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LunaTenebrisFlos' Clan
Tis I, the frenchiest fry!
Mighty Lair
of the
Wispwillow Grove
Clan Information
The dragons here live within crawling distance to the border between the scarred wasteland and the tangled wood, and are free to practice whatever they believe in under the all-seeing eye of the daughter, although new hatchlings are encouraged to follow the ways of the daughter. Dragons exalt themselves to the Shadowbinder by choice, if they are to at all. The clan takes in many abandoned, and many 'rescued' hatchlings from the clans they bring to destruction. The clan is almost always peaceful! Unless you are not. Or maybe they just decide they don't want to be peaceful. It's all about what the gods of shade and plague tell them.
Most dragons here are rescues, and the Clan of Lunar Blood is always looking to save more under some circumstances.

A common tradition of the Clan of Lunar Blood is trinket bonding. If a hatchling is to survive to adulthood, or if a new member is to join, they must search for something to represent themselves. A small item that the Shadowbinder and the Plaguebringer must acknowledge as another form of the dragon, as it is a sign that they will forever be devoted to the deity, even in death. It is absolutely taboo to lose this object. When this object is found by the new dragon, it must be taken to the Lake of Souls.
The Lake of Souls is a beautifully blue lake that is said to hold the souls of the clan's ancestors in its reflection, and is incredibly deep, rumored to be able to hold and entire clan inside its waters. Of course, the waters are incredibly toxic, and so swimming inside of the lake will surely kill a dragon.
If you are to journey to the lake on a full moon, when it is surrounded by fireflies, you can sometimes hear the fireflies whisper with the voices of the wise and loved. It takes a talented listener to truly hear what they are saying, however.
Inside the lake resides one, and only one creature. The cursed carp. The cursed carp is a jet-black crystal holder with a pearl filled with blood, or so is to assume. The cursed carp is heavily scarred, and is said to have once been an emperor the Shadowbinder has cursed into the form of a fish.
If a dragon is to find a trinket to represent itself, the dragon is to bring it to the Lake of Souls and drop it into the center of the lake, and wait for the cursed carp to give it back to the dragon. The dragon must not eat or drink anything during this time, and will only survive if the cursed carp brings he item back to them, with the Shadowbinder's and Plaguebringer's blessing.

The Clan of Lunar Blood does believe in exaltion, but only if the dragon, and their previous clan, is willing for the dragon to fight for the shaded deity, the Shadowbinder. Although, very rarely, the Plaguebringer may demand warriors as well. These dragons will be sent to a clan of the scarred wasteland to then be exalted.
Any dragons, if they are to find love, are permitted to nest. There are no rules, simply, against it. Pairs will not especially be made to the forms of how their children will look, or to the breeding goals, but rather to clan lore.

The Clan of Lunar Blood has many members, and with that comes issues regarding food, and has employed many ideas to solve this. For example, if one of the nearby beastclans has more than enough food for the year, the extra is to be given to the Clan of Lunar Blood, as a thanks if nothing else for the protection the Clan of Lunar Blood gives to them. Familiars and dragons alike are also to regularly hunt for food, and wildlife can exchange food for shelter in the dragons' lair. Meals are to be served three times daily, and different species tend to eat in different orders. The mirrors, of course, rush in first, ravage the area, and leave as quick as they came. Then, the spirals, to make the zone even more chaotic, and leave just as fast as the mirrors. Then, the bogsneaks, to avoid as much confrontation as possible, pick up their share and leave with it. Then, the imperials, to avoid the confrontation of any pearlcatchers. And finally, the ridgebacks, snappers, pearlcatchers, faes, skydancers, and guardians eat... almost civilly.
The Ceremony
If one thing is known about the Clan of Lunar Blood, it is that on the first day of every other month, something sinister occurs at the lake. A dragon disappears, ominous chanting can be heard coming from the lake, and at early dawn, several cloaked figures can be seen quietly leaving the lake's surrounding grove, and entering the lair.

Although many dragon clans despise the beastclans, the Clan of Lunar Blood accepts them as neighbors and allies. Serthis, Mith, Dryads, Chimera, Aviars, Maren, Longnecks, and many more are considered allies. There is, unfortunately, a few exceptions to this. Battles with Harpies, Yetis, and Centaurs have lasted since the creation of the Clan's lair, long, long ago. Very few members of these beastclans find themselves as familiars, and the local tribes are under constant attack from the dragons of the Clan of Lunar Blood. It is unknown why these particular beastclans had taken to attacking the lair, but it will likely be their last mistake.

The fallen kingdom is an ancient place, an entire city carved into winding tunnels throughout a mountain. Who built these tunnels and what purpose they had for making home in such an inhospitable place is anybody's guess, but one thing is for sure. Exploring those tunnels is a death sentence. A plague has spread through those tunnels, a plague that drives any would-be wanderers into mindless husks, doomed to forever roam dimly-lit streets and long-forgotten caverns, attacking any who are not afflicted. Be warned, traveler- your bravado will be your demise.
1. Imperial Female (Operation: the daughter)
Obsidian Starmap
Robin Butterfly
Robin Glimmer
Primal Shadow Eyes

