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MythicalViper » Lair » Universa
Level 12
Pearlcatcher Female
Aug 02, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryNavy Iridescent
SecondaryCoal Shimmer
TertiaryIvory Basic
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Oracle, Healer, That Weird One

*cackles maniacally and throws a crystal ball at you*
aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa

Personality and Clan Life by ZincAlloy

The future is a terrifying thing, full of tragedy and hopelessness. Universa is one of the few dragons who can face the future, see how all their dreams are doomed to fail, and not have their mind snap under — Hey, get away from that crystal ball! Stop! No, that vision of you becoming Sornieth’s greatest playwright isn’t “super cool”, it’s… By the Arcanist, get back here right this moment!

In a twist that she most definitely saw coming, Universa’s position as clan oracle isn’t exactly the most appreciated. She would have liked it if the dragons of Clan Aequitas were the normal sort, terrified of the uncertainty of the future and willing to give anything for the briefest moment of security. Instead, many of them are more than happy to be ignorant, and the others take Universa’s bad omens as personal challenges to boldly stride into the future with and then cast into the sea of quickly forgotten things. She knew this was what life here was going to be like, but for some reason she came to the clan anyways. Perhaps Universa has some personal motive for sticking around, or maybe this is somehow the best possible future there was for her.

As far as those bad omens go, Universa’s quite disappointed that there’s so few of them. It’s just so satisfying to watch dragons and familiars alike squirm, to listen to them beg for some advice on what they can do to change the future. Sadly, every single dragon in this clan has a frustratingly bright future. Muffin too, even if it’s less that there's good tidings in store for her, and more that the light emitted by her inevitable demise will put the sun to shame. Universa has had to settle for twisting her visions to sound much worse than they are instead. Telling a future clan leader that they’ll soon be inheriting a whole lot of problems never gets old.

Universa’s most common method of divination is tarot cards. She does know how to use a crystal ball, read tea leaves, and in dire straights divine the future from the pattern of some random junk thrown on the floor, but she always comes back to the cards. This is partially personal preference, and partially because there’s no temptation for the other party to reach over and try to grab a quick peek at the future for themselves. They wouldn’t have any idea what the cards meant if they tried. And ever since Vespera started a rumour that those tarot cards were made by Valenya, nobody has tried.

(Yes, the cards were made by Valenya. They bear her patented imprisonment enchantments as well. You’d assume this means nobody would ever willingly look at one of the cards, but there might be an argument that the best way to avoid a bad future is to lock yourself off from every future. Universa has a very convincing speech on the matter, in any case.)

kh2vPiG.png Along with her tarot cards, Universa carries around her crystal ball, just as regular pearlcatchers carry around their pearls. That makes it seem like her crystal ball is her pearl, but pearls aren’t transparent. So where is her pearl? In a fit of investigative journalism, Vespera once tried to find it, but only got Universa’s crystal ball thrown at her face for the effort. She did find something pearl-like, but considering it was large enough to flatten a spiral, that couldn’t have been it.

If reporters aren't currently trespassing in it, Universa's den is where she’ll happily and forcefully tell the fortunes of anyone who visits her. Unfortunately, it’s rather deep into the lair, so there aren’t too many dragons willing to venture that far just to be told how badly they’ve screwed up their lives. Thus, Universa spends her time in the Karma Café, where’s she’s not only easier to access, but is conveniently around dragons who really have nothing better to do with their time. There’s even tea leaves you can have Universa read for sale there, pre-dunked in hot water for you! And hot coffee to throw at her if you don’t like your fortune!

When she does manage to find someone willing to listen to her divinations, they’re quite the impressive affair. Her words might not have much emotion, but they reverberate in such a way that they fill a dragon’s world, and perhaps even their soul. It’s spellbinding, the kind of thing that you can’t stop watching even though you really should, just like any new visitor’s first meeting with Myrtle. And just like how spying on Myrtle might draw her ire too, watching Universa divine might cause you to get your fate tied up with her current client’s. Or maybe that’s just her mocking you.

Of course, sometimes Universa has slow days, even when she’s been busy cackling to herself in a corner of the café and looking very approachable. In those cases, she likes to burst into clan meetings, throw her tarot cards on the table, and loudly proclaim that everyone is doing an atrocious job and that their actions will lead the clan to ruin. (She often doesn’t even bother to do a reading before doing this.)

If fortunes aren’t your thing, Universa is mildly skilled in healing, both magical and mundane methods. It really would be a better idea to see Nephthys or Pachetonas instead. Neither of them is the most pleasant of company, but at least they can be trusted to heal you properly. Universa only learned healing so that she could threaten her customers by showing them what they’ll be needing if they don’t take her advice. To be fair, that hasn’t been her worst idea. It could have been better though — many of her clanmates require far more healing than she realizes on a regular basis.

As much as she tries to act mysterious, Universa manages to be normal enough (as far as Clan Aequitas is concerned) to maintain a few friends. Valenya is one of them, and in addition to a common interest in unethical imprisonment spells, the two often discuss history, the future, and historical futures. She can also count Astraea as a friend. Astraea would count her as a friend as well, if she was able to remember having ever met Universa. The oracle tries her best to solve the mystery of the Nocturne’s memory, but as that event happened in the past, it’s a bit outside of her usual skillset.


Another thing that happened in the past was some sort of previous interaction between Universa and Demeter. Well, Demeter says she vaguely remembers having met the Pearlcatcher before she founded Clan Aequitas, while Universa denies that. Demeter has quite the unusual face after all, so Universa would have remembered her. The founder probably met some other fortune teller. Oracles are quite common in the Isles, or so Universa claims: you just have to throw a clawful of treasure on the ground and twelve will come crawling out of the cracks in reality.

Her mysteriousness does have some truth to it, as Universa is one of the few dragons who knows anything about the Runic Mountain Range. Rather a lot in fact, but that’s probably just a side effect of being able to see the future. It’s not as if she could have had a claw in creating the mountain range, that’s ridiculous. She just has a very detailed insight into the workings of the local magics, from the ley-lines that bring dragons here to the bewildering maze located deep underneath the lair. It’s just Universa being strange, as usual. After all, if she was powerful enough to have made these mountains, she wouldn’t be having trouble with something as simple as divining Kerendia and Kavenia's futures. Her frustrated mumblings about the two of them should simply be ignored.
§ Graphics by LuminousNoble, Icons by Poisonedpaper, Hazeledpoppy

§ Lore by ZincAlloy



§ Art by Drytil
§ Art by Fizzywits
§ Art by Kitiara

§ Art by Iceluoxue

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§ Art by Clya

§ Art by HauntedCrow


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