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notcharmed » Lair » Esta
Level 1
Skydancer Female
Jan 19, 2016 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySilver Iridescent
SecondaryCharcoal Shimmer
TertiarySilver Underbelly
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
mate to Imagine!
['This is silly,' Esta groans, 'beneath me and distasteful.' Gwynne laughs.
'Where's your holiday spirit?' She questions as Esta narrows eye eyes, feeling betrayed as she'd expected Gwynne to be on her side. Esta growls softly. She should have know better than to expect that.
'We have too many hatchlings. This is what happens when they stick around for far too long.' Esta says, turning her head so she doesn't have to face Gwynne's toothy grin.
'Everyone here knows that you cry when hatchlings leave.' Gwynne teases, shifting her weight to block Esta from leaving the cavern.
'Slander. I get teary-eyed at most.'
'That's not what Imagine nor I saw when ____ left.' Esta huffs, caught in a situation that she has no way out of. Literally and Figuratively.
'It's the hatchlings fault that we've wearing these dreadful costumes,' Esta grumbles, daintily picking her way towards Gwynne, 'now scoot.' Gwynne obliges, but can't hold back another laugh.
'Speak for yourself!' She retorts, a twinkle in her eyes.

"notcharmed" wrote on 2017-12-20:
despite being the more physically intimating of the pair, gywnne is the more approchable one. esta comes off as stuck up and prudish, a stick in the mud who loves organization and the last one you'd expect to find surrounded by messy, noisy hatchlings? yet there she is, somehow tolerating the dirt-covered mirror hatchling nomming on her tail feathers.

"notcharmed" wrote on "2018-02-22:
Gwynne & Esta are the two nest caretakers of my clan, and slowly fell for each other. At first, they found each other either a huge thorn in their side (Esta's opinion of Gwynne), or an annoying pushover (Gwynne's opinion of Esta), but started to tolerate each others company too, whoops? I think thats a crush? Gwynne's the one who is more unashamedly cuddly and sends Esta into a blushing mess while she tries to deny any possible reason that she's flustered, gosh.
Esta came from a family and clan that she can only recall as being distant, and because of this she’s extremely clingy, but tries to play it off as knowing what’s best for others, and no, why would they ever think about doing that particular thing.

and that ‘particular thing’ tends to be fighting or going off to the coliseum. she tends to see the more militant members of then clan as those who’ll eventually leave–proving her point in her mind–and therefore shouldnt even be considered clan members at all. (which is why she meticulously notes who leaves and stays in the clan) she takes it especially hard when its hatchlings, children that she’s seen grow up with the clan leave.

its taken a while for her to admit her issues, but even then she’ll only admit it to gwynne and imagine, the two dragons who she’s closest too.
#if u read her entries where she talks about the others #shes gotten less harsh the more recent they are #also when gwynne started going to the coli?? esta felt betrayed n refused 2 talk 2 her for a solid 5 months #(aka about the amt time qwynne spent in my friends lair so that shed have a coli team bc she ran an exalt rescue n barley had dragons over #lvl 5) #theyre talking again now

All dragons that want to reside in Riverwind’s clan must see Esta first, as she keeps track of who is who. Not free from her own bias (though most of it stems from concern) her recordings are open for all to see:

Esta's Records wrote:
~Guest Book~

Permanent Members:
I am not going to list these Dragons. All I need to do is look around and I’m confronted by them.

We don’t have to many, but the dragons that we’ve temporally housed include:

Five dragons. Five. Three of whom I need to find, and two whom I fear are long gone and I curse my inability to recall more of them. (Twin brothers, from a two egg nest I believe…. Born in the Shifting Expanse? Gah! That’s a pathetic amount to recall.)

Hikaru & Kaoru - How could I ever doubt my own memory! These two brothers

God, those three, visiting from a neighboring clan, what were their names again?

Blatite - This flighty little noc was and... interesting match for the clan. He didn't stay to long, for better or for worse I couldn't tell you.

Sanguine & Velno - these two have been here a while, and have recently announced their plans to move on, I….

Hightower - Despite his and mate’s distance from most of the clan members, I don’t know whether I’m feeling shock or a bitter acceptance after hearing his announcement of departure. While I don’t know how he breached this topic with Arizona, I have noticed her presence quiet. I fear that we may also lose her, sometime soon.

Arizona - I should have expected this. In fact, I did, her relationship with Hightower wasn't the... strongest, so to speak, and I guess with her closed off personality and refusal to branch out, she's finding little reason to stick around.

Bractus - It is... surprising to find out that Bractus is moving and looking for a better clan, nonetheless while Octavia is out, although, from what I gathered, he'd been debating this move and had been discussing it her for a while now.... I wish him luck in finding a new clan.

???? and ???? - oh, oh i did not see this coming, I-- oh. (And poor Constella, she's oh, she's so torrn up about this!!)

Ariel - An energetic child, it had seemed that she would stick around, quick to make friends with the healer's apprentice, but as quickly as she arrived, she disappeared. If only she'd picked you common courtesy her and thought to say goodbye to those that would miss her more than she seems to.

