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im stuck in a sunshine riptide (semi-hiatus)
Ancient Lair
of the
Beacon of the Radiant Eye
Clan Information
tumblr_p23mawkXTC1tzybrno2_250.png tumblr_p23lmuEvHa1tzybrno2_250.png
amaranthine adj.
"unfading, eternal, immortal, infinite"

fr tumblr|| lair reviews || clan aesthetic

Amaranthine Gardens

The world represents completeness and perfect unity. The world is in harmony and naught can go wrong, and that's how it is in the world of the gods

This is the garden of the gods that resides in the Light domain. Very few mortals are able to see this land, but all gods are able to come and go as they will.

You wake surrounded by miles and miles of flowers and reaching trees, colors swirling, the only noise you heard was the rushing of water. You see though, a large pavilion, white, but gold where the light doesn't hit. It seems to be the centerpiece, the sun shines behind it in the dawn. The winds blow through the meadow, fluttering the leaves of the various flowers and trees. The butterflies who feed off of the garden pay the wind no mind.

Walking towards the pavilion, you stare at large gold gates threaded with ivy and roses as it blocks your way in. It's gorgeous, the way the plants lace into the thin gold and makes it seem like it part of the garden instead of something that should stand out. From the pavilion's windows you see silks blow through and flutters about in the wind.

"a visitor?" said a voice. You turn towards the sound, surprised to see anyone in this place, though it seems welcoming enough. You see a flaxen coatl, staring at you from behind the gates, his wings seem to blend in into the flora surrounding him, a bright green.

You explain to him that you are lost here, and he nods, taking a moment to step back. Oddly, he does not seem surprised by a stranger being waking up in this place. He disappears traces the seam of the gate, his finger acting as a key, unlocking the gate with no fear in his eyes. The golden gate opens with little sound, and the coatl welcomes you in.

A figure approaches as you step in, white marble walls surrounding you. Though it should feel cold with the marble and the rather strong wind, the sunlight bouncing through the walls warm you up more than anything.

You are left alone, no one coming to lead you places. You walk by yourself around the grandiose establishment, trying to make sense of what exactly was this place and who it housed.


It's the same coatl as before. The snake around his neck looks into your eyes- it seems as if it's laughing, or at the very least smiling with his eyes. You look away from the snake to look at the dragon, nodding when you did.

"You woke in the Amaranthine Gardens, the-"

"Garden of the gods, yes"

The coatl looks a bit annoyed at the fact that you cut him off min-sentence but he continues nonetheless.

"You woke up here, obviously. And as per tradition, we let you in because all get a place to stay here. Don't get too comfortable, though," he snickers, a paw in front of his snout as if trying to hide it.

"There are some strong and dangerous forces here. It's not safe for mortals to say long."

He turns around, his crest of feathers rising. His eyes have a strange glow about them, threatening and piercing you as he looks back at you from the doorway.

"Leave before it's too late, mortal."

He hisses, his snake joining in. Then he leaves without looking back, leaving you to wander and find out exactly what he means or get away and live in uncertainty.

It's your choice now, visitor.


credit to:
miirshroom - ivy || mibella - columns & flowers || hazeledpoppy - vista cutouts
|| poisonedpaper's assets

Kidhelran ta Khanci vos, Kidhelain ta Fattir thute Kijemma jheos, Kinain yunte
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ruler of stained g1s
nothing lasts forever and youre right;
i'll live without you even if i'll die

novae|| 17 ||they/them || fr+3
English || Bahasa Indonesia
HXayiBO.png hello i am a giant nerd who is way into dragons, anime, kpop. i like a lot of other things but right now kpop have taken over my life and i cant get out. (Im into some boy groups and every girl group ever. every single one) u can find my bias list here

feel free to inquire about breedings/ask abt a child from a certain pair of dragons/becoming allies/abt codes!
gene plans
woojin: bee/stained
yeongdeung: bee
chuu: (alloy)
aeri: alloy
junho: metallic
lyon: opal
yeongho: spiral jaguar/bee/underbelly
seongmin: spiral skink/bee/opal
marian: sd giraffe/hex/capsule

to do
-do bios. real slowly but hey


epcadcW.pngFK90SkU.pngc5w3Hod.png3nlGtPe.gifbfbhh7d.pngFhRX0oT.pngWtn0RBn.pngdjJMBiT.png4MZrQ1G.pngtSMQvKZ.pngGFnemtQ.png35it8lU.pngjex517W.giftumblr_ojg0y28CPe1vfeckzo1_250.pngY0pgb68.pngcoleilbadgewip_by_auricolor-daznj5h.pngqUbYkSf.pngkOGX8ag.pngaQ26aWb.pngN4WDDMS.pngw0zQTvb.pngvsTCvnB.pngCircle of Lighematite_irithyll_by_auricolor-db55s28.pngemerald_irithyll_by_auricolor-db57nle.pngamythest_tunesmith_monday_by_auricolor-db5afn6.pngwU3L3ft.pnggLbSZXW.gifje67dzK.gif59TgHaL.png3BeikPs.pngwe_have_witnessed_by_avianannihilator-dbp2pr5.png
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valflames wrote:
my lair is full of stinky idiots putri pls
Mar 17, 2018, 14:34:08
Faileas wrote:
Zayne, get back here! You were born in light, but belong in the darkness of plague! XD Well, if you ever do teeter on that edge of thinking to sell, PM me. I'd happily throw a big bag o' heaping gems your way for her. ♥
Mar 17, 2018, 13:42:26
Faileas wrote:
I didn't think that would work, but you can't blame a lady for trying. ;) Seriously though, Soobin is A+ stunning! If you ever decide to part with her, I'd steal her away in a heartbeat. ♥ In all honesty though, your whole lair is amazing! :)
Mar 17, 2018, 13:31:03
valflames wrote:
Mar 15, 2018, 14:41:24
valflames wrote:
does that mean i'm RIPPED now
Mar 15, 2018, 14:16:01
valflames wrote:
i have a cold and i'm dying, so i guess i'm gonna sneeze those bones out of my body
Mar 15, 2018, 12:45:00
valflames wrote:
do you ever just die because death is near and are like "yes good bye bones" and now you're a boneless pizza
Mar 15, 2018, 12:40:46
Sumopian wrote:
X3 nah it's 'kay! Thank you lots for the scry tho,, I've had her for two months and I felt bad because I didn't have a good scry for her ^-^'
Mar 12, 2018, 16:48:53
valflames wrote:
jihae, dying: stop being this cute i swear
Mar 11, 2018, 04:01:17
Fourr wrote:
I meant to come by earlier, but I forgot.. Thank you! Avi is my newest Coatl bab ^^ Your boys are pretty as well :D Cha is my favorite though..
Mar 10, 2018, 23:21:03
valflames wrote:
Mar 10, 2018, 12:43:43
valflames wrote:
Mar 10, 2018, 12:34:01
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