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Alphazi » Lair » Ancient
Level 10
Nocturne Male
Sep 18, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOilslick Savannah
SecondaryCoal Spinner
TertiaryMoon Firefly
Eye TypeNature Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
- - - - - A N C I E N T ,- C L A N- E X A L T E R
link / more link / yes - - - -
- - - ▢ Exaltation
Ancient had always found the concept of exaltation honorable. For much of his life, he debated seeking exaltation himself; time and time again, especially when life seemed dull, he looked up to the Gladekeeper, wishing to one day serve under her, for he was born of her land. Yet, something always kept him from leaving; he felt like he had a greater purpose on Sornieth.
- - - - ▢ Studies
To satisfy his fascination, Ancient decided to study exaltation: its process, its cultural connotations, its benefits and its harms. He yearned to learn all he could, to answer the questions of those who considered exaltation themselves. He became the go-to knowledge hub on exaltation, to help dragons along the way to honorable priesthood for the deity they wish to serve. Though he primarily focused on teaching the ways of the Gladekeeper, he respected all dragons’ choices for whom they wished to serve.
- - - - ▢ The List
This is where he learned what his purpose was. Rather than seeking exaltation himself, he became an Exalter, one who helps dragons attain exaltation. It filled him with joy to see others serve the deities, and to feel their joy and pride in being chosen. Though he has been aiding dragons for quite some time, it was only recently that he decided to keep a list of those he’s exalted that were special to him. His list includes endearing notes of the dragons he was fond of, to remember them for who they were on Sornieth. It’s with this list he can hold pride in how many he’s helped achieve their dream of exaltation.
- - - - ▢ Representative
Ancient's hard work and dedication to the Gladekeeper was evident to all in the clan. So many successful exaltations had been attributed to his name, all with a joyful and modest smile on his face. With the departure of the clan's last Nature Representative, the title was vacant and in need of someone who truly deserved such a rank. It was with that sentiment the Matriarch Sarihlle came to Ancient with praise, and asked if he would like to be Gladehaven's Nature Representative, Ambassador for the Clan. With this title, he could spread his diplomacy across Sornieth, with the word of Sarihlle, on behalf of Gladehaven, in honor of the Gladekeeper. What a privilege! He accepted Sarihlle's decree with glee.

Ancient wrote:

The Exalted of Clan Gladehaven

A memorial list of those who were once a part of Clan Gladehaven, who decided to dedicate themselves in service to the Gladekeeper herself. This list holds memory of the dragons who left their marks deeply upon the Clan.

