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Shaniae: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
Shaniae's Clan
Ancient Lair
of the
Pillar of the World
Clan Information

Welcome to the Clan of the Wild Path
Hi guys! I don't play much anymore, but I hope you enjoy the lair and some of the lore I wrote a long time ago! If your adoptable images are broken, please reach out to me and let me know and I'll send you the images to host on your own. Thanks!

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Completed Bios
Berylwarden | Cernunnos | Tierra | Chai | Kalon | Aedus | Aravind | Veins

Clan Crest: The symbol of earth: 3 strong mountains pointed towards the sun. Draconic wings outstretched from its peaks, ascending into the sky in flight. Represents the Clan's love of freedom, being born of the earth, growing, and then reaching for the sky. The sun represents a new dawn, washing away the past, and lighting their trails as they embrace their lives.

Any dragon who carries this crest is, or at one point was, a dragon of the Clan of the Wild Path. Though roads and fate may twist and turn, and these dragons may be far different than they once were, carrying this crest is a sign of strength and free will, never faltering, and always wandering the wild path.


It doesn't seem like much. From the comfort of a nest, behind sunwashed pillars, frozen woodlands, or within the roaring flames of the hearth, the earthen realm may only be a story, something to scrawl into a history scroll and forget about forever. Everyone knows about it. But very few would ever dare to live there.

In a realm that seems lifeless and barren to many, those who wander these rocky paths, lost and unknowing, often die to starvation or fatigue. Its jagged stone and imposing cliffs will catch unprepared dragons in a twist of fate, with but a flip of a wing declaring their life or death. A strong will and an iron integrity will keep you from falling into rubble, shattering into dust, one with the buffeting winds of Dragonhome.

The home of dragonkind is but an ancient testament to the First Age. With the ground torn asunder, it is a literal warzone, a memorial that the origin element of Earth has taken over as its own. The dangers that lie within are those found in stories alone. Without the cleansing rain, the verdant overgrowth, and with wildlife and beastclans pulled to their wit's end to survive, there is nothing here but dismay. Or, so it would seem.

But look beyond the wretched land, the scarred cracks of soil, the lifeless boulders, the judging mountains. Place your ear to the ground, and deeply feel an inaudible hum of ancient energy. Earth, as we know, is the origin. The first, the last, and the eternal. There is no place to be more at home than the very Dragonhome itself.

Look closer. Find beauty in the spiraling canyons painted red and orange, their walls covered in art of all kinds, or the peaks of mountains shrouded in murky clouds, the mists that envelop them like cloaks. Look upon the blazing blue sky and feel it consume you, a vastness not seen in any other realm. The air is clean, and the horizon is endless. Here, there is nothing, and no one, to stop you but yourself.

There is a clan living here who flourish off this way of life. To them, Dragonhome is a paradise.

The Clan of the Wild Path is not so much a tight knit group of dragons so much as a way of thinking. Dozens of dragons, now blazing their own trails across an apparent inhospitable land, will find shelter with the strength of one another. With their combined strength they have thrived off the Earth, building their own stories, and living their own lives. Rustic, natural, and freedom loving, they take to the skies and soar without fiscal matters bringing them down.

Truly this is a clan built on the idea of free will. No one is ruled by another. You build yourself up, and bring yourself down, and you live as you wish to live. They are without rules and without laws, but they are not entirely lawless; any who threaten or harm those of the Clan will be greeted with the most primal of justice. To pursue your life as you wish, so long as you live for one another, is the creed of the Clan.

Lead by the great Ridgeback Berylwarden, the clan spreads out far and wide, spreading their wild influence. From cartographers, to merchants, to hunters and foragers, to masons, to shaman, to mages and warriors, a dragon of the Clan is only of the Clan so long as they abide by an ancient rule: Live free, and live for one another.

Feel freedom under your wings, the fresh breath of cool air as you take your first morning steps as the warm sun lights your way.

We wander the wild path, for it is our birthright to live as our ancestors have lived: wild, unruly, and free.

Hello! My name is Shan, it's great to meet you C: I'm +2 hours ahead of FR time. Don't be afraid to PM me about anything!

