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Mydragonsfly's Clan
If I meeps I sleeps!
Venerable Lair
of the
The Lightning Farm
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Mydragonsfly's Hatchery
Mydragonsfly's Nest Renting
Trading Gems for Treasure - 1:800 [Closed]
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Notes to Self:

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Rain showers fall lightly to Earth, trickling down your scales or matting your fur as you approach a very small rock hill. Having entered it and being sheltered somewhat from the rain, you can't help but realize that it goes a tundras length downwards.

The air is slightly humid here, your fur should you have it, stands on end; while your scales if you have those, tingle slightly, it is no doubt a lightning cave! This association is not lost as you look along the walls and see a set of 3 intertwined wires, one of which has a brightly burning bulb, slathering white light every 15 paces or so.

Walking down the cave with your claws clicking on the stone floor in unison you see on a stone banner overhead an inscribed tablet "Lightning Weather Forecasters". Surely this cave is occupied by another clan! Not wanting to intrude you turn back to leave only to be met by a purple and blue tundra named Whitestorm.

Tensing your muscles ready to defend yourself should he attack, he simply smiles and asks if you've come to receive the forecast for the present day. Not understanding what is meant, you inquire the tundra about the meaning "forecast". He smiles again with a silent chuckle, "Weather forecast!" he softly says with a flick of the tail.

Now about 45 paces inside from the mouth of the entrance, the passageway has gradually sunk to about 2 tundra lengths. The passage now opens up into a much larger cavern with a ceiling not high enough for an adult to rear up on their back legs without bumping their head into the ceiling! Stone pillars are spaced far apart, sturdily assuring that the Earth and all its plant life - or what of it you can find in the Highland Scrub - doesn't decide to up and bury you.

A few broken Electricians Power Packs are held securely in a hanger on the left of the entrance to this cavern. Softly humming machines line one side of the room, a few dragons watching them with great intent, opposite of that wall is a few scrolls stacked neatly into triangles, 10 per stack, and a map of the continent hanging on the wall with two dragons pointing at the map with a smoothly carved stick and looking at a scroll of their own. At the far end is another tunnel leading deeper into the cave.

You are about to pipe up when Windstorm speaks up. "Do you know exactly how your favorite outside celebrations always seem to take place during warm, sunny days?" Your about to speak when again, the tundra interrupts. "Without us dragons here forecasting the weather, you dragons would be out at the end of each month celebrating in cold rain, intense heat, or hey, you might just find yourself blown away by a swirling vortex! Pity how many put the conditions of the sky in the back of their minds until they step outside and realize either how dreary or delightful it is outside..." The two of you step towards a table with a map of the Sunbeam Ruins, blue and red lines are painted across it, and dragonscript is scribbled in the corners with lines pointing to parts of the map.

A black winged male guardian walks in and stands in the entrance, his scales sizzling as if he's been struck by lightning. Walking over to the dragons at a table he takes out of a shoulder sling a rolled up scroll and hands it to the female magenta dragoness before going out again. The dragoness looks at the scroll for a few brief moments, then plots lines on the wall hung map over the Carryon Canyon sector in the lighting district.

Windstorm walks up to you and hands you a rolled-up scroll with a small bow keeping it wound. Turning you back towards the entrance he speaks "Now fair visitor I'm sure you have a lot of questions, seeing as how you haven't met us before. I'm afraid they'll have to wait, however, as we are very busy during leaf turn. Please come back soon, and if you can sell us any working Electricians Power Packs, and maybe a few extra Scroll Case Slings at reasonable prices since we aren't at all rich right now, it would be most appreciated. I trust you'll be able to see yourself out just fine? Very well then, feel free to return tomorrow!"

Windstorm turns his back to you and finds a spot among the dragons huddled around a table; clutching the scroll gently as to not crush it you stand and observe the area for a brief while before turning back in the way you came. Outside, the showers have lightened somewhat, off to the east, booming lightning strikes can be heard numerous times; the west, calm seas with more favorable conditions for flying...


Mydragonsfly's Hatchery

Hello everyone and welcome to my hatchery. I am currently breeding Guardian dragons in single color pairs (body, belly, and wings all within a striking color range). If you would like to breed a pair of my dragons or would like to pair one of your dragons with one of mine, feel free to PM me and we can work something out!

NOTE: All breedings will take place in my nest unless otherwise specified.

Mydragonsfly's_Hatchery wrote on 3-28-15:
Depending on the dragons you want to breed, the highest percentage coefficient will apply.

View your dragons breed rarity here.

Starting price to use the nest: 10k
Add the Breed Rarity percentage to the initial 10k to get the final price in this category.
  • Plentiful - None
  • Common - 5%
  • Uncommon - 10%
  • Limited - 15%
  • Rare - 20%

Recipients will be given 5 previews of possible hatchlings before breeding. It is in this period of time a recipient can back out of any anticipated deal. If you are breeding one of your dragons with one of mine and intend to skip this step, please view the Foresee Progeny area and input the respective dragons numbers to see any number of possible outcomes for yourself.

Each individual egg will cost 5kt. Since this is my nest I will have the first choice of the clutch, I will, however, choose not to take an egg should the clutch end up with no dragons I intently desire to keep, or if the clutch consists of only a single egg. First choice can be given to the recipient for 20kt + the breed percentage coefficient.

Hatchlings will be fed and held for 48 hours, after which extra fees will apply.

250 treasure + breed percentage / occupant / day
50t / food point consumed

Here is a breakdown of how I calculate the prices for my hatchery.

