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Dynami » Lair » Sekil
Level 8
Mirror Male
Jul 25, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Skink
SecondaryShadow Morph
TertiaryMulberry Ghost
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Sekil Bramblewood
secondgenshadow_by_wesleydog-d8wvkdj.gif || Traveler ||

This restless adventurer has wandered a little too far from his lair (MercuryShep, #177846), and now he's off to see the world! If ever you feel the urge to exalt, he'd really appreciate it if you could just return him home instead, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here.

A Note From MercuryShep: This dragon was from the very first breeding pair I have ever nested in the game, and I would deeply appreciate it if he was returned to me someday! Please do not exalt him. Feel free to breed and add lore, genes, apparel, or familiars! Thank you!


Just old enough to seek independence from his mother, this restless Mirror abandoned his Plague birthclan in search of a new pack to run with. With nothing but the skin on his back, he set out on his journey. Who knows what he will encounter?


The first place he stumbled upon was a tiny Earth village, a band of few who were a close-knit family. He stopped for a while, but ultimately felt he didn't fit in. They were hospitable, yes, but it didn't feel right. He continued on.


Meandering through the Sunbeam Ruins, exhausted and thirsty, he began to feel very out of place in the bright golden sun. Finally he neared where the shadows gathered, the great Hewn City. He met a Tundra in the city who appeared to be catching fireflies. The Tundra named Yemaya, navy-blue fur sparkling, saw at once how tired Sekil seemed, and invited him to come back to the Scrollseeker Clan. In the Great Library he read for days on end by firelight, and even went on a few firefly hunts himself. He watched with amusement as the fireflies danced, the young hatchlings scampering after them. It was then that he decided to have a brood of his own. He and Yemaya vowed to settle down and nest a few eggs before he went on his way once more. He left his three hatchlings with the Scrollseekers, knowing that the safety of the city was much better-suited for young dragons than the harshness of the elements. Perhaps he would dream of fireflies, and of watching his children grow up.

Sekil put the Hewn City far behind him, spending several nights alone in small makeshift camps, trying to adjust to the solitude of his pilgrimage. Eventually he managed to travel all the way to the westernmost edge of Sornieth. Once he arrived at the Crystalspine Reaches, he joined a slowly-growing clan of Faes who always seemed lost in their research. However, after a short while the young Mirror decided that there were too many towering stacks of parchment and too many unexpected pink explosions for his taste. And so he left.


After another immense number of days traveling, Sekil found himself in the Ashfall Waste. Exhausted, trembling, and unsure of where to go next, he hunkered down for the night only to find himself in a clan of dragons in the morning. Slightly shocked by the change of scenery, he asked a Guardian named Dawnsblood for help. The drake explained that they had found him sleeping on the outskirts of their territory and then brought him here during the night. Sekil then told him that he was not a threat to the clan, just a traveler seeking a new home. Dawnsblood then simply said that Sekil could stay for a while until he regathered his wits and strength. The Guardian then walked away without another word.
So after spending a few days recovering from the constant travel, Sekil began battle training alongside two of the most skilled dragons of the clan — Midnight and Bronwyn — in the Scorched Forest. However, despite the friendships he made, he knew that this home was only temporary. With his newfound survival skills and a full satchel of rations, he traveled on to his next adventure.


Once more Sekil returned to the land of the Arcane Flight to join a familiar clan during the Starfall Celebration. The Crystalspine Lilies enthusiastically greeted him once again and proposed to guide the Mirror around the Starwood forest. Since his last visit, the clan had outgrown their lair at the Crystalspine Reaches and were seeking new place to settle.
This time there were significantly less explosions and pink glitter, so Sekil could truly enjoy the company of the tiny Faes throughout the duration of the holiday. He learned a great deal about the Starwood Strand from Aibell, the Clan Leader, who was raised among trees of this mystic forest. He also forged a friendship with Vivien – a young Mirror from the Plague Flight – who had joined the clan to be raised by a distant relative. He was reluctant to leave her once the Celebration had ended, but he knew that it was time to journey on. There were more places to see, and new dragons to meet.

As the Starfall Celebration came to a close, the fully-fledged adult Mirror abandoned the Starwood Strand and crossed over into the Wandering Contagion. Somehow it was comforting to once again feel the slimy, almost flesh-like substance between his toes as infectious tendrils slowly slithered up his forelegs from the ground. Before he had set on his journey, his family had been situated along the border of the Arcane and Plague Flights. Luckily they had not migrated in the time that he had been exploring.

