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AliciaA » Den » MissConception
Level 1
Nocturne Female
May 04, 2016 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Ripple
SecondaryOrange Shimmer
TertiaryObsidian Crackle
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 44 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Darkness' Oath
The Wheel of Dark Neon Wings

19097980p.png 17962074p.png 17983235p.png 23369286p.png


In a different world a parallel story took place. The maid of the household did not want to play in the story any more and she escaped trough a mirror to our world. Now she plays the role she wants, and no one from her home can ever find her.


He was about to burst, and she knew why. It was the second time today she had messed up. First she had been too late with the lunch and now she had spilled a stack of books and parchment. Everything laid on the floor, shattered. Close the window he shouted as the papers on the ground vibrated from the unseen airstream. She hurried to her feet to obey, but stopped dead as she remembered she had just closed them. Hurry you slow *"$%**#@**, the Duke shouted. She looked around. They are all closed she, said in an icy tone. We are not alone. He looked at her and seemed to take her seriously for the first time. They stood still and moved only their eyes. Nothing. She dared turn her head to look for the invisible creature. All she needed was a small hint. A sheet suddenly falling, a book without dust. She could see a footprint on a book not too far away, but she needed to se the print being made to be able to catch it. She heard te sound of claws against leather binding, turned and jumped on instinct. It almost made it to the top of the bookshelf when she grabbed its tail. It tried to hold on to the bookcase but its claws were too soft and it realised it was game over. It became visible and gave its owner a sour look and an annoyed hiss.

Now, now, Jerico. How did you get out this time? The Duke seemed in a better mood. Well done, he said, I will not fire you today. Her heart raced from the hunt, but did not slow for these news. She had been this close to being fired! She felt numb, but held tightly onto the creature. She knew he would try and slip away at any chance he could get. She understood him all too well. Had she not desperately needed treasure she would flee, too.

Laying on the bed she thought about her life. She was still young, but already in debt. The only thing she owned was her clothes, a brush and a bag. She had no home. Her mother had served the previous Duke of this palace, and had thrived by it. The old Duke had been a nice old dragon, but when he died so did her hope. His son was a spoiled bully who liked nothing more than to make others suffer. Or so it seemed. At least he was good at his business, unlike her.

When her mother died the new Duke made her a proper funeral, but in return she had to earn back the money by working for him. In a sense he could not fire her, but she feared what would happen if he did. She still missed 80kt to pay her debt. It was a lot for one that had nothing. After that she would have to work a while longer to have the founds to travel far, far away.

She dreamt about it every night. But not this night. She stared at the standing mirror of her rented home. It was dark, as no nocturnes can see their reflection it was no surprise. She sat down on the floor, still staring at the empty surface. She woke as she heard the door slam shut. It was far away, yet it came from right in front of her. She sat completely still. In front of her, in the mirror, was she. It was impossible, she tought and turned around. She knew that if someone painted a picture of a nocturne, it was visible in a mirror. And nocturnes could use water as a mirror. But not glass. The room was empty, and with an ugly feeling she turned back to the mirror. There she was, but she was not alone. She spoke to Gamma, who was her best friend and the palace cook. She would speak to him in the morning. She could not hear them, but the atmosfere was relaxed. She watched him leave for the night, and herself go to bed halfway out of sight.

She woke up just in time. Had she been late she would have had hell to meet. She was used to being tired. Even when she slept early she was tired. The day went by without any extraordinary events. In the evening she visited Gamma. He listened with interest, and followed her to the head librarian and magician of the fort. The old mage told them in a monotone about ancient fortune tellers that preached about there being parallel universes. They meant there were several universes just slightly different from ours, and some that were very different. Obvioudly the fae did not believe any of this, but she found the stories entertaining. What she did believe in, however, was the fact that magic was strongest at midnight under a full moon. That was when the boundaries between magic and matter were the thinnest. It was the best setting for any spell, and essentially for scrollmaking.

Back in her room they mapped out what they had learned. It had just been a full moon, so she would mark the date for next month's full moon and they would watch the mirror together then. If it worked, she would try to leap trough on the 3rd full moon.

Their plan burst halfway trough. Gamma was offered a job in the Windflower clan, a clan in the Windswept Plateu, that he could not say no to. He gave her everything he could spare, and as they counted up the total value they had reached 55kt. She was only 20kt away from being debtless. That was only 2 months of work! Then she would have to work another month before she could leave. Still, 3 months was a long time when you worked for that Duke and had no friends.