Let's say you intend to breed one of your Imperials with one of my Guardians and desire lightning eyes in the hatchlings. Given the cooldown period for your Imp, you have requested first choice of the clutch. Now the 5 days are over and the nest has been hatched and results in 4 pretty imperials. You attempt to claim your hatchlings but real life leaves you with a two-day delay.

You pick two of the dragons and I pick one, one is left unwanted. We take turns picking dragons until the clutch is exhausted or both sides stop requesting hatchlings.

Nest Usage - 10k
Breed Rarity - 15% of 10k - Your Imperial falls under the "Limited" category and the highest coefficient always applies in this charge = 1.5k
First Choice - 20k + 15% of 20k = 23k
Egg #1 - 5k
Egg #3 - 5k


Late Fee (Space) - 2 Days: 250t x 2 = 500t
Late Fee (Food) - Varies
The number of dragons you request will add a multiplier to your late fees. In this case, you took two dragons so take the two fees above and multiply them by two. If you hatch a clutch of 5 and leave the dragons sitting with me for a week, the fees add up quickly so please, please take your dragons back ASAP! A day's fees apply at every server rollover.

Leftover dragons will be given a gender applicable name and either sold in the AH, in the "Dragons For Sale" forum or exalted.

Members Served:

Tiand - 1 PC


Mydragonsfly's Nest Renting

If anyone is in need of a spare nest I'd be happy to lend you one under these conditions.

Nest_Rental_Conditions wrote on 2-1-2016:

1 - 4 lightning nests are currently available.
Please check here to see availability.

10k treasure is my charge for 3 eggs. Pricing will rise or fall 1.5k for every egg above or below the average number. I'll hold the hatchlings for 24 hours in CR (provided you paid) before late fees apply, users that have not paid for the eggs will be required to pay for the eggs before I send them the CR and will need to claim them within 24 hours of hatching for late fees to not be applied. Food will only be distributed if Clan Energy threatens to fall to less than 80% so please be sure to feed your dragons before sending them to me.

Food is not mandatorily required but only accepted on a basis of generosity. The rental fee itself goes towards the feeding of your dragons while they are in my care, additionally, it goes towards the booking of my dragons in a friends lair if I am ever pushed over capacity by hatching a nest.

100 treasure / occupant / day
50t / food point

Please contact via PM

I'm a trustworthy person and feel like I shouldn't need to honor a collateral but if you desire such I can honor this.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change depending on the volume of requests, but I doubt things will get very high.

Members served:

wnznpeh and sebeurik
Nishiboys (x2)

Depending on the volume I get I might give you something from my hoard as a small token of my appreciation upon my final letter to you after I return your eggs. If you also could, I would really appreciate it if you left a good note on how business went with me in the thread linked at the top of my profile here. I'll refund 50t as an extra thanks!

Currently trading gems in return for treasure. Currently selling gems at 350 treasure apiece.


Useful Threads:

Kienas Coli grinding guide (2 attack 1 magic)
Culexs Coli grinding guide (one shotters)
Coliseum Element Odds
New Nest Rental Listing
Books About Dragons
Baldwin's Bubbling Brew Visual Guide
Baldwin's Brew Wiki

Lightning Only
Volt Vault
Electric Exchange
Lightning Wishing Well
Lightning Flight Book Club
Lightning Flight Directory
[Flight Lore] Building Lightning Lairs - My lair!


Notes to Self:

Revisit MP sniping thread, ask Pandatao about sky blue silks for Sil after finding out what her body and eye color is
"Pandatao" wrote on "2014-07-03:
Sky Blue Arms: 15k
Sky Blue Leg: 15k
Sky Blue Veil: 15k
Sky Blue Fillet: 15k
Sky Blue Sash: 15750
Sky Blue Scarf: 15750
Sky Blue Wing: 16250


thunderstruck leveling

lightning dragons high derg rentals

"Sornieth" which is draconic for "our planet"

Find us on the map!

Power pack from Warrior922.
Eletricitions armband from Leondragon
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Beenus wrote:
Just a dragon hoarder passing by! You have such wonderful dragons! Keep up the good work and may your dragon collection prosper!
Oct 11, 2018, 08:03:42
jbdolphin wrote:
Stuffingnarwhals or nar
Jun 13, 2018, 18:02:32
jbdolphin wrote:
Hello! It's been a couple of years
May 28, 2018, 13:53:48
Demonkitty wrote:
Hello! I'm looking for a lightning nest for my RTB pair - would you be interested in hosting them? I've read your rules and am ready to pay the 10k+ :)
May 21, 2018, 16:48:44
TheNightsSecret wrote:
Heya just wondering how long the pair has got left?
Mar 01, 2018, 19:25:51
SonyaAxel wrote:
Thank you^^
Sep 10, 2017, 16:19:39
Brokko wrote:
Ooooh ahaha. I'm fine waiting for treasure. I also like eggs and scrolls.
Mar 27, 2017, 09:25:14
Brokko wrote:
A flame? I suppose? XD
Mar 27, 2017, 09:10:39
GalacticHydra13 wrote:
That would be amazing. I hope your dom prep goes well! I'll have my pair waiting on standby for you, feel free to let me know if you are ready to take them and I'll send them right over. Thank you so much! ^.^
Jul 14, 2016, 12:41:40
AnStacy wrote:
Jul 08, 2016, 04:09:48
pureblood wrote:
happy bday mdf!! (hey its also my siblings)
Jul 02, 2016, 21:30:07
Rosezuma wrote:
Yes? XD
May 10, 2016, 10:44:24
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