Sekil was creeping along the familiar borders of his home clan when he was tackled and pinned by his mother, whose ever-sharp teeth glinted with foamy saliva as she snarled threateningly down at him. She did not recognize him at first, with his muscular adult frame and the glowing bulb that had sprouted from his head as a result of his refusal to wear the proper safety gear in the Crystalspine Lilies laboratories. The old, thin dragoness thought of him merely as an intruder. But as he spoke his name to her, his mother's eyes sparked with recognition and she immediately brightened, tears welling in her eyes as a toothy grin crossed the face that only a son could love.

Nefta returned with him to the clan with much rejoice from the clan elders, but to their dismay Sekil admitted that he would only be staying for a few days. It was nice to immerse himself in these familiar scents and surroundings once more, but the journey still called to him. His thirst for discovery and adventure could not be quenched if he were to stay in one place. After sharing his stories and stretching his wings, he gave a tearful farewell to his mother and his clan before turning to the south and pressing onward.


After a long flight, the wanderer found himself high up in the clouds, where the air was crisp, clear and ever-moving, up into the Twisting Crescendo where only the most skilled fliers dare to take wing. For him, it was more like bad luck, getting caught in the unceasing whirlwind and then having his small form snatched from the sky by a large pure-white Guardian dragon.

She set him down upon a rocky outcropping beneath the outskirts of the vortex and informed him that he had inadvertently ended up in the territory of the Ascent Clan. However, he was made welcome by the stranger and was shown to where several other travelers had made their temporary homes.

He settled in for a while, just to see what may happen.

It wasn't long before Sekil caught word of a traveler's hub in Dragonhome, in which adventurous dragons of all walks of life could gather. He set forward on foot this time, so as to avoid getting caught in another of Windsinger's hurricanes. Once he arrived, the first dragons he bumped into were Eggzi and Zethany – a pair of dragonesses who had been traveling together for quite a while.

He wasn't sure that he wanted to stay for very long because a handful of the dragons were cold and standoffish, making him feel more than unwanted there. Eggzi tried to comfort him with the fact that these hostile dragons were just grumpy, journey-worn travelers, but Sekil didn't want to risk anything. He may have had some battle training, but he was easily outnumbered here.

The hub was a bust. After a brisk, but polite goodbye, he set off the very next morning to a destination unknown.


Soon, Sekil found himself in a frozen land where most of the dragons were draped in thick capes to protect themselves from the cold. The winds were blistering and his skin took a lot of blows from the ice shards that flew at him from all directions.

An icy Tundra approached him through the blizzard, throwing his emerald cape over Sekil. "Come," his voice boomed, beginning back the way he'd come.
Without much choice, Sekil followed, relief flooding him as they appeared at the entrance of a large cave. A taller dragon, Arzit, approached him with a mischievous grin. "Drink," she directed, handing him a bubbling concoction.
The smell alone made him gag, but he did as she said. Tiredness overtook him and his eyelids fell shut, ushering him into a deep slumber.

The sunlight was blinding as his eyes fluttered open, and a yawn forced itself out of his mouth. His vision was slightly blurry, and his head felt heavy. "What... What happened?" he asked, looking at the Wildclaw in front of him.

"Look! Look! It worked!" she cried, "You have decorated wings!"

Confused, Sekil slowly rose to his feet and wandered over to the pool of water to which Arzit was gesturing wildly. As he extended his wings, he was shocked to find that their once-plain appearance had been altered. Now a pattern of light and dark markings sprawled across them, resembling the camouflaged feathers of a bird of prey. An angry look took hold of his face and he yelled at her, "Next time give me a warning!" But deep down he was impressed by her experiment's success.

Perhaps he would never be able to escape the effects of befriending over-ambitious mages. And perhaps he wasn't disappointed by the thought.

After reluctantly thanking Arzit and paying his respects to Aquilo for rescuing him from the cold, Sekil left the Southern Icefield with a new physical reminder of his misadventure etched in his wings.


After his experience with the harsh, merciless snowstorm and the surprise alteration of his wings, Sekil felt that it was time to go back home to his clan. Things were getting more and more wild as he journeyed, and he wanted to be grounded for a while. It was a long, tiring flight across the sea, but finally he found his way back home to the Contagion. What he found there, though, was even more terrifying than the blizzard.

His surroundings were gruesome even for the Plague region. His birthclan's lair was in shambles and an advanced state of decay had taken hold. All of the dragons were gone, even his mother. In horror he cautiously stepped through the ruins, searching until he found a faint, but familiar scent trail. He reluctantly decided to follow it.

