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Rotkeeper » Lair » Melian
Level 8
Guardian Female
Aug 21, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Iridescent
SecondaryMidnight Shimmer
TertiarySilver Spines
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Rotkeeper's Warrior

~General Information~


Age: 4 days

Birth Flight: Lightning

Current Flight: Plague

Rotkeeper #10155

The Keeper's clan grounds are a rotting expanse of dead dragons in every level of decay, but something in the air their makes the dead work as one, a living Oasis of the most Gruesome sort, but Melian finds it strangely Charming.

Millie's living quarters are the most well kept of the entire Clan's, she prefers that she live among rot--not in it.

~Physical Description~

Length: 5.65 M

Weight: 2003.93 KG

Wingspan: 5.31 M

In General Melian holds herself very tall, proud even;while standing she keeps her chin and wings carried high, and she walks with a bit of bounce;she tends to slouch only a small bit while seated, but she moves into an exaggerated proud stance when her Grandfather or Mother are watching.

She's still young and growing, but she shows promise of being a very rounded and heavyset gal though that's surely from her heritage of Guardian, and Imperial. Millie is overall a shimmering dark color, identical to her mother, though noticeably more square in build.

She carries with her a very stern gaze, though her eyes are soft, Due to her Heavy build she has a squared build overall, but most visible in her face--being much more blocky then the mother she looks just like in color. Millie doesn't often show her emotions, but in the most emotional moments she can be very expressive. Her smile, when one knows how to make her smile widely, is actually quite dorky and toothy-crooked even; as of this time her most distinguished feature, is her near identical look to her mother. Melian is a little weak on her rear quarters and above her wings, hitting those areas could take her down fairly easy, though in a counter to that she has INCREDIBLY strong front legs and a heavy bite, she can dole out quite the beating when she's older. She hasn't tried out the Coliseum yet, but in practice she has troubles with smaller opponents, as they out speed her often. She carries herself proudly, almost arrogantly even in sparring, and more then likely she will fight proudly even in real combat;many might find her to be too outspoken and arrogant.

~Voice Traits~

Style of speaking: Melian has a very soft, but harsh voice, she only gets louder, when emotions of any kind run high. Her speech is a bit Halting and slurred, perhaps it is something of an accent. When she's sick she quite often loses her voice entirely.

~Health and Hygiene~

Melian is a generally healthy dragon, she is definitely not an elegant and lightweight dragon, but she is healthy. She doesn't however have a tendency to forget to eat and sleep if she's learning a new combat move.

Her memory thankfully is impeccable, so a day will come when she doesn't forgo health for learning, as she someday will know all she needs too.


Millie is a kindly, though brutish gal, she'll help if you're in a bind, but she's rather you fight your own battles. She in general is a very calm Guardian, and so it's not her emotions you should worry about....it's her Calm. She has a surprisingly good sense of humor--though she may not laugh often;if you make her laugh, she'll consider you a good buddy.She loves to be around other dragons, but her obsession with battle and knowledge tends to be off putting to many a dragon.She never seems to notice when she is making another dragon uncomfortable, and she tends to forget to listen to others;she gets homesick vey easily, so an opponent that mentions anything like that she is a "Momma's Girl" will see her greatest weakness.


Melian prefers to dress practically only, armors, weapons, ect, she isn't hugely concerned about matching or good quality, just workable.

She hopes to gather some armor for herself soon


Millie is actually quite intelligent-when it comes to all things battle.

She'd rather have her nose in a good battle etiquette manual than to do anything else.

~Training and Fighting~

Melian starts her real training and fighting soon,and she cant wait.

~Relationships and Family~



Uncles and Aunts:



Great aunts and Uncles:



How Melian deals with or reacts to…

Anger: When Melian is Angry, she becomes DEADLY calm.

Sadness: Melian cries hard when truely saddened; She becomes inconsolable swiftly.

Conflict/Danger: Millie becomes instantly alert and ready to defend herself and those she cares about.

Rejection: She doesn't react well, let's just say that.

Fear: She doesn't get afraid---or rather she does but she will never admit it.

Change: Melian is pretty low key about change.

Loss: She becomes instantly distraught.

Playful Flirting: She's not a very playful dragon, so she would be disinterested

Serious Flirting: If they have a romantic flair, she more then likely would find it adorable, but she doesn't go for most flirting.

