybe-hunters-adventurers-not-sure. self-proclaimed "ghost hunters " composed of the nocturne horizon, the wildclaw hubris, and the archivist hestia were tasked with solving the problem.

the trio first attempted to talk to pumpkaboo. they discovered that this was useless as not only was hubris too startled by pumpkaboo's appearance to be of any assistance but pumpkaboo herself was unable to speak beyond simple phrases that utilized syllables or portions of the words boo and 'pumpka.' after communications failed to be established the group moved on to plan b: attempting to find pumpkaboo's family or living relatives or descendants of living relatives in hope that the cause of death could be discerned and proper means of helping pumpkaboo pass on to the afterlife discovered.

the ghost hunters-whisperers-adventurers were unable to produce anything regarding pumpkaboo's past. there was no body, remains, and nobody of local clans extending as far as the neighboring domains had knowledge of dragons that looked like pumpkaboo let alone possible relatives. with plan b another failure the ghost hunters-whisperers-adventurers team was temporarily disbanded and construction of the half-complete lair suspended until another solution was found.

it was the arrival of the fae valentine that turned the tides in the unspoken battle of ghost versus living.

a sweet-maker by trade--valentine possessed knowledge of the most eye-catching and delicious candies in the domain. regardless of where she got her ingredient from the candy proved itself to be as good as the fae said. overnight pendulum went from having decent dental hygiene to half the clan possessing new cavities that would later rack up a fortune for a local dentist.

pumpkaboo's weakness was the candy. when the ghoul caught wind of it she stopped her hijinks and random appearances and tailed valentine everywhere. where the ghost hunters-whisperers-adventurers had failed valentine succeeded through the use of sugary sweets. pumpkaboo was happy to sit or stay out of the way of lair construction as long as she was fed.

while some dragons never got over their fear of ghosts and subsequently pumpkaboo--the tiny ghost has become an unofficial member of pendulum. the now-completed lair known as the leviathan maze provides plenty of places for her to play hide-and-seek. hestia is happy to read to her in the archives, horizon tells her about the stars, and while hubris steers clear of the tiny snapper child the sweet-maker valentine provides pumpkaboo with plenty of goodies in return for being good and not causing trouble. the chef master is also known to spoil pumpkaboo with puff pastries and delectable baked goods.

the dragons of pendulum still have no idea where she came from.

she cannot talk beyond limited vocabulary and pumpkaboo does not know how to write but regardless of her ability to communicate with others pumpkaboo is just like any other child. she is sweet sometimes, trouble other times, and she finds her true love to be the absurd amounts of sugar packed into hard candy, soft taffy, brownies, cookies, cakes, and any other item that has been made to perfection with sugar.

while the ghost has no need to sleep she sometimes drifts off in suspended states of partial manifestation where others can see a faint form flicker in place for hours but not see enough details to make out who exactly it is. given pumpkaboo is the only child's spirit roaming pendulum's lair most dragons can deduce it is her and she is having her naptime when they see the flicker.

when pumpkaboo sleeps she sometimes has dreams of something she cannot fully explain: spiraling geometry and clear-cut crystals that stack and cluster head over head and tail over tail until they encompass long caverns and tunnels and tower to reach the underground's sky. pink energy glows in her dreams. she sees a dragon very much like herself in the reflection of the crystals--black and purple scales and eyes glowing as bright as the stars--but no matter how hard pumpkaboo tries to figure out who the dragon is and why they are there she can't reach out and get their attention. she will watch the dragons wander in the tunnels again and again until they pass out and she wakes up.

(by cerpin, #36026)

Pumpkaboo looks like she wants to play!

Will you be her friend?

Nex is Pumpkaboo's friend! They make up and foresee real and fake prophecies together!
Ceru is Pumpkaboo's friend! They discuss mortality together!
Jam is Pumpkaboo's friend! They eat jam (never jelly) together!
Iris is Pumpkaboo's friend! They pick flowers together!
Elfi is Pumpkaboo's friend! They dance to cool music together!
Spyro is Pumpkaboo's friend! They are heroes together!
Doomie is Pumpkaboo's friend! They attempt to take over the world together!
Dorothea is Pumpkaboo's friend! They infect dragons with fatal diseases together!
Volt is Pumpkaboo's friend! They play with electrical circuitry together!
Noibat is Pumpkaboo's friend! They hide in caves together!
Snaggy is Pumpkaboo's friend! They share cookies with one another!

Don't mess with Pumpkaboo or her friends!
She'll come to your house and kick your teeth in with her tiny Pumpka legs.
('^' )

pumpkaboo fandragon!!! pumpka pumpka pumpka BOO
looks up to valentine, horizon, hestia, and master as her moms.
died in the lucent caverns.
she/her. girl. a child. 6-8ish.
theme song: n/a yet

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