After a day of tedious, anxiety-riddled travel he found a new clan with a scent similar to his birthclan's; they had the same bloodline, but these dragons were not his family. Among them he found his former patriarch, an elder Fae named Traiqe. This new clan, the Z'Arduani, was one of deep Arcane magic despite being a Plague clan.

Traiqe told the Mirror very blandly that his home clan had fallen into ruin after a particularly contagious virus wiped out most of the population. "Don't worry, though," he said, his voice flat even for a Fae, "Your mother survived. She will always survive."

Sekil was relieved to hear that his mother was alright, but Traiqe had no idea where she had gone after the survivors defected, so there were no leads on where to find her.

The Z'Arduani was a welcoming clan, and its massive Bogsneak leader King Inoso seemed like a good dragon, but this place did not feel like home.

Traiqe could tell that Sekil was uncomfortable and prepared to flee at any moment. Rather than try to keep him in a place he did not wish to stay, the old drake urged Sekil to adopt a new marking upon his scales as a way to remember this new clan should he wish to return and then to go on his way. The Mirror agreed to his former leader's gracious terms and a transformative mage named Trekora completed the gene change.

He had lost his home. He had lost his family. All that was left was his adventure. And so he continued.

It was in the shadow of the Pillar of the World that Sekil died. It wasn't a gruesome death, nor particularly painful - some would say that in the grand scheme of things, it could be considered a merciful one.

His mother likely would not have been pleased to learn what happened next. For what happened next was necromancy.

Versiaz, who had long bothered his clan leader for test subjects, was the first to come across the body. Sekil's vessel was mainly intact, but more importantly, it was still warm!

With the help of his fair apprentice, Tirzela, the cunning Skydancer set to work. Runes were painted over Sekil’s body and peculiar enchantment stones were placed around the dead one as a net to hold his soul to Sornieth. Then, as the gateway between the physical and paranormal was pried open, a crack large enough to send soul and breath back into the Mirror was formed.

As far as Sekil was concerned, he hadn't died at all - which suited Versiaz just fine, as he was certain his clan leader Zenith would deeply disapprove of his practices, no matter the success.

Sekil was still weakened, however, and needed care, so the clan took him in. As it so-happened, he ended up bedridden next to a charming Spiral named Lughnasadh. She had broken her leg in a high-flying accident. And so the two were stuck with each other for a month of healing, playing cards, and telling stories.

She was magnificent, and he slowly realized that their friendship had grown into something more. Soon after they were both declared strong enough to leave the hospital, they settled together for a while as a couple. They raised three hatchlings together before he finally decided to journey on.

It was only much later that Sekil would wonder why the runes on his skin wouldn't wash away, and why they kept glowing faintly in the dark.
As Sekil continued in his travels, he came across an Inn floating over the Windswept Plateau in a large air ship. He grew curious about it, so he flew up to make a reservation. He was eagerly greeted by by the innkeeping staff and was quickly situated in a room.

Not long after his arrival, however, he ran into some trouble. At first, he thought he was imagining the way the Wildclaw was staring at him, but once he was alone she cornered him an dragged him into an alleyway he had not previously noticed. He was shocked to discover a whole community of dragons living in the alleyway, but he did not have long to look around.

The Wildclaw dragged him into her corner of the alley and began furiously questioning him about his intentions here. Sekil tried to explain that he had no idea what she was talking about, and that he was just travelling around with no intention of hurting anyone. To his relief, the Wildclaw seemed at least slightly satisfied with his answer, if not a little bit skeptical, and let him go. He left the hidden street in a hurry, hoping he would never have to speak to that dragoness again.

He continued to see her around as he explored the small cliff town, however. It was not often, just a glimpse here and there, as if she were keeping an eye on him. Eventually, Sekil forced himself to stop paying attention to the mysterious Wildclaw and focused instead on enjoying his stay at the Windkeep Inn.

During his visit he spent a lot of time with Pria, a Skydancer who had arrived at the Inn on the same day as he did. They bonded over drinks at the Windkeep's famous tavern, the Copper Lotus. Even the tavernkeeper herself saw how well the pair hit it off and offered them a round on the house.

When it came time to leave they decided to travel together, at least for the next stretch of their journey. Perhaps Eggzi and Zethany were onto something with this whole travel partner thing.


As the pair spoke of home on their travels, Sekil quickly realized that Pria was not a dragon meant for years of endless journeys like he was, so he proposed that they go together to visit one anothers' home clans. The dragoness quickly agreed, and with a warm smile shared between the two companions they headed for the Scarred Wasteland.

