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Tefian » Den » Mara
Level 20
Guardian Female
Mar 21, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Iridescent
SecondaryCoal Shimmer
TertiaryRoyal Ghost
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Dragon that represents one of my friends!

Gen 3

Mara was born in a clan in the Tangled Wood. The conditions there were harsh, and survival was difficult. Mara's mother, a tough dragoness herself, would have none of the young guardian's whining; in their clan, one would either survive, or they would not, and Mara being her child did not make her an exception to that rule.

Mara's upbringing was harsher than most, but it bestowed upon her skills that few other dragons had. Even as a hatchling, she was a capable hunter, bringing down game much larger than herself. She could tell in a heartbeat if an insect or plant was edible; and she could wrap the shadows of her homeland around her, making herself invisible to the unsuspecting eye. She was raised with tales of her grandparents' adventures; for Mara hailed from a long line of noble fighters, the Night Warriors, and one day, she was meant to become one herself.

Time passed; and Mara's warrior training never begun. When asked, her mother offered no explanation as to why that was. In fact, nobody did; and thus the guardian left her birth clan one day, with little warning. If they would not train her, she would find one who would.

No matter how learned she was in the art of surviving nature's whims, however, Mara knew nothing of the treacherous nature of dragonkind. After her flight, she visited many clans, seeking a good mentor. Many outright rejected her, not willing to take in a penniless orphan. The betrayals, too, were numerous; for she still had a good heart back then, and was willing to work in exchange for a mere promise. In those cases, after she was no longer useful to them, they would throw her out, or even attempt to take her life.

Soon, she tired of being toyed with. The guardian retreated into the wilderness; for it was familliar, and it welcomed anyone with open arms, unlike her kin. She would never again live among them, she resolved; she would never find a Charge, never make friends out of her brethren. Definitely, she would never look for a mate. She would not be weighed down by their weakness, she would never let their empty words and promises hurt her again.

She had no trouble surviving; even in the most barren of places, there was food and water to be found when one knew where to look. And when the wilds did not offer enough, she would simply take what was, in her mind, rightfully hers, out of the hands of the weak. Her victims were many; caravans and lone travelers alike, none escaped the dragoness's grasp. Sometimes they survived, sometimes they did not; it all depended on how much they resisted. Survival of the fittest was her only belief, the ideal she lived by; for she had suffered at dragonkind's hands, and now that they were invading her teritorry, retaliation was inevitable.

It was in this semi-feral state that the members of the clan then called Argyron found her. She attacked one of the merchants heading for the clan; and had it not been for Dolosus and Gregg, the thieving guardian would have pilfered all the goods meant for Argyron, and made off into the night. She was restrained and jailed, and would have been executed, had Dolosus not intervened.

Dolosus spent many a day and night by Mara's side, struggling to get a full account of her story. She was as unwilling to cooperate as a cat being doused in water, her reactions even including hissing and spitting; yet after many difficult weeks, he finally knew who they had in their hands. He told her of the other Night Warriors residing in the clan, and presented her with an ultimatum: she would have to stay in the clan and become a permanent member of Nasturtium, the clan's guard, or be executed for her crimes. Should she choose to live, she would be given food, a home, and he would train her as a warrior, personally.

Mara hated all of it. She despised the humiliation of being held prisoner, of being forced to choose between a pitiful death and becoming a subordinate to the very creatures that had imprisoned her. Yet she wished to live; and the offer of training was tempting indeed. Thus, she accepted it.

The next day, she was led to her new dwelling, and allowed to settle in. She was then taken to meet her distant family: a pearlcatcher mage named Voidbane, and a--then still untrained--ridgeback hatchling by the name of Sunder.

Mara disliked Voidbane's cheerful personality immediately, and felt jealous of the fact that the pearlcatcher had already completed her training, despite being younger than her. Sunder did not impress her, either; the child was too gentle and innocent, nothing like Mara had been when she was her age. The little one would never become a good warrior in the guardian's eyes; she would be lucky if she survived her first battle.

Distancing herself from all the other clan members, including the Night Warriors, Mara focused on her training. She never forgot the injustices the world had committed towards her; rather, she held her grudge close to her heart. It made her hateful, bitter, aggressive; and it pushed away any who tried to approach her. But it also focused her mind, even more than her already present stubbornness. She progressed in leaps and bounds, faster than any of the other new recruits; it was obvious she had been ready for this her entire life. When any got in her way, she would give them a taste of the savagery of the wilds; after that, none dared cross her again.

And when the day came that she officially became a warrior, and a part of Nasturtium, she looked into Dolosus's eyes as Gregg bestowed upon her the badge, an arrogant smirk on her lips, and disdain in her eyes. She had done it; she had finished what all of them had tried their best to keep her from.

She was confused when, in return, the other guardian had smiled at her gently, mouthing but a single phrase:

"I am proud of you."

written by Enako


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