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sgkat » Lair » Vianne
Level 25
Guardian Female
May 18, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMulberry Jupiter
SecondaryPurple Striation
TertiaryCharcoal Runes
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
5vQuH08.png Vianne


Name meaning: Unknown, though it is perhaps a combination of the names Vi and Vivianne.

Vi is a short form of Violet, the name which comes from the purple flower. Anne is the French form of Anna, which in turn is a form of Hannah. Hannah is from the Hebrew name Channah, meaning "favor" or "grace".

Vivianne is a variant of Viviane, which is a French form of both Viviana and of Vivien. Viviana in turn is the feminine form of Vivianus, which derives from the Latin vivus, meaning "alive". The name Vivien was popularized by Alfred Lord Tennyson as the name of the Lady of the Lake in his Arthurian epic Idylls of the King published in 1859. He may have based it on the name Ninian. The meaning of the name Ninian is unknown, though it appears to be a Latinized form of Niniavus, possibly from the Welsh name Nynniaw. This origin is assumed, however, as the name itself is from Ancient Celtic; its meaning is lost to history.

Only Zelophehad is allowed to call her by her nickname, Vi


From the moment of her birth, Vianne felt the pull of her Charge, somewhere in the center of the Starfall Isles. However, she was born on the very outskirts of the Isles - practically in the Southern Icefield, in fact. Her creation was simply an accident born of an eddy of errant Arcane energy, which coalesced into her egg.

She gave little thought to this; she simply began a dogged journey towards The Observatory. But she was young, a fragile hatchling in the big old universe. Crossing the broken islands between the Starfall Isles and the Southern Icefield, she nearly drowned.

But the Arcanist must have been watching, for she washed up on the mainland - spent, yes, but alive. On the rocky southern shores of the Crystalspine Reaches, she grew to adulthood, learning self-sufficiency.

Then she resumed her journey, traveling generally east and slightly north, following the Crystalspines as they curved towards The Observatory.

She had not gone far when she came across Zelophehad engrossed in the study of Mana Thieves. Then, without any warning whatsoever, he asked her about Pauper Larvae, startling her into answering.

Though it was obvious to her from the moment she stepped into his presence that he was not her Charge, she found his company inexplicably attractive. When he made it clear that he had no intention of leaving her alone, she didn't object. Thus they traveled together through the Crystalspine Reaches.

Several weeks later, they had their first clutch together… Vianne was not prepared to be a parent, and she hadn't put any thought into logistics, either.

She was perfectly content to let Zelo drive their priorities, however, though when they came across Rhonwen she insisted that they take care of her.

So Zelophehad oversaw and executed daily plans. When other dragons began to trickle into their fledgling territory, she let him judge whether or not they stayed - except in Porfirio's case. She recognized in him another heartsick spirit, a Guardian without a Charge.


[travel to Starwood Strand]

[Asunder arc]

The day came when the overcrowding of their territory in the Starwood Strand became, honestly, impossible to manage; yes, they had sustained themselves remarkably, staying in the Strand when many larger clans had simply moved to Focal Point or even The Observatory, but there were just not enough resources to support them all any more.

Though she was no longer the clan's matriarch - and in truth had never accepted the role - she insisted on being the one to go to The Observatory ahead of the clan as ambassador-scout.

Certainly Zelophehad knew her true motivations, and he backed her claim. No one challenged them.

She wandered the halls of The Observatory, absorbing the runic echoes. Perhaps they guided her footsteps, for she found herself in an ancient library. Its shelves were crammed with books and scrolls; there were bizarre tools standing in cases.

Though she had never been an academic, she found the room reassuringly familiar. She explored row after towering row of shelves, until at the end of one, a purple book caught her eye.

Retrieving it, she knew that she had found her Charge at last.

The tome contained the story of her life thus far; the energy within it seemed to pulse in time to her heartbeat.

Instinctively, she knew that this volume wasn't the only one of its kind - that there was one for every dragon on Sornieth. She resolved to seek out those that belonged to her clanmates, to guard them as well as her own.

But she knew nothing of book preservation.

It was at this point that she became aware that she was not alone: a Crimson Snapper was watching her, his eyes knowing.

He introduced himself as Altan, a memory-keeper for those exalted. He knew well the struggles of preserving books and the stories they sheltered.

On his suggestion, Vianne returned to The Free Proton Spirits and announced her intention to travel to the Lightweaver's domain for research. Zelophehad, of course, was not going to let her go alone - but she was surprised at how little dissent there was in the rest of the clan.

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