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SuddenlyJoxar » Lair » Shadowslash
Level 3
Pearlcatcher Male
Aug 20, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Falcon
SecondaryAntique Stripes
TertiaryMaize Spines
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
HaL7ma0.png Gz3H1sJ.png

ISFJ-T : The Defender
(Birth name Adrian)

Diplomat • Second son • Noble
Theme song: Nathan Sharp-- Unaligned

sNxHUxe.png R6ABT6t.png

"I... I don't know how to feel about... no, I suppose I am just doing my duty, Father. Love you, I'll see you... ...If I succeed, I suppose..."


Respected Dragons:
▸ Sandrunner

▸ Moonlord

▸ Pinemoss



Something many of the younger dragons in the clan are not aware of is the fact that Moonlord is basically Icetalon and Shadowslash's godfather. While the former later rejected this gift when tensions with the guardian began to rise, the latter still technically possesses it. As such, according to the ancient traditions of the Wispwalkers, Shadowslash has all the status and titles of being Moonlord's second son, without any of the downsides (such as not being able to mate with Moonlord's other kids *cough* oh wait he did that *cough*). Shadowslash was raised like a sibling to Moonlord's biological sons, and is closer to them than any of them are with each other.

Where his other siblings were raised as warriors, potential heirs, Shadowslash was never in line for the Lunar Crown. He was the only one that was raised by Sandrunner, trained in the arts of diplomacy, taught to war with words and not claws. His studies were far more formal, taught things like the lore of magic, and some basic alchemy-- potions, poisons, identifying poisons by their symptoms. He quickly proved to have a natural aptitude for public speaking and negotiating, his "neutral observer" trick proving surprisingly effective during tense negotiations. While Moonlord would send Vipersprite for meetings where he wanted his clan to seem mysterious, or something to be feared, it is Shadowslash he sends in order to look powerful and organised.

His greatest strength, however, also proves to be his greatest weakness, as he is probably the only dragon whose relationship with Moonlord could honestly be described as love. Despite all the leader's flaws, the great atrocities he has both committed and condoned, Shadowslash still sees him as his father. That's not to say he's naive, or evil although he's not quite good either: he's well aware of what Moonlord has done, what he has had to do as Moonlord's only trusted diplomat-- and he's so torn up about it. He doesn't actually have very many friends, and (even if he is very kind to them,) is quite a distant father to his hatchlings. He rarely talks to anyone not his brothers, Icetalon, his mate, or Warmonger, unless it is part of a diplomatic meeting.

(Although diplomatic meetings with the Wispwalkers are usually more like a list of demands and/or threats... Hmm, maybe that's why Shadowslash is so down all the time.)


Noted Descendants:
▸ Of Ashstripe:

▸ Of Hollyflower:

▸ Of Clayscale:

▸ Of Redeagle: Tou

On Shadowslash


____Shadowslash is a good dragon! Not like my last friend. Moonlord left Madgwick as soon as stupid Hati came baring his fangs. But Shadowslash respects me! Feeds Madgwick bugs. Maybe feeds himself bugs, dunno, Madgwick eats them anyway. Moth legs are my favourite, he should stop leaving them out on the table if Madgwick shouldn't be eating them. That's the only food he ever has that Madgwick knows isn't bad-- he always smells like poison-berries, but moth legs don't.

____He's really good at his job, too. He talks to dragons and makes them not violent-angry anymore. Or makes them violent-angry at other people. Or makes them really scared. Or makes them happy and listening. Shadowslash is really good with words. Claws, not so much. Family, not so much. But words! Always doing things with words. He's smart that way. And sometimes, Shadowslash uses words just to tell Madgwick how good he is being. That is nice. Shadowslash is nice. Madgwick likes Shadowslash.


On Shadowslash


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Bio template by Mibella, find it here.

Important figures
(In regard to Shadowslash's life)



When you work in diplomatic negotiations, you are bound to meet some... unique individuals. Some are helpful, some are harmful, and some are just so annoying that plotting their permanent and irreversible demise becomes a hobby.
Rielle is the latter.
It's not too uncommon for her to confront Shadowslash and exchange a few spells, rambling about "thwarting his evil darkness". While he always fights back, and... okay, he may have tried to have her assassinated a few times, he leaves her to her naivety, lets her think he is evil if she wants to.

