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Sketsifi's Clan
*Pets Dragon*
Venerable Lair
of the
Rotrock Rim
Clan Information
This is a lore lair! Ask me about roleplaying and writing projects! Feel free to advertise me to any writing forums, contests, or events on FR or otherwise! Every dragon in my lair has the opportunity to become a lore dragon - I play FR for story, not genes.
Check out my main three lore dragons!

Niobium, Osseus, and Tess.

Note to Adminds & Mods: Tritail, Gogosqueeze and me are all IRL friends and we frequently show up at eachother's houses, so we may have different IP addresses every now and then. Thanks!

Clan of the Caristhine Plague
MLMxEyT.gifOsseus: We may not be the fanciest of clans. In fact, we are quite what others would call... 'uncouth'. But, So long as the plague keeps running deep in our blood, we couldn't care less for what other clans, or dragons for that matter think of us. We know we are strong, and those that don't believe it are simply lost allies. Welcome to the Caristhine, if you're up to the challenge.

> Caristhine Lorebook
......> Read
> Many names did the Caristhine go by. The Poisoned Talons, and then the Haradases, and finally the current Caristhine. This is because of the young nature of the clan; a blossoming little flower and a land of plague, small and naive of the world - but not weak to it. In fact, quite the opposite. Ever since the founding by the dear guardian Archer, it has been a firm and powerful force. Many hardships have been faced, but many more have been conquered. The now Caristhine clan is tightly bonded - a loyal rope tying each and every dragon. It is a close-knit group, and although it is full of dragons in numerous numbers, each one knows everyone else's name and position in the clan, and they all fight together, and they all will fight for each other no matter how much they seem to otherwise loathe their clanmates. They will, for sure, thrive in the contagion.

>Tusk Engraving
......> Observe
> You observe the old ursegal draconic marked into the base of one of the entrance's great bone and ivory tusks. You could read it, though it was difficult. It seems to be some sort of law code. It reads out;

The code of the Plaguerian Oldclans
- Thou shalt give only respect unto clanmates of higher, and equal status, and shall find it thou's duty to protect those of lower status.
- Thou shalt shun all that thy mother Plaguebringer shuns, and love all that thy mother loves. All word of thy mother is law.
- Thou shalt ensure thy clan has a respectable leader, and such leader shalt report to a trustworthy council in which only desire the best interest of the clan.
- Thou shalt fight alongside thy brethren and under the might of thy leader. Only in the name of the Plaguebringer shalt thou ever fight others of the plague. We must endure together.
- Any idols or followers of deities from flights of other shalt be burned and rotted, or removed from thy clan. All shalt remain loyal to the lord of the wastelands.
- Under any condition in which thou has wronged a clanmate, equal, superior, or ally, thy person(s) that has been most recently wronged will be able to carry out justice equal to the wrong commited.

> Caristhine Territory
......> Observe
> You see a wide gash that strikes through the earth like an ugly scar, forming an enormous canyon. Great ridges and cliffsides jut out from the earth unevenly around it with several huge tusks of bone and dead trees twist out of the sides. Two enormous tusks, perhaps more than seven times a dragon's height,stand proudly at the entrance with a torn banner of contaminated featherback hide decorated with the clan emblem strung between the two, and pulsing veins of blood and plagued earth spiral down around them. Surrounding the whole thing is a large collection of sharper bone pillars that, at the point, curve over the ridges and gorge to form protection and shade for those below. Inside, every cave and home is either carved from the rock or made from a clump of dead trees strung together with rotting leaves and twigs to form something resembling a nest, circular and enclosed from the rest of the world except for a single hole at the front. These nests and the ridges from the side caves were all decorated in bone chimes and glowing all-seeing shrooms, making the sight just a tad less repulsive. Rusting bells swung gently in the wind, while massive nets hung from some of the top tusks to provide space to put food and other items of choosing. It seems like some of the caves inside branch off into longer cave systems in case of attack. Quite the decently fortified lair if you do say so yourself.

>Caristhine Plague
......> Inquiry
MLMxEyT.gifOsseus: I'm not sure if you were told, but every clan under the rule of the plaguebringer is burdened with a unique sickness unique to their clan to prove they are strong enough to live in these lands. Often clans take pride in their plagues and name their clans after such infections, as we did. The Caristhine Plague, pronounced Care-iss-theye-n, is one that affects the senses; or rather, heightens them. This disease is more of a mental one, and while it does strengthen some senses, it also strengthens ambition and makes every one of our dragons dead set on a goal, good or not. They are also all quite effective hunters due to it... and abiding adversaries. Additionally, this plague can cause some occasional sanity attacks where one goes a bit rabid, and comes in the form of parasites. You can often find the little buggers scuttling about our territory.

> Traditions and Celebrations
......> Inquiry
MLMxEyT.gifScavenger: Oh, yes, yes! We have plenty of absolutely splendiferous occasions. The Riot of Rot, of course,is one, but that's only the beginning! Perhaps our most prominent sub-tradition was formed by dear old Archer herself. It goes like this; on the first day of every new season, the clan collects the bones of all the prey they have eaten from the previous few months. We take them out and lay them beside the nearest falling tree to thank the Plaguebringer for the food provided in the trying lands of the Wasteland, and then we attract the tatterwing carcasses to go and take the bones away to make into their nests and homes. On the second day after the solemn first, we celebrate the coming of a new part of the year, and that we have survived the sicknesses and the adversaries the previous season. And on the final and third day, we mark a new season in the lineage books in the clan, and demonstrate our strength, constituion, and survival prowess through a collection of great challenges to test our skill. This special seasonly holiday is something we like to call Tempus Salutem.

Survive and Endure in the name of the Plaguemother.


- The Blazing Claws -
- The Solaris -
- The Desovar -


About Me
'Ello there! Name's Sketsifi. I'm a crazed dragon activist who has a problem concerning writing too many stories. And creating too many characters. And having too many worlds to write the stories about and put the characters in - but that's besides the point. I'm a southerner deep from ole' Texas, and as such I absolutely adore sweet tea, although I'm not a big fan of caffeine or any fizzy drinks either. Live in a small house with a heckin' ton of pets, andddddd I've also been dead on flight rising for a while, but I'm back now, with a revamped lair! Yay??? Oh, and one more thing, I'm also a serious dungeons and dragons finatic. SCRIBBLES IS BEST NPC.

So, that would be all the information I have on the wild Sketsifi. I haven't recorded any more information about the untamed beast yet, but more logs will be coming soon.

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04/17 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Mirror Male, 1 Mirror Female
04/05 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Mirror Male, 1 Mirror Female
04/03 Earned: Level 20 Fishing Reach a level of 20 in the Fishing skill.
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