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SylvrFox » Den » Nightingale
Level 25
Imperial Female
Feb 15, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Tiger
SecondaryIce Shimmer
TertiaryPlatinum Smoke
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 45 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Scientist

Charming | Logical | Insecure

Insert History or Biography here.
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The Artist
Artistic || Sympathetic || Spirited



"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
High common sense and artistic, dislikes thinking ahead, spontaneous, optimistic, flexible, over-indulgent, great story teller, lives in the moment, sympathetic, spirited. Original, creative, independent, needs personal space (loves the wind garden). Her familiar is terrified of thunder. She hates scarry stories and always slinks away when one starts.

It really bothers her that she has no idea who her clan was or what they would have been like. This is probably why she finds it important that every dragon's story be written. She and Elenwe work together on the clan scrapbook, what they're like, any interesting things they've done . . . Mithrandir's mysterious past drives them both nuts! She does more of the art part of the scrapbook and Elenwe does more of the written part.

“By the Windsinger . . .” Glynwen’s words failed her as she crested the hill and looked at the destruction that lay before her paws. The ground was damp with blood and scorched by dragon fire, long streaks of black soot crisscrossing the grim landscape. She stepped gingerly, as if to avoid desecrating the bitter stillness of the battlefield. Her gorge rose as she surveyed the smoking ruin, the stench of death and decay rising up, thick and cloying.

Precious little was left of the clan. Most provisions had been looted, though the bare scatterings of life remained, assumingly abandoned when the fight had begun. Glynwen walked carefully, feeling the heavy haunting of lives lost lingering in the corners of the burned caverns. Reminders of the dragons that once were were everywhere. A scarf, a broken basket, a bent piece of plate armor, a half-eaten apple.They stood as sad testaments, the only things left of the inhabitants. She ventured on through the ruin, treading quietly, not quite sure what she was searching for.

What she found, however, was something she least expected. The mere sight of it dragged the breath from her lungs in one fell swoop. Three eggs, nestled amid two hollows of sticks and soft feathers. A scorched, unrecognizable skeleton lay nearby, perhaps from a creature that had meant them harm. It had succeeded at least partially, as one of the eggs was damaged beyond repair, the shell broken inward by brute force. However, the other two remained intact and seemingly healthy.

She picked them up gently, reverently, feeling the faint stirrings of dragon magic as she pressed the tip of her muzzle against them. Yes. There was hope for these yet. She clutched them close to her chest with one forepaw, retreating from the horror of the lair. She walked beyond the carnage, cradling the two eggs tightly until she could no longer smell the bitter death of the battlefield. Finding shelter in an old den scraped from the earth, she assembled a nest from the soft, green grasses that surrounded the area.

She set the eggs ever so gently in the middle, curling her long body around them. Tucking her tail firmly against them, her eyes remained ever watchful, locked on the entrance to her makeshift lair. She had originally set out to find her Charge, but instead she had found something quite different. All the same, it was important. For now, her Search would wait. For now, she had her charge.

“Slow down, Chess!” Glynwen barked, increasing her pace to keep up with the tumbling, haphazard gallop of the two imperial hatchlings. “Seranida, don’t touch that!” She loped along, casting her eyes upward helplessly with a huff. In her wildest dreams, she wouldn’t have imagined that two small dragons could possibly cause her this much trouble. They kept her constantly on her toes with their wild antics, sticking their noses into absolutely everything.

The two sisters careened ahead, advancing quite quickly until Seranida decided it was the best time to start a play fight. She lunged at Chess, bowling her over and pouncing quickly to take the upper claw in the match. “Windsinger’s spines, you two!” Glynwen called after them, quite exasperated. The hatchlings ignored her, their long bodies interlocked as they bit at one another with harmlessly small teeth. She caught up with them easily but was quickly confronted with the problem of separating the two. Now how was she supposed to accomplish that?

