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AmeliaSageglow's Clan
Let the smallest of seeds become the biggest of trees
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
You have entered the page of the Sageglow Clan. (Read for further important information; scroll down to see hatchery banner)
Like this for example: DON'T SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST RANDOMLY. People who do that don't seem to even talk to me once after I accept them. So from now on I won't accept random friend requests. Probably shouldn't in the first place.
Additionally, ZoeSageglow will be using my MacBook to take care of her own dragons, so nobody make any accusations of any sort. Her laptop isn't working and she refuses to use her phone to care for her dragons, so I'm kinda having to have to share my MacBook with her for this...

Check out this hatchery that I'll be a part of at some point officially!

Click here! Or here!
Click either of these as well!
If you need some laughs, you can come to this thread for some good (or bad) jokes and puns :) http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/forga/1896931/1#post_20826839
In addition, May 19, 2016 is the 1st Anniversary of the Sageglow Clan! Kinda got this finished three days late, but whatever
AmeliaSageglow4_tiny_zpss8cpw6kz.png AmeliaSageglow5_tiny_zpsi6ztinn1.png

No one but certain people shall know my name, but call me AmeliaSageglow (or Amelia if you wanna shorten it up). I am a college student majoring in visual communications, and in case you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a form of graphic designing whether it’d be in 2-D or 3-D, but I like to make 2-D art for I do a lot of drawing—probably more than necessary. In addition, check out my commission shop if you’d like to buy my art!
I joined a few days after my birthday came and ever since, I’ve been insanely addicted to this site. I’ve loved dragons all my life and that love has yet to die. Along with my love for dragons, I also love animals, nature, video games, drawing, YouTube (watching Markiplier especially), and anything that I think is hilarious, which is almost everything. My sister is also a user on here, but no one shall be allowed to talk to her unless they or my sister have my permission. She may be only 3 years younger than me and all (I’m no longer in my teens) but she is just a kid mentally. Call me overprotective if you’d like, I’m just looking out for her. Because I know what’s best. SHUT UP NURSE!
Anyway, the Sageglow Clan is a Nature clan, founded by a beautiful Fae named Gracie, and her mate, Gomrin, the clan's leader. The Sageglow Clan is filled with primarily Fae dragons, but there are other species of dragons that are welcome to join as they'd please (once there's more space). For a long time, it had been Gracie's dream to form her own clan, and when she first met Gomrin, she knew that she wanted him to be the one to help her form it with her. However, at the time, Gomrin had his own dreams to accomplish, and so, feeling committed to her plan, Gracie allowed the male Fae to follow his dreams. In addition, the two promised each other that once Gomrin was done following his dreams, that he shall return and assist Gracie in following her dreams. Several years later, Gomrin returned to the spot where he met Gracie and the two got together and formed their clan. Slowly but surely, the clan continues to grow to this day, with various dragons who possess various personalities and distinctions of several kinds.
In addition, lately I've really gotten quite an interest of watching Steven Universe. Last year, I didn't have much thought about it, didn't even bother watching it, but the last week or so, my pen pal convinced me to watch it and boy have I been missing out. But now I'm having to have to go through the withdrawals until new episodes come out. Doesn't matter, I like the show either way, and I've become rather attached to Peridot, as we are learning more and more of her personality she's developing while at the barn with Steven and the Crystal Gems. Heck, I started to like her even more when she began to have an understanding of Garnet and why she remains fused all the time. I think it's beautiful. The show itself is beautiful, even when they have the horrors of the Gems that were forced to fuse together. Why? Because I like horror stuff, that's why XD
Change of subject here, but I should also let y'all know that I might have a bit of a multiple personality disorder going on. I tend to act like different people at random times so if I end up saying something that's a little off and it seems like I went from one personality to another without any warning, then that's why. It's probably mild because I don't act in the way people would know how a lot of people with multiple personality disorder would act (because really, I don't go about talking to myself as though I'm more than one person in one body). If you're curious about my personalities, well, I think I'll have to use some of my dragons to represent those personalities of mine. I'll even find some way of indicating that they represent my personalities (without actually saying it).
Unless you know my email address or my Kik username for whatever reason, this site (and some other sites) is the only way to contact me. Sorry, I’ve had a bit of a bad past that drove me to no longer have a Kik account and to be careful with who I give my email address to. So unless I trust you enough, you shall not have knowledge of my personal contact info. However, the following below will be the links to other sites of which you can communicate with me.
https://www.instagram.com/amelia_sageglow/ (hardly ever go to this one)
If you wish to speak to me about anything, please, send me a message or leave a comment on my profile page. If you don’t hear from me immediately, I’m either busy working on a project, talking to someone else, typing up an RP response, eating, sleeping, taking a shower, watching YouTube, hanging out with friends/family, etc so have patience.
Come by and talk whenever. I’m usually in a good mood and am friendly enough to make good conversation. If you’re a Markiplier fan, send me a random Markiplier quote you like and I will do the same to make your day!
If you're looking for additional tags, visit http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/cc/14380566/ 200_cb_20140425194814.png

