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Erenee13 » Lair » Rebellyon
Level 25
Nocturne Female
Jun 25, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Iridescent
SecondaryMidnight Shimmer
TertiaryGoldenrod Underbelly
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
................... Night%20Warrior_zpsay9gekv0.png
Rebellyon, Generation 2 Night Warrior
quote: If there is a gem in the light I will find it!

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LIKE(S) Shiny objects, the night, Adventures,
DISLIKE(S) the sun/daytime,
CHARACTERISTICS(S) Bi, quiet, smart, strong, bold, night owl,

FAMILIAR(S) Death Seeker
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Original biography layout by Zarane

Job: Trainer and other odd jobs
About: she loves shiny objects and to creep and crawl through the night. She is bi and has a relationship with Luseda and is mated to Ryder and Ajax for breeding only. She meet the two boys by Juno finding and introducing them. She liked them both and couldn't choose just one so she asked both to stay. Rebellyon prefers the night over the day time.
Characteristics: quiet, smart, strong, bold, night owl,
Meeting Luseda

It was a late night. The moon was high and the night creatures were as lively as could be. The night that they meet, Rebellyon and Luseda. It was beautiful and blissful, that night.

On the eve of their meeting, it was quiet for Rebellyon. She was awfully bored. It was slow and unraveling of the night and all of its wonders. Rebellyon did her chores, as did every other clan member did, quickly in anticipation. By noon she had nothing to do with herself. She tried playing with the hatchlings and the other members, she had no such luck in staying busy.
When night fell and the moon rose Rebellyon was finally released of the Suns evil hands of day time. She had always loved the night oh so much more than the day.

Luseda on the other hand loved both day and night. They equally held wonders of their own for a many things to find. She was always the avid explorer and adventurer. Luseda was out on a strole before they met. Rebellyon was out crawling inside tall green grass looking for anything and everything the was even the slightest bit shiny. Each of them was doing of their own records until they bumped into each other.

~ ~ ~

Ufff, Rebellyon is knocked farther into the ground. She inquired what she had hit. When she had looked up and let her eyes adjust, she had seen a beautiful shiny Coatl in the moonlight. Rebellyon was in awe by the Coatl girl before her marveled in the moonlight and shined brighter than any firefly she had ever seen. But unfortunately she did not know what to do with this creature she never met before. So, she just sat there staring at her and into her eyes. And she stared back.
The Coatl spoke first, "My name is Luseda. What is yours?" Even her voice was beautiful, Rebellyon thought.
"Um, it's Rebellyon." She spoke unsure to if this encounter was nothing but a dream or if it was indeed reality. They sat silent for a few more seconds. Each were seeking their own realities of the encounter.

Once they had realized that they were both there and living not just some dream, they began to talk and talk. They talked until dawn. They talked about a many things as their likes, dreams, what the did and what they plan to do, who they were, and continued until the first strikes of light signaling that it was the Suns time instead of the moons.
"I would like to see you again, Luseda." Rebellyon spoke with pride and all the boldness she had within.
"I would like that too." Luseda replied happily. And that is how it began, their relationship. Eventually they decided to take the relationship a bit farther and started to date.

If you do have a mate, how did you meet and get together?

Rebellyon was digging through the dirt in search of shiny objects just before she realized you were standing there. "oh, yes I do have a mate. Actually I have a few mates." she pauses to shake and wipe the dirt off of her. "I have three in total, although I like my Luseda the best." her eyes begin gleaming in the thought of her lover. "Luseda and I meet one night as I was searching for gems and other things. then we bumped into each other. At first I thought she wasn't real. She was so beautiful and shiny and bright and, and," Rebellyon realized she was running on and in a bit of a dream. "oh, sorry for rambling. I love shiny things." she paused to think.
"My other two lovers are Ajax and Ryder. I meet them both by Juno match making us." Rebellyon was a bit embarrassed because she could not find a male to breed with on her own. She continued, "I couldn't choose just one so I asked them both to stay and breed with me."
"I told you my answer so, here's my question." She paused, crawled her tail up to her snout and thought of her question. "I got it now! Have you ever went searching for one thing and found something completely different than what you went out to get? If so, what was the item/being you were looking for and what did you find instead of that item/being?"


"Hello, there." A hidden voice erupts in the darkness. In unknown of where the voice has come from; it begins again, "I heard you wanted to meet me?" The voice is soft yet stern at the same time. "Well, here I am. What did you want to know?" The voice pauses and it recognizes as a woman's voice. "Everything you say?" her voice is the only sounds.

"My name is Rebellyon, I am a proud daughter of Pulchrior of the Night Warrior clan. I my not live in the same place as I once did but blood is blood, no matter where you are." She pauses to reveal herself from the darkness. "If you must know," she rolls her bright green eyes and continues, "I love shiny objects to which I have a big collection of. I hate the sun with a deep passion and prefer the nights warm blanket." She fixes her cape and then her mask. "I prefer to be alone unless I am battling. I of course need my partners for that" she chuckled at the thought of victory and the defeat of a beast clan. "That is all I am going to say. I must find more gems before the sun is upon us." She then disappears into the darkness as easily as she had come out of it.

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