An odd chuffing noise behind her interrupted her thoughts. She turned to look, noticing a male skydancer standing a short distance away. He had a satchel strung across his back, leading her to believe he was a traveler. She stared at him quizzically for several moments before realizing that he was laughing. Presumably at her. Glynwen uttered a low, indignant growl in the interloper’s general direction before turning her eyes back to her seemingly impossible task. She strove to ignore the hysterical peals of laughter behind her, gritting her teeth.

After several more moments of fruitless effort in splitting up the squabbling pair, the stranger seemed to swallow his giggling for long enough to speak. “Hello, little ones! Would you like to see something fascinating?” This caught the youngsters’ attention immediately, and they snapped their heads to attention. He beckoned them over, gesturing to something in the long grass. They bounded over, nearly tripping over one another in their eagerness to find out what the object in question was.

Glynwen followed very closely, eyeing the stranger to see if he had any ulterior motive. However, it became quite apparent that he didn’t. He pointed out a large, stripped beetle that was slowly crawling through the grass. “See, isn’t that interesting?” The sisters nodded vehemently, peering intensely at the insect.

She took the brief pause in the squabbling of the sisters to ask him for his name. “Tobin,” he responded congenially, dipping his head. “At your service. And may I ask yours?”

“Glynwen,” she replied easily. They both watched the hatchlings for a few minutes as Chess poked the beetle with one paw. It looked quite disgruntled, but did not react otherwise. “How did you learn to do that?” She asked finally.

“What? How to stop them from fighting?” Glynwen nodded. “I grew up in a clan with a lot of hatchlings. They’re curious little ones. You just need to know how to capture their attention!”

“You seem to have quite a way with them.” Glynwen admitted thoughtfully, casting her eyes from the playful hatchlings to the colorful skydancer. “. . . How would you like to accompany us?” She asked, watching him closely.

“I would be honored, my lady.” Tobin dipped his head low with a smile that quickly became a laugh as Seranida took the opportunity to stuff the beetle into her mouth.

“Sera!” Chess protested loudly, her brows furrowing. “I wasn’t done looking!”

“We’d best be off, then!” Tobin told them quickly. “Perhaps we’ll find another one!” He added in a cheerful tone for Chess’s benefit. This seemed to please the sisters immensely, and they set off at a much slower pace, scouring the ground. Glynwen cast him an appreciative gaze as the group set out again, this time with one more member than before.

Story by SkyLarK-12/27/2015
This is all on pg 6

Kells' visit)
"Tired of snow, they ended up in Mithrandir's Clan on the Zephyr Steps at a rather busy moment. Everyone was still excited over the arrival of 2 new clan members and Pasqual was getting ready to start some traveling of his own. This meant they were in the middle of a 2 day celebration to welcome the new comers and send Pasqual off.

While Pasqual & Conner showed Blade around, Leena took Kells under her wing. Kells loved the storytelling and sky-dancer troupe. Leena even let Kells keep track of some of the puffs while they were watching the celebration. Her favorite parts of the celebration were the ribbon dancing and watching Blade run the agility course.

Her favorite part of the lair was the wind garden and Leena told her all about the Generation Tree in the center of it. It was essentially a wind chime that would grow over time with the clan. Kells briefly pictured wind chimes for her and her children. Perhaps she would do something like that when she returned home even if it wasn't a Light thing to do?

After the celebration was over she spent a lot of time exploring the wind garden or watching puffs. She was surprised but this clan didn't have a poet and once Sera caught her reciting poetry to herself in the wind garden she actually became the center of attention reciting it each day! Kells and Sera both liked spending time in the wind garden and became friends. Sera was an artist and after listening to Kells' descriptions, drew her pictures of her puffs to take with her on her trip.

After a few more days she and Blade continued their travels knowing they'd be welcome back anytime."

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Sera's Notebook
For once you have stumbled onto something early. Save yourself maybe 140,000 the and order from Sherushi's Art on pg 2
Making skins you accents: http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1327735


2018 09 13) SEDONA BUILD
103 STR 35 VIT 80 QCK 25 DEF
Rally Sap Haste Reflect
Berserker x3
Ambush x2

2016 07 30) 35000 t from Wendibro. No exalt

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