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AgitoMikura: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
AgitoMikura's Clan
Welcome to the shark cage
Venerable Lair
of the
Focal Point
Clan Information
"The trees entangle their arms and
stretch upward into the sky.
The budding leaves devour the light, adding depth to the forest's darkness.
The hunter does not notice the glare nor the claws of the beast biding in the darkness."
Tonight is the night when the hunter will be hunted.
This is the Sleeping Forest." ~ Sleeping Forest

Wanted List
Familiars (i don't have)
Skins/Accents (i don't have)

NEED to Do
Save up
Expand lair
stop buying dragons (lol)

This lair is a mix of fandoms and randomly named dragons. Two main fandoms being Air Gear and RWBY. I hope you enjoy looking around.
My clan is filled with misfits but here they all seem to work well together. Hiyorinmaru came here looking for a new lair since his last one was over grown with tons of dragons. Here he found his place in the lair of Ace and now is the leader of the lair. Ruin the lore keeper of the lair say that Hiyorinmaru, Ace, Dust, CrimsonSnow,and Septimus are legends of long forgotten tales. Each dragon has their own job to do and story to tell.

tumblr_inline_ojq6ky5FlX1r2ao8y_540.pngA bit about me: I love many different animes and videogames. One of my favorite animes is Air gear. One of my favorite games is Persona 3. I also adore rythem games and vocaloids. I live in the states and I am taken. I am rather friendly and talkive so feel free to talk to me or ask me anything that I may be able to help with. This account has some rangom dragons and dragons themed for Air Gear and RWBY. QdCr8WZ.gif


Look for a dragon with....
Colors:obsidian and red
Primary:Sapphire Skink
Primary:moon Skink
Tee:orca glimmer

Primary: Midnight
Secondary: Mulberry Shimmer
Tertiary: Red Spines

Primary:Storm Piebald
Secondary:Lavender Paint
Tertiary:Splash Glimmer

Primary:Abyss Petals
Secondary:Splash Butterfly
Tertiary:Abyss Glimmer

Primary:Ice Poison
Secondary:Sky Peregrine
Tertiary:Ice Glimmer


61 FR Lore Questions

1. What Flight is your clan?

2. Why did they choose this Flight?
They joined the Arcane flight because of the possibilities they could have.

3. Have they been loyal to other Flights before this? Or will they never move?
Yes some of them have been loyal to other fights but they now like it here so they're not leaving.

4. Is the clan spiritual and highly loyal to their deity? Are they indifferent?
They are for the most part indifferent.

5. How does the clan view those from different Flights? Are they welcoming to all dragons, or suspcious of newcomers?
They are welcoming to all that comes.

6. What does your lair look like? Go into detail.

7. Who founded the clan?

8. Who is your clan leader? Why are they the leader? Have there been any leadership changes?
Hiyorinmaru. He has better leadership skills than Ace.

9. Was the leader chosen? Were they elected? An heir to the throne? Or maybe they achieved something within the clan?
Hiyorinmaru was chosen by Ace and agreed upon by the others.

10. Who handles interclan relations? Any diplomats? Peacekeepers?
Diplomats are...(n/a)
Peacekeepers are Conan and DreamQuest

11. How does your clan view the Beastclans? Who handles Beastclan relations?
They think the bestclans can be allies but other than that they do not get along often.

12. Does your clan have specific roles for each dragon?
Yes they do just some doesn't have a role yet.

13. Does your clan have any Flight ambassadors? What do they do?

14. Are all dragons in the clan expected to contribute in some way? Or are they left to their own devices?
As long as they do their jobs it's fine.

15. Who protects the clan? Who is in charge of battling/guarding?
Crimsonsnow and Septimus.

16. Does your clan trade with any other clanS? Any allies? Enemies?
Yes we do trade with other clan.
We have many allies.
No enemies that is noted.

17. How is exalting handled in your clan? Any ceremonies? Is exalt fodder something that is part of your lore?
Grand ceremonies are held.