Iclena - A warrior who stopped by our clan to help out Inve. She was a pleasant presence to have around, though I can only speak praises of her for how she helped strengthen some of the members of our clan, and judge her for those that didn't stick around.

Vendei - I wasn’t clear why she stopped by, but clan cloudmist is never one to keep a dragon out. She hung almost exclusively around Morrigan’s motley crew, and I suppose that they got more out of her than just a vague whiff of the crumbling, dusty books she always flew around with.

Cinnis - Vendei managed to snag a quiet Imp to follow her teachings, but he just as quickly left as he came, mysteriously vanishing one night.

Summerwing - A ghastly fellow who was lighthearted and flighty for his short duration here. Apart of me wonders if I should include him as from the start he didn't seem as though he wanted to stay.

Skoll -

Pandora -

We treasure and honor all of those who’ve spent time with us here, no matter how long or short:
Zephyr - The first dragon to leave our ranks. Her mother is proud of her rash and hasty decision, but misses her dearly as a mother ought.

Mollia - Not soft-tempered in any way, though her name may suggest that, she couldn’t wait to leave home, and left first chance she got.

Marmor - Though his name suggests something tough, this gentle giant stayed around, though when her heard of his older sister who had left before him, he decided that he’d take it unpin himself to make sure that she wouldn’t fight alone. May Windsinger grant him speed and luck that he fights along side his wayward sister.

Aicor and Ruffa - These two siblings made a pact to fight alongside each other, inspired by the tail of Marmor. Though I know not to fear for their safety, these young ones should wait before they go rushing headfirst into things.

Rocar and Kuror - Cocky and blunt-headed, two bullies if I ever did know one by the sight. Despite their rough nature (and the latter named after blood) they do care for those who fight with them, and will make a great pair, one day.

Kalvia - Seeming to be th sanest one out of Rocar and Kuror, she helped keep them level-headed, though was not above acting foolish. She knew, at least, when enough was enough, and is able to keep them both from acting like complete blunders.

Wryn, Tigerhelm, and Innokenti - Three Ladies who came here with a purpose, apparently. None of them were talkative, and out of all of them, I only got a little out of Wryn. Turns out that she is a mother, but other that that, I got nothing else from her. The other two, however, only seemed to have time for the other “Fighters” within our clan (if you can even call them that). Though from how they treated Ardatha, I know that they are kind at heart, and I thank them for deciding to fight for Windsinger instead of the deity of whatever home clan they came from.

Ardatha - Many times has this child expressed her desire to fight for Windsinger, and many times she has stayed. Only recently has she expressed some agency in these plans when Tigerhelm and Innokenti offered to train with her, but when they left she couldn’t bring herself to follow. She looked quite distraught and mad at herself for her “cowardliness”, and only for her sake do I hope that she finally works of the curate to do as she so desires.

Night and Twilight -

Leaf and Phosphora -

Dellan and Rolant - Two trickers who refused to leave each other's side, no matter what. They were... a hassle to have around, but i no doubt miss their tricks and hijinks. I would say that the clan is... quieter or less chaotic, but with Kaffi and his crew around, we have no reprieve.

Gurkain -

Pinoi and ??? -

Destiny - She was deadly yet elegant, one wouldn't suspect much from her soft demeanor, but when push came to shove, she definitely shoved back.

Kailea, Kassadin, and Nasus -

Fyodor and Falkor -

Irador and Siella - Irador is as rowdy and loud as his plumage suggests, and when paired with his calmer, more quite sister, they made quite the pair. Despite being opposites in ______, they both had a taste for violence, although Siella was the more cunning of the two where Ira liked to goof off. I wish them luck in the Windsinger’s service, maybe they’ll settle for duties less… dangerous.

Kael and Pavel -

Ennion and Rainier -

Zeranium -

Leeta and Clydri- A pair of snark masters, who clawed and scratched their way to fight in the coliseum and gave poor Inve bitting insults despite not being able to even hold their own weight… I… I’m not happy to see them go with how rude the two are, but hopefully being in the service of the Windsinger will help straighten them out.

Natria -

Valentin - A charming young scrap, he fought eagerly beside his father, and just as eagerly lept to make something of himself amongst Windsinger's ranks, though I can't help but suspect he was following the whims of his heart and neglected to fully think things through. Hopefully, this doesn't end up bitting him in the tail, but that's a question I don't ever see myself getting answers too.

Cynfael - it's... unclear if this is the patch Cyn desired, but none the less, he trained with determination, perhaps, to chase after his brother?

Dortoi, Cheezzpu, and Swerpo - Gluttons.

Rephlec and Calluno -

Rhiain -

Ayura and Kosan -
KOSAN - LVL 7 - 11875

I cannot personally account for all of the hatchlings that have gone off to be somewhere else, I do keep a scrapbook of them. It would be much more presentable if I were to alter it, albeit just slightly more.

'Traveling Dragons you say? Humpf.'

esta's bitter regrets aka her 'i told you so's'


size: short but big!

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