Additional Notes
Get a Christmas-themed hatchling from Kmirandi96 for this year's Christmas

Valentine's Day To Do List
Keep Hydra Scorpion for Cenue
Keep Blackwing Croaker for Esrare
Keep Cheerful Residue for Nymstryx
Get Elevyn from MadWomanWithABox for 35kT/35kT (Sundays)
Get Azura from OverlordPotato for 200kT/250kT (Tuesdays)
Pay LovingMotherOf2 350kT/400kT for Apocalypse (Thursdays)

Vista Wishlist:

Get a dragon with Sanguine/Sanguine/Blood after I've gotten all of my dragons

Genes Wish List: 4 Iridescent, 1 Tiger, 1 Speckle, 1 Ripple, 1 Crystal, 1 Vipera, 1 Cherub, 6 Petals, 1 Giraffe, 2 Jupiter, 1 Poison, 1 Remove Gene: Primary, 1 Remove Gene: Secondary, 2 Shimmer, 2 Eye Spots, 2 Freckle, 1 Current, 2 Hypnotic, 2 Seraph, 4 Butterfly, 1 Hex, 1 Peregrine, 11 Underbelly, 2 Gembond, 4 Circuit, 2 Crackle, 9 Spines, 3 Okapi, 7 Glimmer, 4 Stained, 3 Contour, 1 Smoke, 1 Stained
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
03/23 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Coatl Male, 2 Coatl Female
02/27 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Nocturne Male, Nocturne Female
02/18 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Wildclaw Male, 2 Wildclaw Female
AmeliaSageglow User ID: 164454
Date Joined: 2015-05-19
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OpalDreams wrote:
Hows it going? did you finish editing your creative writing yet?
Apr 15, 2018, 22:29:05
OpalDreams wrote:
made a new form that I thought you might like :) hope your having a good day.
Apr 04, 2018, 10:33:43
AquaSoars wrote:
what is your item wishlist
Feb 23, 2018, 17:45:20
AquaSoars wrote:
ahhhhh thats would be so nice ovo ill send u a gift
Feb 23, 2018, 11:44:14
AquaSoars wrote:
i went on a mass exalting spree since my lairs gonna become permas and gen 1s fits my lore kinda lol. get some rest owo
Feb 20, 2018, 18:50:13
AquaSoars wrote:
not much i went on a mass exalting spree since my lairs gonna become permas and gen 1s fits my lore kinda lol
Feb 20, 2018, 18:49:43
AquaSoars wrote:
not much how are you :D
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AquaSoars wrote:
Feb 20, 2018, 18:30:27
PureNarcissus11 wrote:
Oh. What's been going on?
Feb 16, 2018, 17:46:34
PureNarcissus11 wrote:
It's good, reminds me of summer. It's really cool though I've seen a lot of native animals and the icecream is really exotic here ;) lol that's uh interesting. XD
Feb 16, 2018, 11:08:35
PureNarcissus11 wrote:
Not a lot, I'm in Hawaii til Saturday then I go back to home to ride horses ;) what about you?
Feb 15, 2018, 12:44:17
PureNarcissus11 wrote:
Feb 15, 2018, 11:44:56
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