The day before the full moon she had had enough. She sat impatiently in front of the mirror any chance she got, putting an alarm on as shortly before a duty as she could. She knew that the Duke could sense her impatience, and so she made up her mind. She would, if possible, go trough the mirror instead of just watching it. She wrote a letter to Gamma with his new address in the Windflower Kite section and posted it. She also wrote a small note about Jareb and his needs, and hid it in a hair ribbon behind her left ear. She had already planned her escape, as well as Jareb's. Now all she had to do was wait and be dutiful.

ookamiotoko_missconceptionl_by_lisegathe-db2h4pm.png ookamiotoko_missconceptionm_by_lisegathe-db2h4pg.png ookamiotoko_missconceptionr_by_lisegathe-db2h4pd.png

All over the castle candles went out. A spiral accompanied by the librarian went on their daily route to make sure the place didn't burn down in the night. As the wind was in her favour she sneaked begind them in the growing darkness. When they entered the treasure room she took Jareb's travel crate and switched it for the one currently containing Jareb. She then hurried back to the hallway, turned left and flew close to the wall to the roof. Behind a chimney and well out of sight from anyone inside the castle she put the cage down. Jareb turned visible, clearly curious about the turn of events. Tonight we both get our freedom, she se whispered melodiously. But for this you will be nice for just a few minutes, ok? When you find a home, please give this to your chosen owner, ok? I know you loved the old duke as much as he loved you, so take care. He actually stood still and let her tie the note to his leg. I'll fly you over the fence, the rest is up to you. I bet you have until lunch before they get suspicious. And so she did. When she released him on the ground outside the fence that marked the Duke's property she whispered I'll miss you Jareb, into the night. She did not know that he would miss her, too.

Back in her room she counted the minutes. 10 minutes to midnight, and herself on the other side was already asleep. She filled herself with magic and toutched the blank surface. Please, she thought, may the Shadowbinder help me. Her mirror self seemed to have heard something, for she woke up and looked alert around. 1 minute to midnight. He mirror her stood up, looked out of her window and went over to the mirror. They were staring right at each other, both filled with magic. Tick said her clock, and she leaped head first. Let it be or not!

She fell into her own arms, and they both fell in a heap. When they finally untangled and stood up, she gathered her mind. Thank you so much, I finally escaped! She smiled broadly and stretched out an arm. Nice to meet you! The other her stood rooted for a moment. And your name is? Shecould see in her eyes that the other her knew. I'm you from a parallel universe. Are we still in the Tangled Wood? The other her shoke her head, and seemed to get an idea. They sat down in her furry blankets and planned their future.

Darkness' Oath

She was thrilled. She would meet Gamma again! She knew it would be a different Gamma, but she was stepping regardless. This world's Miss Conception's closest friends would get to know the truth. The rest of the world would know her as one of Miss Conception's daughters. She would have preferred sister, but if Miss Conception had a twin everyone would have known about it years ago.

3 dragons neared. It was a wildclaw, a skydancer and Gamma. Once they were inside she threw herself around Gammas neck and just hung there. He smelled the same. After a few minutes she released him, and squeaked a greeting. Miss Conception told them what she had told her two night ago, and all the while she watched Gamma's expression. She was properly introduced to everyone, and made sure to give everyone a hug. She would make them her family, like her other self already had. They were the same dragon, after all.

Hallow's Eve
Only bred upon request or for Halloween, summer or winter solstice.

17879314p.png?mtime=WMpucwAAMZY.png 23369286p.png

She wondered at this new world. It was similar to her own, but she would not let down her guard -she knew there were differences she was not yet aware of. The dawn were different. She liked it. She liked him, who she despised on the other side of the mirrors. He was a gentle and fun being. She loved this new Dawn. He let her do as she pleased when he was absent, only demanding a kiss now and then, which she gladly gave. He had never spoken to this world's first MissConception, of which she was glad. She secretly hoped they would never meet.



Offspring names: Marva's items!












[quote=Please keep my name!] [columns] (item=marva's fantastic reflection) [nextcol] [center][b]Fantastic [/b][/center] My mother has a naming scheme going on, so please don't rename me. If you change my birth name I would appreciate if you mention my birth name and item somewhere in my bio. Thank you! [/columns][/quote]

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