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SpaceOrchid » Lair » BlackLocust
Level 25
Mirror Female
May 24, 2015 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryChocolate Ripple
SecondarySpring Current
TertiaryLeaf Smoke
Eye TypeNature Common
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Caring | Cheerful | Energetic

“Ask the animals, and they will advice , or the birds in the sky, and they will tell ,speak to the earth, and it will teach..."

My story began long,long ago before I am what you now see before you.Close your eyes and let my voice take you to the past,where memories dwell and only shadows keep them connected to this world.

It all happened east of Emberglow Hearth.My father-a guardian from The Sacred Flame fell in love with my mother - The Lightning Seeker of Carrion Canyon.Together they flew further,past The Great Furnace and south-west after the constantly changing horizons of Blacksand Annex.There,on the very border with The Windswept Plateau my parents decided to make their lair,humble but enough for the burning love of the two .

As every parent-to-be my mother prayed to the Flamecaller for strong willed embers.Not long passed or so I was told and I was born.An energetic little mason I happened to be.Both my parents were proud.But neither of them could predict what was going to happen next.

My education in flame bending advanced my body grew stronger and stronger as did my curiosity.I flew further every day.I was eager to discover,to see.One day I happened to be at a place called Reedcleft Ascent.There I discovered something that most flame dragons disregard or even despise .A forest.A bamboo forest.I was amazed by the long sturdy plants that soared the sky so peacefully.Something in their existence woke an ancient passion ,the passion of my great-grandfathers,the passion to nurture the ground and care for the plants.

Time passed.I flew to my new discovery almost every day,sometimes missing my studies.I grew myself a forest.A little paradise for myself.It was not an ordinary forest though.I managed to cultivate a black locust.A plant quite out of place,surrounded by the thick bamboo that covered the land.Yet it did blend and gave home to many animals.I was jubilant.Sooner or later though,you have to come back to the reality.

My father soon caught what I was doing.My mother did not mind at all.But he....he was furious.As our dominance dictate he tried to make me go back to my 'senses'.Yet I did not .He did all in his powers yet I did not yield.The law of The Sacred Flame dictated that 'treason' must be wiped out.Gathering his best comrades of fire drakes,he followed me to my sanctuary and with all the force they had- they eradicated everything green on sight.Bamboo,grass,birds,locust...Everything~In my final despair I raced the flying flames to my greatest achievement.I wanted to save at least a part from The Locust before the flames engulf me.

All I remember next is me,carried by the wind for days.I was seeing water,decease,darkness,light...And then the air currents grew weaker and weaker as if they were stopped by someone or something.My body fell on soft soil,a great relief for my burned skin.A flash of leaves.No bigger than my head and a small voice or another.Then rainy oblivion took me.

Several days later I woke up in a grassy nest surrounded by flowers.My skin did not hurt anymore under the white bandages someone had put.A small fae then came to me.She was the same who found me.She did not seem afraid I was a fire acolyte.Once I told her my story she kindly accepted to bring me to her deity...

The day after we were in front of The Behemoth.I was amazed!So that was the tree I had noticed on the horizon.Such a large being,spread over the whole place,the Heart of the forest.The little one took me through endless maize-like tunnels which all looked the same yet they were different.At last we were there.A majestic dragon stood right there before me,piercing my very existence with her eyes as if she knew why were we there.I besought her to save the only thing I held dear-an unusually small seed pod,the only thing I could save from my burning Sanctuary.

Her eyes were impenetrable.My fear of rejection was growing with every second. Suddenly my skin swelled angry red.The pain started throbbing once more.Something was strangling me and I did not have the strength to fight it.It was not long until I realize the seed was invading my body,merging with me,becoming one both physically and mentally.I have never imagined such a thing was possible.Yet here I am.Half ember,half tree.That day I have sworn to myself and to the Gladekeeper that I will protect everything,which is alive, with all my might.And so,I have been loyal to my oath since then but nobody knows what the future might bring....



My family
The Sacred Flame

Art by SpaceOrchid©

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