  • Andromeda - an acolyte of Arcane, despite being of Ice. Nothing on Sornieth matched up to how fascinated the night sky made you. You trained your apprentice well, and now you are closer to the stars under the wings of the Arcanist.
  • Julianna - who came from the Sunbeam Ruins with Naza, protecting her younger sister from those who judged her for her wings. When she saw how much her sister bonded with Asheera, she knew she was in good hands, and left for the warmth of the Gladekeeper's embrace.
  • Lovelyn - a dragon who wished for love to spread all across Sornieth. Under the Gladekeeper's nurturing bough she and her cause will flourish.
  • Jadenite - a loving companion and loyal follower. He was around since the founding of Gladehaven all those years ago.
  • Labradorite - whose iridescent beauty was remarkable to all who met her. She yearned to follow her father whenever he went.
  • AlphalfaSprout - born on the first day of an annual Greenskeeper. You were enamored by your flight, and studied for a full year to serve the Gladekeeper the following year's celebration.
  • Gerard - your memory will carry on. x x
  • Khadgar - Farewell, my friend. Until we meet again.
  • Avalanche - a loving mother and keen mage. Though she came from Ice, the wilderness took her heart.
  • Hematea - the call of the waves drew you to the east; though instead of the Sea of a Thousand Currents, you ended up in the Viridian Labyrinth. The way that water fosters life warmed your heart, and drew you closer to the Gladekeeper. Now you build her navy, reminding those of her court that life would be naught without water.
  • Vailen - once a fae that fell in love with the Viridian Labyrinth, he was blessed by an Acolyte of the Gladekeeper, who turned him into a wildclaw. He loved spreading kindness, and notably was the go-to dragon to acquire and distribute yearly cards of endearment in February. Over time, as the Clan settled down, he realized his own love for the Acolyte he met, and sought her out in the wilds of the Labyrinth.
  • Sitriini - a never ending, radiant light who shined gloriously like daylight upon the Clan.
  • Eris - may the lullaby of the Gladekeeper's forest drown out the croaks of haunting voices.
  • Saiph - a longtime resident of the clan, you found your passion for cartography and set off to the skies. You and Aether bonded for some time, but your relationship waned as it waxed, and it was best for you two to separate. You decided it was time to explore the world, and find a new home wherever you flew.
  • Dawnstrike - an ever vigilant warrior of Ice. You came to protect this clan in its nascent days, and have seen it grow into the wondrous and bustling hearth it is today. Now that you felt your task was complete, and with such a deep bond to your clan's flight, you decided to dedicate yourself to aiding others in defending the land in the name of the Gladekeeper.
  • Dorian - a fierce and precise hunter. You chased your game deep into the woods; who was predator and who was prey may never be known.
  • Bananapeach and Bananaconda - a duo of silly soul sisters who loved to make the world smile.
  • Naza - ages ago you were destined to join the Gladekeeper with your sister Julianna, but you felt too insecure to follow your composed sister. Having found a bond with Asheera, you stayed behind with Julianna's blessing. In the years to come, Asheera helped you learn to love yourself, despite the judgements of others. Now radiating with confidence, you knew it was time to finally rejoin your sister, and complete the journey you two were destined to complete.

Ancient wrote:

The Exalted of Clan Gladehaven, Part Two

As our list grows, we here acknowledge other notable dragons who have since left our clan.

Aslesa (x) ~ Tricky ~ Outlaw ~ Corselia ~ Aata ~ Naturestrike ~ Lakinum (x) ~ Ferenne (x) ~ Tsouryen ~ Skaia ~ LilHal ~ Glassblown ~ Snow ~ Mint ~ Aurora ~ Numina ~ Essa ~ Glowwyrm ~ Bayou ~ Kurlona ~ Grenwyn ~ Raiyantha ~ Bronzewing ~ Innothule ~ Riku ~ Tonalli ~ Yohualli ~ Tuktirey ~ Catsup (x) ~ Foam ~ Antares ~ Eleri (x) ~ Argus ~ StarStorm (x) ~ Diardi (x) ~ Fig ~ Leif ~ Bara (x) ~ Sika ~ Sula ~ Jet ~ Onyx ~ Serpentine ~ Daron (x) ~ Juniper ~ Nyssias ~ Arseni ~ Prys ~ Briar ~ Shadowmoon ~ Arseni (x) ~ Seelie ~ Eryr

Ancient wrote:

the exSALT list

the OOC list of exalted dragons that i'm very salty over. bye felicia
  • Pherick - you were one heck of an ugly child, and a shame nest at that. *ahem* "He is very fond of his name and has no desire to keep quiet about it." "Pherick." "Pherick." "Pherick."
  • WhatContxgt - a permanent reminder of my awful typos, thanks Tettix
  • Alpha - if i had a gem for every time i thought you were based off me
  • Sarihsur - man, what were the chances of you happening?
  • Sladghsdogh - you were a keyboard smash from drac so worthy that i actually used a rename scroll on you to spell it right.
  • MiniBee - named because oh god i thought Bee turned into fodder
  • BreadTwo - jeez, talk about fodder lookalikes...
  • SaltyJazz - given to me as a hidious hatchie, lived as a meme. while it looked like you were just a way to get rid of an ugly kid, at least you matched Jazz and brought the 90s back for us all
  • buffering - entertaining filler for your dad's offspring list. shoutout to the fact you were also a 3 egg nest and i thought Tettix renamed my boy's kids
  • Anatoli - i've exalted anatoli
  • Vebles - so close, but you just barely missed the mark. in honor of your almost-steamfreshness, you get a silly vegetable name too
  • VoidMom - all hail. strangely enough, you were never a mom to begin with
  • Stellaluna - thank you for the pleasant nostalgia ♡
  • Sunsize - how dare you make me like coral...
  • LairEndsHere - your name was both entertaining AND useful, thanks for the help
  • Marcos - it's not a PHASE, mom
  • Davinita - you're a wholesome meme and i appreciate you a lot. thanks for the fun
  • Hanjo - i hanjo
  • Icarus - i feel really dumb that i thought you were a gen1 at first lol. ah well, at least your eyes are pretty now x
  • NowYoureARock - we were waiting all this time for you to arrive, and you didn't disappoint. and now you're a rock on a rock. what a great dragon to be sent to earthdad
  • gnenglh - look Tettix this isn't fair i make way too many typos
  • ImWalking & onSunshine - WOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHH that song is stuck in my head now. thanks.
  • aeiouaeiouaeiou and uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu - a reminder of the loss of a great heckin' meme from out of this world. and some pretty big moods too
  • Illidana - You were not prepared.
  • Moistragedy - an ungodly result of fate
  • Bloist - you're... you're just... blue moist
  • Isaye - a one treasure snipe, my best to date! and you were kinda cute too
  • CoolRytlock - your eyes made you stand out from your brother, but you sadly weren't cool enough. in the words of Cool Rytlock himself, "Later, cub. Stay cool."
  • SPORTSBALL - the most SPORTY and ATHLETIC gen1 to ever have gen1'd. gotta go rep that gladekeeper army!!! #teamHYPE
  • Creepy - you sure are... something, alright.
  • Setral and Sera - six degrees of separation, all the eyeburn!

Ancient wrote:

the exSALT list 2: electric boogaloo

honestly these are dragons i’m minorly salty over/got a chuckle from but don’t really have any commentary for them, this list and the other part two are overflow. pretty much known as the “ridiculous name list”

LordOfTheNope ~ Saltmine ~ ImFeelingDont ~ IAintTheSharpest ~ IsThatAWeed ~ Keone ~ LORDOFTHEFIST ~ TENTHOUSANDFISTS ~ psychedellicegg ~ Pebble ~ TTTTTTTTTTTarget ~ ihazabucket ~ Flambebe ~ tony ~ Sploosh ~ Aaarrrgghh ~ Skart ~ BootyBootyBooty ~ BootyBootyBooty ~ Birthday ~ DarkSausages ~ FlyingBrick ~ LittleArcanist ~ LilLightweaver ~ LilStormcatcher ~ SirSprkleton ~ SpaceCore ~ OneAndAHalf ~ BigMacSupreme ~ DatSpinach ~ Chungy ~ HowDareYouJump ~ FlameoHotman ~ MrChonk ~ SAUCE ~ GooypBoi

BootyBootyBootys exalted: 18

Ancient wrote:

Gen1 Gallery

the OOC list of gen1s i’ve exalted who i thought were pretty but not pretty enough to keep. rip

Oresa (x) ~ Bailey (x) ~ Tropica (x) ~ Kendo (x) ~ Anzu (x) ~ Aveil (x) ~ Bree (x) ~ Orlina (x) ~ Power (x) ~ Parmina (x) ~ Amberstone (x) ~ Gerrick (x) ~ Vardum (x) ~ Ender (x) ~ Kendrick (x) ~ Lorin (x) ~ Spinel (x) ~ Gou (x) ~ Ohana (x) ~ Galileo (x) ~ TrickOrTreat (x) ~ Rauru (x) ~ Shir (x) ~ Hauora (x) ~ Voidwalker (x) ~ Arzon (x) ~ Iapetus (x) ~ Summerwing (x, x) ~ Rylese (x) ~ Mavir (x) ~ Silef (x) ~ Isolt (x) ~ Nephelle ~ Xen (x) ~ Kallah (x) ~ Rhen (x) ~ Wiatt (x)

the fabulous fodder list can be found on Perdix!
list began 3/2/17
bio layout by mirrordescent

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