She's never seen the family he is protecting. She's never seen his scars.
Perspective theme: Skillet -- Set It Off

Rome is burning, the world resets the stage
All our heroes are gone without a trace
My time has come
All it takes is a spark to light the fuse
Strike it up, set it off, nothing to lose
Yeah, I'm the one

KitC 5


Shadowslash's past history, thanks to his occupation, is... complicated.
A long-game counter-assassin, he occasionally is sent to clans Moonlord sees as potentially valuable whenever Arcaestain tips him off that they are in danger. Unfortunately, Arcaestain's warnings have been known to be... vague... and there is no way he can predict what is coming except for being accepted into the clan and hoping he is in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes he isn't, and those are the times he remembers more than anything.
Perspective theme: Daughter -- Youth

We are the reckless
We are the wild youth
Chasing visions of our futures
One day we'll reveal the truth
That one will die before he gets there
And if you're still bleeding, you're the lucky ones
'Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone


A good friend of Shadowslash's from a long time ago.
A potion maker with a knack for getting himself killed and an even greater knack for refusing to stay dead.
As far as Shadowslash is aware, he's dead for good.
It's probably inaccurate information by now, though.
Perspective theme: Skillet -- Back From The Dead

Light it up, light it up, now I'm burning
Feel the rush, feel the rush of adrenaline
We are young, we are strong, we will rise
'Cause I'm back, back, back from the dead tonight


Krese, as far as Shadowslash is concerned, can go die in a hole.
The imperial is generally obnoxious, self-centered, over-dramatic, irritating, the cause of a disproportionate amount of untimely death....

If he wasn't Glacier's brother-in-law, Shadowslash would have probably had Krese assassinated by now.
Perspective theme: Nathan Sharp -- I'd Love to Break it to You

You’re all alone
You oughta just stay quiet
You can’t do that can you?

Parading like you own the place
But give it time we’ll all forget your face

You’re on your own
Such a damn shame
No one’s ever coming for you

  • Conditioned to obey all authority without question, mostly due to an overwhelming fear of failure
  • A trained assassin, counter-assassin and diplomat
  • Was kidnapped as a young child and sold to mercenaries in the Dominance war, before being sold on to the Wispwalkers when it became clear that he was utterly useless as a fighter
  • He remembers his sister Kyne, who may or may not have survived living with the mercenaries-- he doesn't know
  • His extra roundhorns are a recessive genetic mutation developed by him and his sister and passed down with the Pearlcatcher side of the family. This means that none of Adrian's living children, being all Guardians, possess them.
  • Developed Aquaphobia after nearly drowning. No longer suffers most of the physical after-effects of nearly drowning, due to Icetalon (who is his adopted brother) being a pretty impressive healer.
  • He also has an extremely amplified fear of falling, which is why he tends to avoid flying unless necessary.

Human characteristics:
Adrian Colvin
Adrian is a rather young-looking afro-asian man with dark brown eyes and black hair which has been bleached blonde and is usually tied back in a ponytail.
The roots are clearly black, however, as he never really keeps it well maintained.
Clothing (if different to dragon form):
Same as shown
Personality (if different to dragon form):
Adrian is a lot more stern and assertive. It's not that hard to agitate him, and he has a sharp tongue, but rarely does he ever get truly angry.
He's rather open minded and relaxed, but bear in mind that he has very. Strong morals and opinions.
Note that strong morals means there is a line he will not cross, not that he's full lawful-good or anything.
Name: Madgwick
Age: >20 years
Sapient: Yes
Can talk: Yes. A fluent Coatl speaker, he can read and speak Draconic in a rather parrot-sounding fashion.
Likes: Stealing bugs before Shadowslash can eat them; sitting on Shadowslash's shoulder.
Dislikes: Loud noises, his curse kicking in.
What's his curse?: When not subject to a certain amount of constant magical aura, all non-vital muscles in his body become paralysed. Hence why he lives with dragons.
By grasssnake485, who's art is absolutely phenomenal!
This terrifying rendition of Shadowslash at his day job brought to you by HauntedCrow.

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