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Snipe » Lair » Pergamon
Level 25
Fae Male
Oct 08, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryIvory Ripple
SecondaryIvory Current
TertiaryObsidian Circuit
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 31 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Librarian and Lorekeeper


Pergamon’s parents were bright and glistening, but when they hatched their body was made of soft paper and their wings rustled as they unfurled them. Abandoned by the horrified family, they were taken in by the dragon who believed himself responsible for their creation: Symphony. Formed from his research notes, they joined him in gathering more knowledge and helping him record it.

Soon, the Scrapdragon had taken over most of the organisation of notes and the collection grew enough for them to form a small library of sorts. This became their domain, and sights of them outside of it became increasingly rare. The collected study of the scholars of the clan, and from further afield, accumulated within those walls: topics ranging from philosophy to physicks to flying spells with a small probability of turning the desired target into a small alligator instead. One bookcase is covered in scrolls and tomes narrating the clan’s history, with individual books for each clan member lined along the top shelf.

They rarely interact with other clan members, other than to guide them to an appropriate work or to chase out the hatchlings. They seem only interested in the quiet obtainment of knowledge, and indeed some have speculated that this is their nourishment, as they seem never to eat or sleep like a regular dragon.

The Lair of the Sect of Lacunae

The airspace around the Observatory is no stranger to flying islands, and it is on one of these that the Sect of Lacunae makes its home. Back when the clan was newly forming, they lived in a grove in trees in the Starwood Strand, but over time wished to be closer to the centre of Arcane territory. However, they were loath to leave their beloved home behind, and so they did the logical thing and tore it from the ground, suspending it in the air with complex spells, enhanced by the natural floating tendency of many things in the Starfall Isles.

The upper section of the lair is formed from the woven trees, creating a multitude of enclosed spaces in all shapes and sizes. In the central clearing a pool reflects the stars, providing a common social area and landing place. And the underbelly is just as extensive - if not more so. The root systems hold together the structure and with carefully encouraged growth and the odd bit of magic form a network of cavities and passages. This is no easy task, however, leading to narrow tunnels which twist unexpectedly, and an odd assortment of rooms, all nestled beside and on top of each other. Even those dragons who have spent their whole lives here are often uncertain of which rooms border which, as the route between can be long and complex. Indeed, it often appears to be too long, with too many rooms, for the size as viewed from the outside - an illusion created by the many detours, perhaps, and the difficulty of visualising the entire extent at once.

The Strand is a tricksy place, and it is said that it is as much a single entity as a dragon or a beastclan. This part of it has certainly not forgotten its origins and remains connected to its home both in its synchronised blooms and in the many portals which riddle the nooks and crannies. Some are common knowledge among the clan, such as the burrow which emerges in a hollow tree near the Crystalspines, whereas others may only be known to one or two dragons - or none at all.

And one portal leads away entirely, to a small pocket of space where a few trees and an open grassy area float among an eternal night. Empty space stretches out endlessly in every direction, dotted with unfamiliar stars, and the blossoms seem to glow even brighter. This is a peaceful place, away from the bustle of the outside world, and clan members often come here for silent contemplation.

It serves another unofficial function too - what kind of Arcane dragons would not wonder what awaited them if they Delved into the void? In this case, each dragon can make it a certain distance away before they eventually pass out and fall back towards the retreat. Some can reach several miles, but most burn out far sooner, although they can change over time. On the surface there appears to be no way to predict how far a particular dragon will make it, as physical ability seems to have little effect. Varying theories have been put forwards, such as the differences being due to a dragon’s strength of relationships, integral magic or even hour of birth, but no definitive conclusions can be drawn from available data and it is likely that the true capabilities are due to a subtle blend of many different factors.

The act of the journey can itself be a form of meditation for many clan members, who will take a regular flight out to reflect and perhaps find inspiration in the emptiness. They must be careful, though, as while many great revelations have been born in the chasm more than one dragon has awoken adamant that they will never return, although none of them has ever been able to explain why; it is unknown whether they do not know themselves or are unwilling - or unable - to discuss their experience.
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