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Unyko » Lair » Bo
Level 25
Guardian Male
May 14, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Ripple
SecondaryObsidian Spinner
TertiaryBlack Runes
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins


Guardian of the Books

"And give up everything I've been working on my whole life? Are you daft?"

Many members of the clan would be quick to point out that Bo takes himself - and everything else - far too seriously. There are rumors that he may have smiled once, but they are unsubstantiated. Anyone who asks Bo about the truth of those rumors is usually met with a long, withering stare.

The dour guardian is known among the clan for his remarkable ease of movement despite his large size. He has been known to even take Kennen off-guard a few times. Further rumors suggest Silverstrike has taken a shine to him, but the Endhaven dragons know better than to hazard guesses about who has gained Silverstrike's favor.

When meeting Bo, many are surprised to learn of his Charge - the books within the general access library. He is literate, but he would far rather be engaged in a fight for his life than curled up reading. But Bo knows that he doesn't have to enjoy the books in order to protect them. He takes his position as Librarian a bit too seriously sometimes, making it difficult to leave with books, but has been given strict rules by the Council on who may take what for how long. And while he is very good at following rules and trying to be friendly, Eleven help the dragon who is late returning a book.

Bo grew up in Clan AXQU, where he was most known for having a similar personality to his mother. He gets on well with his family, and he especially idolizes his father. His father's ability to sense auras was a skill that Bo desperately wished to have, but being a guardian instead of a skydancer made it practically impossible for him to achieve. To compensate for his perceived deficit, he chose to spend much of his youth developing his elemental heritage. As such, he is now well-versed in precognitive skills, though he rarely has the time to practice them now that he is grown.

When he was younger, Bo dreamed of becoming the forward scout for a raiding party. It was, in fact, all he could talk about as a youth - when he would be old enough to enlist in another clan's guard or army or piratical group and what sort of excursions he would embark upon with them. When he came of age to leave Clan AXQU for his Search, Bo spent weeks preparing for every eventuality. He decided to go where his visions told him - a clan far to the north in Dragonhome, where they would find need of a dragon like him.

He arrived in Oakrest, a tense and old clan. There, he was taken by the sense of urgency that filled the halls. Here, surely, was a place where he would be welcome. He learned soon that they had inadvertently opened a passage to ancestral tombs which were rife with the undead. Bo volunteered almost immediately. He would gladly brave the horrors in the tunnels to bring glory to his family name.

But he was deeply surprised to learn that his Charge, while indeed here in Oakrest as his visions foretold, was nothing like what he had been expecting. Perhaps he was expecting another dragon, or perhaps a special place. No, Bo was soon drawn to a dark, dismal looking room that everyone referred to as 'the old library.' There, the books lay in weathered heaps, some with pages torn out, some with their bindings ripped. Bo had been told that there was a restorationist who had just left the clan, but there was no sign of her work here at all.

He was horrified on two counts - first, the state of the books in the room, and second that the books elicited any kind of emotional response from in at all. Bo quickly left the room, intent on putting it behind him. But over the next few weeks, he found himself drawn back to it time and again. Though he had never been a bookish dragon, his heart wept to see the contents of the library strewn carelessly about.

He soon went to the clan elders. And soon, against what he felt was his better judgment, Bo found himself in charge of Oakrest's general access library.

He set about tidying the books, setting aside those damaged and in need of a little TLC. He dusted and swept. He tidied and cleaned. If this room would be the housing for his Charge, then he would make sure it glowed.

And shortly after, he began what would soon be the bane of his existence - a migraine. He found himself unable to see without feeling sick, his head pounding, and flashing colors dancing before his eyes. He found a quiet spot in the library and curled himself tightly like a hatchling before succumbing to hours of waiting punctuated by noises all through his library.

Sometimes the hallucinations mixed with his precognative abilities, and he saw the source of the noises before he heard them. His visions showed the books flying from the shelves, some of their pages being torn to shreds, and now and again the ghostly images of faces and hands.

Afterwards, Bo was disheartened to see his library was much the same as it had been when he arrived. His heart felt as sick as the rest of him had during that time. He halfheartedly stacked some of the books to clear a path, then went to see the medics. He was prescribed him with a lot of rest and perhaps less time in the library.

But how does a guardian avoid his Charge?

Bo spent a good deal of time in the library, doing what he could to ensure it was well cared-for. And though he had bad spells, it was with the help of friends who were patient and generous that the library retained any hint of form.

Then, the Citadel fell. Bo, like many others, was trapped within the tunnels of Oakrest and left to fight for his life. Here, finally, he was given the opportunity to fight and prove himself as capable as the rest of his family. And he fought well.

But by the time the tunnels were opened and the Withered King in the tombs vanquished at last, Bo's library was again in shambles. And who would take the time to tidy it but him?

But he was tired. The fighting had been quite intense, and he needed to rest. And by the time he returned at last to his Charge, there were hardly any pages left intact.

Bo's heart broke anew. He salvaged what few scraps he could find, but he knew he would not be able to remain in Oakrest and watch the library fail again. Friends set out feelers for the guardian, and a missive came at last from Endhaven, Oakrest's ally in Light. They were keepers of knowledge, and they said they would be glad to give the guardian a place to recover and to keep the books as his Charge. And there were likely to be no migraines and no more destroyed tomes.

Bo packed his bags and bade his clan farewell. He was sad to leave his friends behind, but he was eager to start anew.


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