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CrazyBat » Lair » Kitty
Level 1
Coatl Female
Mar 07, 2016 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Iridescent
SecondaryMidnight Shimmer
TertiaryCoal Smoke
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Fear of Cats


An egg laid outside the territory of the eleven elemental gods will not hatch: without their magic, soul never knits to body and the embryo inside withers and dies. Without an anchor, the little waiting spark of Mind that might one day have become a person slips away through the cracks in reality. Most are eaten by the pneumavores that lurk in the hungry Void outside, but a few--lucky or clever or both--survive and grow up to become predators themselves. Shade-touched, these lost souls lurk in the dreams and nightmares of dragonkind, feeding on their fears and growing fat.

The largest of them are the greater horrors, dream-beasts without an identity beyond their Names--the specific terror they draw strength from. Most horrors are little more than beasts, unconscious and unaware of the minds around them, though they ably ape the manner and speech of dragons they meet while dreaming. The larger they are, the more they resemble thinking beings, though the veneer of intelligence lies only skin-deep over a terrible animal cunning. Sleeping dragons caught and seduced by a wandering horror might never wake again, trapped beyond saving in their own nightmares--or worse, awaken possessed, without dreams or mind or reasoning of their own.

. o ° O ° o .

Kitty is a very peculiar Greater Horror. Like a cat, she can be cold, standoffish, sometimes even mean and agressive, but also playful and mishievous. She gets along well with her other cat-like denmates, like Sissel and Cheshire. Other dragons consider her to be the most approachable out of all the Greater Horrors, but she's also very capricious and unpredictable. She was the third Horror to join the Cult, and arrived as a hatchling. Majick immediately picked on her, and they started their weird relationship. He's the best at getting a rise out of her, and she's often reduced to hissing furiously at him in wordless rage.

. o ° O ° o .

Origin Story:

The Fear of Snakes and the Fear of Spiders had made four little Horrors, but two, unfortunately, weren't strong enough to properly take shape and remained Nameless, dissolving into the light of day. The remaining two did not stay long with their "parents"; they were still "hatchlings" when the Fear of Disorder left the Tangled Woods without a word, and the Fear of Cats went wandering deeper into the Woods.
The Fear of Cats did not walk long before finding a little Fae with a wizard hat and a scarf on. She was silently bypassing him, apparently unnoticed, when the Fae abruptly turned around to face her.
"Hey there~ It's not polite to not even say hello, ya know?~
-... Hello.
-Not talkative, uh?~ Don't worry, I talk enough for both of us~ Besides, it's not very unexpected for a Coatl~ If you really are a Coatl, that is..."
The Fae gave her a knowing look, smiling. The Fear of Cats was taken aback; so he knew about Greater Horrors? Or was he just really atune with magic and suspecting something was amiss? She decided to let some of her true nature show and smiled a hideous grin full of too many teeth.
"How much do you know, Fae?
-Hey, no need to get all scary with me~ Well judging from the fact that you can speak clearly even though you're a Coatl, and a very young one, and from the very dark magical energy that you emit, which feels suspiciously close to the one of our two resident Greater Horrors, I'd say you are far from being a Coatl? Am I right? Don't answer that, I know I am~ By the way, it's very rude of me not to have introduced myself: my name is Samhain, nice to meet you Little Horror~
-You have Horrors in your Clan?
-Why, yes, of course~ Our Leader is very understanding, and Greater Horrors are not the only monsters in our Chiroptera Cult~ Do you want to see?~
-Mmh... Why not? I was bored anyways... Lead the way."
With one last bright smile, Samhain nodded and brought the Fear of Cats to the Chiroptera Cult's den.

They were lucky, as VoidEmpress and Majick were talking together in the Library; Majick was helping VoidEmpress sort through Empress' old memories and the ageless Fear of the Void's ones, as she was still disoriented and had difficulties adjusting. As soon as the Fear of Cats crossed the threshold, both of the older Horrors turned towards her, having felt her magic. VoidEmpress nodded in greeting and Majick gave a very toothy grin then began to speak in his usual cold tone.
"Well hello there, Little Horror... I am the Fear of Magic, summoned into this world by this clan's Occult Priest, Grimshaw, and this is the Fear of the Void, an older Imperial called Empress consumed by the Shade. We go by the names Majick and VoidEmpress. Who are you?
-I am the Fear of Cats and I don't go by any other name.
-Oh, a little Kitty then... We already have a "cat", a Coatl by the name of Sissel, perhaps you and him can get along? And you should see our leader, Nightshade...
-What makes you think I will stay? I value my independence and I was just curious about other Horrors. And don't call me Kitty...
-Oh but you are just a little Kitty... Besides, "Fear of Cats" is such a mouthful... I think I'll let Nightshade know you just joined our Cult, Kitty. I have a feeling you'll like it here...
-Don't you dare...!"
But the Spiral-like monstruosity was already gone. The newly-named Kitty fumed silently. Oh, this Majick would see... She followed him out the library, leaving a smiling VoidEmpress and a laughing Samhain behind her. It did not take long to find him, talking to a Fae that looked very familiar. For a moment, Kitty though it was the leader of her old Clan, VereVaim, but no, though they looked similar, this Fae wasn't wearing the same apparel, and her wings were crimson and not blood-colored. This must be the Clan Leader. Kitty approached them, and the Fae turned towards her, speaking in a monotone.
"Welcome to the Chiroptera Cult, my name is Nightshade and I am the Founder and co-Leader of this Clan, with my mate Gaspacho. You are "Kitty", I believe, the Fear of Cats? Majick was just talking to me about you. You're welcome to stay here as long and as often as you want, as I value my denmates' freedom. Majick told me you met VoidEmpress and Samhain already, but there are lots of other members, and lots of them are quite... dangerous; I'm afraid I have a thing for monsters... But they all promised not to hurt innocent dragons, and not to hurt their denmates, because obviously not everyone is innocent here... Basically you are free to do as you please as long as you don't break that rule... Enjoy your stay!"
And the Fae left before Kitty even got a chance to talk. A bit baffled by Nightshade's attitude, she stood speechless for a few seconds, until Majick's head came into her view.
"Well there, cat got your tongue? hissed the Horror in barely-concealed laughter.
-Shut up, you nuisance! This is all your fault... I ought to scratch your eyes off!
-Oooh, Kitty got claws, I see? As if you could even reach my eyes, you're so small!
-Oh, I'll get my revenge! Just you wait..."
But the Fear of Magic just laughed coldly and flew away, leaving the Fear of Cats with eyes narrowed in irritation.

And so, the young Fear of Cats settled into the Chiroptera Cult, starting a rocky friendship with the Fear of Magic, that would evolve later into something else...

"A black cat crossing your path is a bad omen."

Profile, bio, and subspecies by Plagueheart#10631.


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