Forever Earth Flight!
Goldenrod Enthusiast

Clan Alliances
11.png Clan Helfonaur of the Ashfall Wastes (RedCoyote)
10.png Clan in the Mists of the Viridian Labyrinth (Avalonian)
8.png The Caravanserai of the Sunbeam Ruins (Khadjin)
6.png Glacial Wardens of the Southern Icefield (Lynnora)

I love usermade accents!
I'm always willing to sell/trade some in my collection - check out Morrow's bio for my collection and feel free to PM me if you see anything you like!

-- Wishlist! --


RP and letters ALWAYS WELCOME!
(although I may not reply very fast!)
Did I buy your dragon? Tell me C:
Need a nest? Let me know!
Dragon too expensive? PM me, we shall negotiate =D


I'm a grown up kid, done with college, full time worker in the IT field! Lover of geology, nature stuff, burgers, Starbucks, and cool breezy mornings. I decorate my desk with empty drink bottles and dishes. My favorite drink is a triple peppermint mocha. I hate olives, but will seriously eat anything. I am a garbage disposal.

If you're a girl looking to pursue a career in a technology field, hit me up!

FR Goals
+ To have every dragon dressed up...to the MAX
+ Bios on every page
+ More goldenrod
+ Adoptables of every dragon, at least one!




"The Clan of the Wild Path is really a play on an old saying I used to always tell myself, ‘wander the wild path’, trying to push myself to stop staying in a lane i’m comfortable with and try new things, to break away from toxic stigma and embrace freedom and change!

The dragons of the clan always wander the wild path, never ones to fall into structure, to find themselves pent up and stuck in a life they don’t enjoy, and never do they feel their free will is taken away. Always wander the wild path, and blaze a trail you’re proud to call your own!"


Recent Clan Activity [View All]
12/03 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Ridgeback Male
11/27 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Tundra Male, 1 Tundra Female
11/26 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Wildclaw Male, 1 Wildclaw Female
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Ecaflip wrote:
(softly) hi Shan idk if u play any more but i love uuuuu hope you're doing well!! ♥
Jul 25, 2019, 11:58:24
Kleng wrote:
I could cry, your lair is gorgeous and the lore is mind-blowing.
Jun 03, 2019, 02:41:15
KKDragon wrote:
Your clan’s lore is amazing!
Aug 05, 2018, 04:55:57
Skrewts wrote:
gosh!! i love your lair--it's so pretty! >w
Mar 26, 2018, 11:02:23
Ttiuronohon wrote:
I love your earthy dragons.
Nov 06, 2017, 17:06:15
Vortexes07 wrote:
Your lair is gorgeous!! I bought one of Berylwarden‘s and Goldfleck’s babies and accidentally exhalted, whoops. But your lair and dragons are stunning! Great job!
Oct 24, 2017, 11:25:18
UsaBunn wrote:
Hello, I just wanted to say your lair is beautiful, and oh my goodness that LORE. Also, Berylwarden may or may not have brought a tear to my eye
Oct 13, 2017, 22:33:05
Aralia wrote:
Tryl was the random dragon!
Sep 26, 2017, 14:07:20
FiveSpirals wrote:
I totally snagged a sunshine stained tundra after seeing them on Tumblr. I was drawn to look at her parentage, and thence to your lair. Amazing lair! Cernunnos has such a well put profile - might they (and you?) desire a hatchling letter? ;)
Sep 13, 2017, 11:49:36
AnjoVerra wrote:
Berylwarden appeared on the front page...and oh my goodness is she stunning! Your whole earthen aesthetic is really simply beautiful!
Sep 06, 2017, 01:37:51
aiboware wrote:
berylwarden was on the front page, she looks wonderful!
Sep 06, 2017, 01:36:30
Arrowfeathers wrote:
I didn't see them in your hatchery, but I may have misread, so sorry if I did. May I please be pinged for Oolong and Pekoe's next nest? I saw your post on tumblr and was a bit too late to grab the boy I wanted, but that's okay c: Thank you
Aug 07, 2017, 21:31:05
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