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Guimauve's Clan
"Such pitifully useless emotions..."
Mighty Lair
of the
Abiding Boneyard
Clan Information

Life is like a flower...
delicate and ephemeral.
Don't care about this one. She is already dead...

Enter the Flowering Sanctuary...

tumblr_ns5subPqpO1uwq352o9_250.png LORE
A long time ago, a young dragon named Gladion was born in a little village at the frontier of Plague and Shadow kingdoms. His mother, Lusamine, was a careful florist and loved him more than anything else in the world. His father was a dedicated royal scientist. Reclusive and focused on his work, he didn't have much time for his family, wich greatly affected Gladion because he wasn't often at home. Because of the lack of her mate, Lusamine took care of her son alone.
Gladion has always been interested in flowers from his earliest childhood. His mother often brought back various plants at home. She was convinced that flowers had multiple properties. Indeed, the sweet fragrances and view were enough to calm the young dragon and insure a good rest.

War raged between Plague and Shadow kingdoms. Dragons locked themselves in their house, but they knew that everything would be destroyed.
On this fateful night, Lusamine tried to soothe her son who struggled to sleep. She knew she had to flee if she didn't want to die. Suddenly, the door of the house broke and armed shapes appeared. Terrified, Lusamine woke up Gladion and told him to escape by the window. Gladion, a bit reluctant, finally jumped through it. He made some step when he heard a scream and his mother's dying voice calling him "Gladion, run away !". But it was too late. He didn't have time to turn over that he was already surrounded by soldiers with their long, sharp swords. They had no scruples to kill a child. Their weapons stricked and Gladion collapsed. He thought it was the end, that he was dead...
Suddenly, he heard a strange voice, calling him. He saw images of his childhood while the voice said "No, you can't just give up right now. Gladion, wake up !" "You're probably wondering why you hear me, right ? Listen well : you are supposed to be dead right now. I mean your body is dead but not your soul. You still have a little power. Combined to my strenght, I can... bring you back to life ! And even... make you immortal. You could avenge your mother ! But... you'll have to give me a little something. What do you think of it ?" Gladion reflected a moment and noded of approval. "Well... You give me your soul and you will live forever. Alright ?" Gladion hesitated. He knew that he couldn't come back. He absolutely wanted to destroy those dirty killers. He accepted the deal. "Alright... I gave you my power and you're an undying being, a vampire. Now... wake up and accomplish your duty. I count on you !" Gladion didn't even know who was speaking to him. He opened his eyes and realised he was on a big flowerfield. A bit disoriented, he noticed he had now long, sharp tooth and, strangely, had a taste for fresh blood. He heard another voice, behind him. "Who... are you ?" He turned over and saw a young Coatl covered of blood. "You were sleepin' all the time, you lazy snake. It's not like I was worried or anything ! Ugh, anyway, I'm Remilia Scarlet, blood-thirsty vampire... and you ?" Gladion hesitated "I...I'm Gladion. You're wondering why I'm here... It's a long story." And Gladion told Remilia everything he could remember "Oh... so you meet "them"..." "Them ?" ""The Entity", an extremely powerful being. It is said that they could bring dragon to life in exchange of their soul. So... you're now one of their puppets" "They said I'm undying now... I could finally avenge my mother..." "Ooooh ! You mean, it involves killing people ?! I'm in !!!" Remilia was exited to spill others' blood. Gladion, a bit reluctant, accepted her to stay. They flew in the direction of the capital together to find some rest.

The next night, Gladion and Remilia were walking on the street. Suddenly, they heard a raspy voice call from a dark alley. "Hey, you two. Come here..." Intrigued, the young dragons approached. They noticed four shapes in the darkness. One of them stared at them in a shady way. A huge Guardian spoke "You... are Entity's soldiers, right ?" Remilia noded. The Guardian continued "I knew it somehow. I can't be wrong about it... I'm Evan and those... are my partners." Behind him stand a half-burned Skydancer wearing extremely long battle claws. His look is hide by a hat and he give a faint scowl. "I'm Freddy, the nightmare of your dreams..." An undead Mirror appeared from nowhere and greeted them "The name's Spectre..." Sitting backward on a container, the shape of a Coatl could be seen. Evan said "... It's Michael. He isn't very talkative. Come on Micky, don't be so shy !" The Coatl seemed a bit irritated "He doesn't like to be called by his name. He prefers to be called Myers but we all nicknamed him Micky. Anyway, we are a crew of killer guided by the Entity. We know everything about you and your situation. We would like to help you in your quest. Told us who to kill and we will do it." Gladion was afraid of them but also honored to have some sort of fellow travellers to help him. He approved the deal and the troop was formed.