When the time came for the pair to decide which way to go first – West to the Wandering Contagion or East to the Wyrmwound – they found themselves at an impasse. Pria wanted the two of them to settle down together in her home clan, to cease their travels and form a new life together. But Sekil could not simply abandon his nomadic lifestyle so suddenly.

At the height of their heated argument, the Skydancer Sekil had learned to call his best friend took to the air in a flurry of feathers, never to be seen again.

He didn't even get to say goodbye.
"Ah. So it seems that you are undead."

Sekil had returned to the only place that had any semblance of normality after Pria left him alone: the Z'Arduani. He received a letter from the clan while he was staying at the Windkeep Inn, informing him that due to encroaching dominance wars the kingdom had relocated to the Crystalspine Reaches.

When he arrived there he asked Trekora – the High Mage who he had met during his last visit – to help him remove the mysterious runes that glowed on his hide. But when the Fae waved his arms across the runic inscriptions in an attempt to release the energy trapped within, the mana instead seeped further into Sekil's body until his very bones radiated with magical luminescence.

"Undead..?" the Mirror parroted, tilting his head slightly. With a glance down at his talons he quickly noticed the effects of Trekora's attempted rune removal, eyes widening at the discovery.

The mage nodded, attempting to seem genuine although his voice remained emotionless. "Yes. Undead. The runes on your flanks were not just markings, but a barrier spell made to contain your life force within your body. Whoever did this to you must have been quite pleased with the result – Revivals this successful are usually unheard of even among the most skilled necromancers."

Sekil absolutely did not want to hear this. He died? How did he die? When did he die? How long was he dead? Who had brought him back to life? All of these questions and more frenzied the dragon's mind as he stumbled backward, tripping over his own feet as he attempted to flee. He scrambled out the door towards the only place that could provide him comfort at a time like this: The Twisted Emperor.

"Ayrkas," said Trekora, summoning one of his students from the shadows where she crept. "Keep an eye on him. He may have some side effects from the mana infusion." The skydancer nodded and quietly followed the traveler out onto the street, shadowing him from a distance.

The Mirror entered the tavern with an obviously distressed and confused demeanor about him. The owner and barkeeper of the establishment, Torasha, poured him a glass of something hard and bitter before he even sat down. "Rough day, pal?" she asked, but Sekil only grunted and downed the liquid in response.

A few dozen drinks, some overflowing emotions, and many mistakes later, Sekil found himself the next morning beside a younger Spiral dragoness who did not recognize. His head pounded painfully and his body felt so tired, but his heavy heart was not cured. Seeing this dragoness next to him only made him miss Lughnasadh even more than he already had since leaving her behind.

He carefully pried himself away from the stranger and ducked out of her home before stretching his wings and going on his way again, hoping to distract himself from this entire awful night.

He left before he could have ever known that the Spiral, of whom he had never even asked her name, nested three eggs a few days after he left.
Perhaps a visit to another clan would somehow make him feel better. That was what he wanted and expected from the next place he went to.

The Tangled Wood already proved to be murky and unpleasant. Thick fog and a maze of brambles and trees, with a darkness that was difficult to navigate through. Perhaps coming to the Shadowbinder's domain wasn't a good idea, and it would be wise to turn elsewhere.

But at last, Sekil was able to see someone, another dragon. His first thought was to ask them for directions, but their voice interrupted him.

"You look lost," said the Spiral ahead of him. "If you need a place to stay for the time being, there's a clan up ahead."

Sekil was relieved to hear that there was civilization here after all, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay in these woods any longer. In the end, he decided to check it out anyway. He gave the Spiral a nod, and they headed off presumably in the direction of this clan. Along the way, he learned the Spiral's name was Silver, but they didn't seem much for conversation.

Suddenly, Silver took to the skies, beckoning for Sekil to follow. The Mirror expressed confusion. After all, he didn't see anything. Why did they have to fly?

But then, Sekil saw their destination. A city surrounded by a protective wall and trees on the outside, guarded by sentries with crossbows. They were allowed entry into the city, and that's where Sekil would spend a few nights. There were shops, entertainment venues, buildings for specific jobs, and more. He would have stayed in a hotel if it weren't so expensive. Luckily, he found a cheaper alternative in a nearby lodge. (WIP, will refine later)


Add a story here. Feel free to replace the item placeholders on the side with whatever you see fit to go along with your story! You may also add a dragon portrait if Sekil meets someone new along the way. To add a portrait, click on one of Sekil’s placeholder portraits and follow the link to a website which will generate the portrait code for you. Then copy the code and replace Sekil’s portrait with your new dragon portrait.

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