Minor Injuries: she doesn't notice them at all

Major Injuries: She ignores them

Critical Injuries: Melian will fight until she has passed out completely.

Emotional Pain: Millie tries not to let emotions cloud her, so emotional pain is very rare for her, except when she's missing her family.

Stress: She gets frazzled easily, so she reacts very negatively to all forms of stress;she lashes out
Peer pressure: she doesn't fall one bit for it

Guilt: She feels guilty all the time, as she never feels she fights hard enough.

Being wrong: She flows with it, if she's wrong she's wrong and she'll admit it easily.

Being criticized: If it's about her Fighting skills--you play with fire, but if it's just general critique, she takes to it very well especially if it's well grounded.

Praise: She adores praise about her fighting, especially from her mother and grandfather

Love: she loves loving and being loved

Being hated: it hurts her to have anyone hate her-but Melian doesn't mind hate a whole lot.

Humiliation: She is a very proud dragon, so to humiliate her is to be ready to fight


What does this dragon think/feel about:

Mating: Melian believes a dragon should settle down with a set partner and not deviants to other mates
Children: Millie would love to have a huge family someday
Love: to her, love is forever, once you love someone you can't take that back--even if it hurts you in the end.
Familiars: Melian finds most familiars to be a bit odd, but she doesn't mind the practical ones
Other Dragon Breeds: She finds all dragons to be equal so long as they fight honorably.
Dominance: she sees these competitions as a way to have fun and please the gods all at once
Flights: She feels that flights should act as family, but not persecute those who move to a new flight, or who come from another flight.


"If you don't fight for what you've got, you're destined to lose all you have"

How self-confident is the character? Extremely

How does see herself? As a strong battle ready Night Warrior
How does she believe she's is perceived by others? The same as she sees herself

What is Melian most proud of? Her strong legs and jaw, and all she knows about fighting
What does Millie like least about herself? That she hasn't really fought yet
How does she express herself? Through her fighting prowess--in the training yards

Most at ease when: among strong dragons
Ill at ease when: among weak willed dragons

If granted one wish, what would it be? She would be the strongest Dragon alive
Why? So that she could protect everyone she meets

If she could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be? Patience
If she could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be? Pride

Biggest role model: Her grandfather

~Secrets and Fears~

Greatest Fear: That someday she shall be rendered unable to ever fight.

Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias: She is uncomfortable around really young and very old dragons.

Character's darkest/deepest secret: She once cheated in a spar and lied about it
Minor Secrets: she finds herself to be secretly very vain

~Likes/Dislikes, Favorites, and Pet Peeves~


Color: Contrasting colors

Apparel: Armors and weapons

Food: MEAT.

God: Plaguebringer

Familiar: Anything that looks fearsome

Favorite Holiday: Flameforger's Festival

Least Favorite

Clothing: frilly or girly impractical things

Food: Fish

Simple Pleasures: She really loves swimming as it helps her balance and practice

Pet peeves: She hates lazy or procrastinating beings, dragons or not

Guilty pleasures: She actually really loves just sitting in nature relaxing despite her beliefs



-> Past: Lightning

-> Current: Plague

Peaceful or violent: Both

Wins: N/A

Loses: N/A


Birthday: Aug, 21, 2015

Birth Flight: Lightning

Birth place: Impception's Clan #51510

Birth order: Middle Child

Favorite parent: Her mom, cause she's a bit of a Momma's girl


If she were a familiar, what would she be?

Some sort of large, powerful beast.

If she were to be characterized by an object, what would it be?

The strongest Armor to be found

Hatchling Letters:

Day one
Dear Mother,
I just got to my new home in the Plague territories, the grounds here are very harsh....I think I will be able to train up to be very strong here, I can't wait!
Anyway it's real late here, so I'm going to send this off and then go to bed,
Sincerely, Millie

Day Two
Dear Momma,
I really miss home today, I know I should be excited because I meet my future mentors tomorrow, but instead I'm just scared and I miss home, I miss you momma,
Missing you, Mille

Day Three
I met my mentors today! They're really cool guys and I can wait to train with them!
I sparred with them a little and they told me I show great promise in my future! I really hope I can make you and Grandfather proud when I begin to train!,
Excitedly yours, Melian

Day four
I'm gonna have a big growth spurt soon, I hope I grow big and strong like the rest of our family...
I'm so nervous, I start Training tomorrow--what if I'm not strong enough? What if I mess everything up?

The Rotkeeper's Warrior

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