They travelled a lot and experienced difficult ordeals but Gladion was happy to know that he would always have friends behind him.
In the boundary between Plague and Shadow kingdoms, Gladion build a memorial for his deceased mother. Quickly, this memorial became a sanctuary were Gladion and many other dragons are living.

It is said that all the varieties of flowers of Sornieth grow here. Because of Gladion's love for them, he wanted to have as much as possible. There are flowers fields all over the sanctuary and even inside the mansion.
Gladion's favorite flower is black rose. Actually, roses in general. He built a greenhouse full of them.
There is a big library in the back of the mansion, since Gladion's hobby is reading. Education is really important for him, wich however is Remilia's least of her worries !
There is a sort of huge cathedral in the middle of the mansion. The crew of killers likes to spend time here. It's a very relaxing place for those who can appreciate it. It's also very dark since they don't like much the light. Sunlights are filtered through blood-colored stained-glass windows. A sweet and delicate red glimmer appears through. It's not rare to see some blood puddles and bones lying around, sometimes covered of fresh flesh... The remains of their victims. In addition of being killers, they also are cannibals.
All around the cathedral, there is some flower fields but the most remarkable is a huge area full of red flowers, precisely of Lycoris radiata, where a certain Coatl likes to go.
There is a strange atmosphere in this area, all dragons walking through it are filled with a feeling of melancholy, of distress... of death... except one...
Flowers have a great influence here. According to the sanctuary's cult, every dragon matches a certain flower. These flowers aren't randomly choose. It is linked with a certain trait of the dragon's personality, a symbol or what they like. Those flowers have a special meaning, that's why they are so important.


Gladion's closest allies : Remilia and his familiar Silvally.
Remilia is a childish and psychopathic tsundere.
When it comes to kill someone, you can be sure that Remilia won't be so far.
Silvally is loyal and affectionate. He is also extremely protective and won't hesitate to sacrifice himself to save Gladion.
In short, dragons that Gladion know he can count on them.

An ever growing crew of the most dangerous and researched dragons of Sornieth. Commonly quite reclusive, it is the type of dragon you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Barbarian killers and terrifying cannibals, they eliminate everybody who dare stand in their way with a rare violence.
They all experienced horrible events which traumatised them forever, that's what led them to kill : sometimes of vengeance, sometimes of frustration, sometimes of desire...
Their blood thirst will never end. They know they sold their soul a long time ago to the Entity, so they don't have any ounce of empathy for their victims.
It is recommend to run away when you see them. Parents often tell their children stories of horrible monsters who would come to eat them if they stay late outside, even if youngsters say it is just a urban legend to scare and dissuate teens to stay outside. However, it doesn't seem to work very well.
Obstinate ones still go on the street at night and when they can feel the death's breath, it's too late...

All of the dragons who follow Gladion and help him to achieve is goal.


Belgium | Francophone | ♑ | 16

I'm a shy gothic girl of 16 years old. I really like horror stuff, gory and bloody things, that's why my lair have a little dark side with killers and all.
I really like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Touhou and Undertale. I'm very interested in horror films and want to watch more.
I absolutely love drawing. Check my adoptable shop,
it's a bit inactive but I'll be back soon.
Unlike about 90% of the people, I like spiders, and insects in general. Yeah.
I'm a stressed person who is always afraid of messing all up, so please forgive me for that.
I currently have a project of starting a hatchery,
but I'm not really sure about it. I should ask people if it could be interesting.
I like making fandragons. In fact, it's a hobby here. I want them to be perfect or at least similar.
I may do some grammar mistakes so don't be rude with me about that. Y'know, it's kinda hard for someone which English is not native language.
I like RP with my dragons so if you want to RP with me, please message me.
Well, I said all I had to say. Feel free to leave a lil' message on the comments board.
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Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to adopt Schmidt! I'm so excited to have him as a part of my lair! :D. Your dragons are also stunning!
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Thanks! She has some stunning colors, I couldn't not buy her! Your lair is awesome as well!
Jan 10, 2018, 15:39:26
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Sorry, I just saw the message now...... If you want Pomegranate again, I can give her to you, but you'll have to wait two days later...... I forgot she was still in the nest
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I was so so pleased to see Ringabel in the most handsome bois, only to realize you have a handful of my favorite Bravely Default characters! Seems nobody's heard of the game these days, so it totally made my evening!!
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Takasaki is the prettiest dragon I have his daughter Iceball (#31110854) as one of my perma dergs, and honestly she makes pretty babies
Aug 05, 2017, 13:58:10
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I love horror tbh, but with that game I just really love the style? Old cartoon/Disney is my weakness!
Jul 31, 2017, 06:27:06
DemonicSylveon wrote:
Wow! Not many notice bendy there lol, and I love your pokemon and undertale fandergs BTW c:
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