18. Who does the gathering in the clan? (digging, scavenging, hunting, etc.)

19. Does your clan have a healer?
Yes it is SpellScale and Saika.

20. Who looks after hatchlings? The parents, or a general hatchling-sitter?
A general hatchling-sitter by the name of Bloodshadow and the parents.

21. How does your clan educate younger dragons? Is there a scribe, scholar, or mentor?
Yes they do.
Mentor is

22. Do you have any artists within your clan? How do they make a living from their crafts?
Yes we do.
They can trade it for treasure or gems.

23. Does your clan have a cook? Who handles the food?
Cook is
Food handler is

24. Who is on the Coli team? Who trains future warriors?
It varies on the team but Septimus trains the future warriors.

25. Any messengers? Scouts? Delivery dragons?
Delivery- it may vary but mostly it is Windstar.

26. How are familiars viewed in the clan? Pets? Companions? Friends?
Familiars are viewed as companions or friends.

27. Do you have any familiars that are intelligent enough to directly interact with the dragons?

28. Who cares for the familiars? The familiar's dragon, or a general caretaker?
The familiar's dragon.
Though Serene and Aoi does help take care of the familars that don't have a dragon yet

29. Are extra familiars/non-bonded familiars free to wander around the lair? Or do they not exist in the lore?
They are free to wonder until a dragon bonds with them.

30. Does your clan have any Beastclan members living among the ranks?

31. Who hoards what? Do the dragons each have a personal hoard, or is there one big storage area?
One big storage area though some dragons do have their special stash.

32. Does your clan stand for anything? (truth, might, knowledge, etc.)

33. Does your clan have a set of rules or guidelines for the members? What happens if a dragon breaks these rules?

34. Does your clan have a territory? Or just the lair?

35. Which dragons are good friends within your clan? Any enemies? Best couple?
Good friends- Cole and cassandra
No enemies.
Best couple-

36. Who's the cinnamon roll, and who's the problematic fave?
Kazu is the cinnamon roll.
Agito is the problematic fave.

37. Do you have any dragons that aren't part of the lore? Just for show?
yes i do.

38. Who manages the treasure and gem hoards?
Deiric manages the treasure.
Mizukage manages the gems.

39. Has your clan gone through any unfortunate events? Tragedies, even?
not to date.

40. Are roles assigned to dragons when they are born/come into the clan, or do they choose their role?
Roles comes with the dragon.
Meaning they chose their own.

41. Who kills the spiders?

42. Do you have any tricksters or prank loving dragons? Do they cause mischief?
Yes I do have a few that fits here.
Kuroha and Virus.

43. Most intimdating dragon?

44. Most friendly dragon?

45. Laziest dragon?

46. Funniest dragon?

47. Do you have any sub-clans? What are they called?
Yes I do. They are called Kogarasumaru.

48. Does your clan decorate the lair at all? How so?
They decorate their own spaces and for holidays.

49. What markers does your clan use to let others know they live in the area? Flags? Banners? Runes?
Banners and runes. Banners are at every enterance to the teritory. Runes are just markers.

50. Smartest dragon?

51. Do you have a clan rune?

52. Pick a song that best describes your clan.
You're Gonna Go Far Kid for Kogarasumaru
N/a for the rest

53. Who gets into arguments the most? Who keeps the peace?
Agito and Ikki.
Kazu keeps the peace then.

54. How do skins and accents work in your lore?
Anyone can have it if they want to work for it.

55. Does your clan have any elders?
yes we do.

56. Does each dragon in your lair have their own space, or is the entire lair shared?
Each has their own space.

57. How do you handle gene scrolls in your lore?
Those who need it get it first.
example: those with no genes.

58. Who loves festivals the most? Who parties the hardest?
Akito and Ikki both loves festivals.
Ikki is one of the ones that parties the hardest.

59. Pick two dragons and talk about their relationship.
Ruin and BloodShadow. They are the best of friends and BoodShadow sometimes borrow stories from Ruin to tell the hatchlings.

60. Choose one dragon and talk about them.

61. Choose a dragon with a familiar and talk about their relationship.

Note: I modified it to fit me and my lair.
Here's the link: http://fenixofthedark.tumblr.com/post/121835761758/75-fr-lore-questions
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