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HicSuntDracones » Lair » Specter
Level 1
Fae Male
Nov 22, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryTomato Cherub
SecondaryViolet Peregrine
TertiaryMaroon Spines
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
7687.png Specter is mischievous and loves to play tricks on other dragons. Also, he ignores his breed's inclination for insects and instead subsists solely on buttrocks.


Art by: alanapants
Dragons he has pranked:

* Tempest

* Saar

* Hook

* Tugtupite

* Bink

* Ruby

* frankcastle
(earthies only)


Art by: TangeloJack

Specter carefully eyed the bright blue-and-purple Imperial. He perched a few feet away from his next victim, the rough bark of the tree he'd alighted on tickling his feet. The sun was bright, glittering a sharp gold that illuminated his wings.

What a beautiful day. The sky was clear, its deep blue reflected in the quickly drying puddles of last night's rain.

The Fae spread his wings, letting a soft breeze tickle its edges. In this weather, you could do anything! It was perfect for flying, or scavenging, or swimming, or...


A crooked, playful grin flitted past Specter's face. He fought to make himself seem bored and uninterested in the world, in general. The small dragon craned his neck to see the pile of lithops —or, heh, buttrocks, but that name made him giggle way too much— beneath his tree. He swung down from his branch, causing a commotion as the tree creaked and he hit the ground. Specter's target had been hit: the once neat stack of buttrocks scattered and made absolutely beautiful chaos.

Phase two.

The Imperial had, according to plan, been disturbed. He looked up, warily, bulky form shifting slightly as he looked up from whatever he'd been doing.

"Tempest! Temmmpppesssstttt!" Specter yelped, forcing his normally monotone voice to take on a fearful note. "Help me!" He half ran, half flapped over and ducked behind the larger dragon. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as smooth as he'd expected; when he skidded to a halt, the Fae faceplanted into the rocky soil of Dragonhome.

I totally meant to do that. Like, it adds some comical effect? I'm a comedian-slash-prankster, and this is my thing?

"Whuh—" The Imperial, Tempest, whipped around. His tail knocked poor Specter, who had just stood up, back down again. "Who's there?" the usually kind dragon rumbled, unaware that he'd accidentally hit the Fae. "What happened, Specter?"

"Ow. T-they're saying they're going to eat my family!" cried the prankster, widening his eyes for extra effect. "They s-say that they're g-getting revenge on me for eating them!"

"Who?" Tempest growled. "I don't see anyone."

"T-t-the lithops!" When he was given a blank stare, Specter elaborated. "The buttrocks! Whatever you want to call them!"

"They talk?"

"Yeah, they talk, and they're being really scary and mean!"

"But... plants don't talk." Tempest sounded doubtful of his own words. He's so gullible, Specter thought cheerfully, squashing a grin.

"These ones do! They're sentient! They have feelings and they're mad that I eat them!"

"They... do?" The Imperial seemed to see the scattered lithops for the first time. Specter felt a gust of air —perhaps it wasn't such a bright day after all, but all for the better!— and saw it push one of the smaller plants a little closer to him and Tempest. He gave a fake gasp.

"It's coming for me, it's coming for me! Help!"

Tempest's snout opened in an "O" of surprise. He, too, had seen the lithop move. "Specter... is that why everyone calls them 'living stones'?"

"Of course!"

The Imperial made a small, scared noise. Specter swallowed another wave of laughter when he heard the squeaky noise coming from the big bad dragon. "I, uh, I think I gotta go warn my family. When a buttrock says something, it's gonna do it."

Tempest didn't seem to hear. His eyes were round, his mane flattened in terror.

"Um... knock, knock." Specter tapped the Imperial's hide, but to no avail. Tempest seemed petrified. Specter crept over the to the pile of lithops and quickly knocked one closer to the Imperial's talons before taking to the sky. Below, he saw Tempest give a bleat of terror.

The Fae allowed himself to laugh out loud now that he was in the air, doing happy loop-de-loops. Tempest sounded like some kind of jumpy little goat! Specter nearly choked on his giggles. The prank was an absolute success!

"Nothing against you, big guy," the playful prankster said, more to himself than Tempest, as he flew away, "but it was just so tempting. You've gotta be the most gullible dragon I've ever met... maybe I should pull a prank on Eska next, for more of a challenge. Oh, gosh, that'd be so funny..."

[Lore by: 8by0]

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