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Harmonywish » Lair » Obsidian
Level 7
Pearlcatcher Female
Jun 13, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Iridescent
SecondaryStorm Shimmer
TertiaryRose Firefly
Eye TypeWind Innocent
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Name Origin

â–¸derived from Roman
â–¸meaning to volcanic glass



Named after something I’m not,
Some say I put in to much thought.
I am said to be insecure,
Though it’s true, I am always unsure.
What will they think, what will they say,
this pressure makes me want to run away.

I do have friends,
Were a circle, we have no ends.
I know they’ll protect me,
After all, friendship is key.
I am obsidian, named after the rock,
Though I am no tough jock.

I like to play with the hatchlings,
where no one can judge,
Those are the ones,
who hold no grudge.

I may be shy,
But I can get by.
Maybe one day,
I hope, I'll be able to break away
from my shell,
But until then, oh well.

by Clareira

tumblr_osqe959pr91v8lm95o2_75sq.gif O B S I D I A N tumblr_osqe959pr91v8lm95o2_75sq.gif
Shy - Caring - Self-Loathing



Obsidian. It was the name of the sharp, strong stone that was often found on the border of the Windswept Plateau, right next to the Ashfall waste. Her father had wandered over that territory, looked at the beautiful rock and instantly thought of their newborn daughter. The rock, glimmering in the sunlight, looked the exact shade of his daughter's skin, and so, Obsidian became her name.

It didn't really fit, thought the little black dragon with shimmering lavender wings. She sighed and straighten her mask. She wasn't strong, and her claws couldn't cut anything. Obsidian lived most of her days wanting to be better, afraid of other dragons and what they might think of her. She felt like she couldn't compare to anything. At times, it was hard to breathe.

No, she thought. Just because they're beautiful doesn't make you ugly. Just because they're smart doesn't make you stupid. She tried to repeat the things Kai had told her, yet no matter how much she tried, her heart simply wasn't into it. I'm nothing; I wish my mask could just hide me forever, sang her thoughts.

bio by harmonywish

This dragon is quite the opposite of the rough and sharp stone she is named after. Obsidian is a very shy creature, timid and gentle most always, fitting to her work she does caring for the hatchlings in the clan. She's a dragon who is down more often than not, mostly in terms of mood being one who suffers from social anxieties and lack of self-esteem. This doesn't stop her though, because she has plenty of friends and a mate to help pick her back up along the way.

She easily avoids making new foes, and sometimes even new friends due to her shyness, but regardless she still has a nice small group of trustworthy pals she truly cares about. She is a soul filled with compassion and love, a certified professional at gentle love and care, though her friends wish she could use some of that same love for herself too.

Despite that they still continue to support her no matter what, which shes grateful for. Obsidian dedicates a lot her time towards being the best mother she can be, displaying these tendencies of motherhood at any opportunity. It's what helps her do her job so well, and helps to keep her and her friends afloat and happy together.

by flybeatRemix



tumblr_osqe959pr91v8lm95o1_r1_75sq.gif ~ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ~ tumblr_osqe959pr91v8lm95o1_r1_75sq.gif


, her mate is usually quiet like Obsidian, though not so jittery. When she has any problems or worries, he is the first one to notice and tries his best to comfort her. If he cannot help, he will go out of his way to find someone who can.

Kiki was the first imperial she ever met and befriended. She grew up thinking that imperials did not like pearlcatchers because the Lightweaver made another dragon kind born to the Sunbeam Ruins, as said in lore, but it turned out that not all imperials are like that and Kiki helped her out and convinced her to join my clan. Obsidian doesn't trust any other imperial as much as her and is quite jumpy towards them because of their great size.

Heaven tends the eggs and nests with Obsidian. The pearlcatcher often talks to her with any problems concerning her hatchlings (as Heaven as had lots of children and is an experienced mother), or any problems in general when she wants words from someone wise and experienced.

By Zentatta

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