2. Wildclaw Female (Operation: Razzle)
Azure Iridescent
Purple Shimmer
Storm Runes
Common Lightning Eyes

3. Pearlcatcher Female (Operation: Pearl)
Pearl Iridescent
Pearl Striation
Pearl Spines
Faceted Ice Eyes

4. Mirror Male (Operation: Plague)
Algae Clown
Coral Hex
Coral Current
Primal Plague Eyes

5. Coatl Male (Operation: Cupid)
White Basic
Rose Shimmer
Rose Ringlets
Glowing Arcane Eyes

6. Ridgeback Male (Operation: Wasp)
Honey Wasp
White Bee
Obsidian Thylacine
Faceted Shadow Eyes

7. Coatl Male (Operation: Totoro)
Grey Basic
Grey Basic
White Underbelly
Rare Shadow Eyes

8. Imperial Male (Operation: Haku)
White Iridescent
Spearmint Shimmer
Moon Glimmer
Uncommon Earth Eyes

9. Bogsneak Male (Operation: Dr.)
Blush Ripple
Tangerine Freckle
Radioactive Crackle
Swirl Nature Eyes

10. Skydancer Female (Operation: Birch)
Ivory Tapir
Spring Freckle
Crocodile Spines
Primal Nature Eyes

11. Coatl Male (Operation: Neapolitan)
Chocolate Piebald
Rose Paint
??? Basic
Rare Arcane Eyes

12&13. Skydancer Male&Female (Operation: Crow and Raven)
Obsidian Metallic
Obsidian Allow
Orange Scales
Dark Sclera Plague Eyes

14. Male Skydancer (Operation: Falcon)
Copper Falcon
Copper Peregrine
Cream Underbelly
Dark Sclera Light Eyes

15. Female Nocturne (Operation: Candy)
Rose Cherub
Rose Seraph
Rose Smoke
Dark Sclera Plague Eyes

16. Female Coatl (Operation: Radiowire)
Radioactive Metallic
Radioactive Alloy
Radioactive Circuit
Rare Nature Eyes

17. Female Mirror (Operation: Smoothie)
Pear Cherub
Banana Hex
Banana Capsule
Dark Sclera Light Eyes

18. Female Skydancer (Operation: Ice)
Sky Crystal
Sky Current
Ice Gembond
Primal Ice Eyes

19. Female Wildclaw (Operation: Candy Viper)
White Vipera
Rose Constellation
Pink Lace
Rare Arcane Eyes

20. Female Coatl (Operation: Coffee)
Cream Cherub
Cream Morph
Cream Smoke
Uncommon Earth Eyes

21. Female Fae (Operation: Bird of Paradise)
Azure Poison
Royal Spinner
Red Underbelly
Common Wind Eyes

22. Female Mirror (Operation: Skink)
Pear Skink
Olive Butterfly
Leaf Scales
Common Light Eyes

23. Male Wildclaw (Operation: Moth)
Hickory Clown
Hickory Eye Spots
Umber Runes
Faceted Shadow Eyes

24. Female Pearlcatcher (Operation: Lamp)
Silver Metallic
Silver Allow
Lemon Glimmer
Primal Light Eyes

25. Female Pearlcatcher (Operation: Fawn)
Latte Tapir
Latte Striation
Cream Underbelly
Unusual Nature Eyes

26. Male Mirror (Operation: Swirl)
Ultramarine Tapir
Ultramarine Striation
Saffron Capsule
Swirl Fire Eyes

(Listed from top priority to lowest priority! Feel free to donate any items on this list! :P)
--> Scroll of Eternal Youth (x3)
--> Axolotl Vista
--> Eliminate (x3)
--> Tri-Color Scatter Scroll
--> Skin: Derelict Reactor
--> Accent: Scrubland Scavenger F
--> Accent: Chicken Catcher
--> Accent: Python Catcher
--> Breed Change Scroll: Mirror (Drift, Primera)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Poison (Primera)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Capsule (Primera)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Butterfly (MidnightSapphire)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Spines (x6) (Duisternis, DolphinPearl, Carrot, Ahzeliara, Ahmeti, CazosBlade)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Starmap (x2) (Duisternis, Comet)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Lace (SilkStar)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Facet (Duisternis)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Ripple (x2) (???, Drift)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Current (x2) (???, Drift)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Speckle (OakOfSwamp)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Freckle (OakOfSwamp)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Crackle (Singe)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Runes (x3) (Kyanite, Drift, Yanwu)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Okapi (???)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Glimmer (MidnightSapphire, AlliumShade)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Peregrine (x2) (SunRipple, Primera)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Metallic (x2) (ShadedHyacinth, CazosBlade)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Iridescent (Nix)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Shimmer (Nix)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Vipera (x2) (Irith, Ahzeliara)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Spinner (x2) (Irith, CazosBlade)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Peacock (Irith)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Giraffe (Adhar)
--> Gene Change Scroll: Noxtide (Ahzeliara)
--> Remove Gene: Tertiary (x2) (Hexan, Adhar)
--> Skin: Beast from Below
--> Skin: Kitedancer
--> Skin: Shrieking Striker
--> Skin: Springrise Screamer
--> Skin: Stone Sentinel
--> Accent: Warden's Coat
--> Accent: Xanadu
--> Accent: Hydrone
--> Accent: Sporiffic
--> Accent: Cold Hearted
--> Accent: Racing the Eagle
--> Accent: Bog Pond
--> Accent: Botanys Back
--> Accent: Maple Breeze
--> Accent: Throatarium
--> Accent: Plasma Powered
--> Accent: Resonance Pearl F
--> Accent: Ceramic Catcher
--> Accent: Imperial Lineage
--> Accent: Going Bald
--> Skin: Glowing Inkcap
--> Skin: Fae Amphiptere
--> Skin: Starlit Masquerade
--> Skin: Strange Fae
--> Skin: Ignite
--> Skin: Poisonous Toridae
--> Skin: Jeweled Talisman

[Since you've apparently read your way through painfully long wishlists and lore, I've decided to offer a prize. PM me your favorite SCP number, and you'll get a link to an amazing, long-forgotten thread.]

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07/15 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Female, 1 Imperial Male, 1 Imperial Female
07/15 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Mirror Female
07/15 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Fae Male
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