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SSakuras » Lair » Luna
Level 20
Skydancer Female
Oct 10, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOrchid Iridescent
SecondaryShadow Shimmer
TertiaryOrchid Opal
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 45 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Starfall Celebration Apparel:
Starseer's Emblem
Starseer's Sash (2014)
Starseer's Crown (2015)
Cosmologist Fieldtools (2015)
Starlight Cloak (2016)
Starwood Veil (2017)
Spellwrought Halo (2018)
Spellwrought Shardhide (2018)


Congratulations on adopting a Night Warrior Celestial Runner Mixed Hatchling! If you're interested in knowing more about either projects, please click the top or bottom of the button!

Generation 3 Night Warrior and Generation 2 Celestial Runner


Sun Sign
Luna's Sun Sign is Libra. The Sun Sign is the embodiment of us. It is how we act, what we show to the world, how we are perceived by others, and our very core personality. It is what people identify as their "Zodiac Sign." Libra is the Sign of harmony, peace, balance, kindness to others, and, of course, romance. This means that Luna will likely show the world that she likes peace and harmony, that she isn't one to start fights. She's kind to other dragons, and might show up as a very romantic dragon herself. This depends on where the rest of her planets place in.

Moon Sign
Luna's Moon Sign rests in Aquarius. What a great match to that Libra Sun! The Moon Sign represents the emotional side of us. It is our inner core, emotional control, what we need, what we feel, and how we deal with emotional situations. It is what we need to be emotionally secure. Aquarius is quite the quirky Sign. They're very creative folks, intelligent, unusual, creative, and inventive. They deal with things fairly well, as they are idealistic. Luna will likely deal with her emotions logically and intelligently, controlling her emotional situations well. She needs discovery, adventure, and fun to be truly happy and emotionally balanced. She feels with logic, often, although balances emotions along well. However, she might be somewhat stubborn with revealing those emotions.

Mercury Sign
Luna's Mercury Sign is in Libra. Another great match to her Sun and Moon Signs, as all three are Air Signs. Mercury is the planet of intelligence, how we learn, communicate, our language, and the messages we relay to others. This is a great planet for Libra to be in. Libra is often very chatty and open to talking to others, but because of their peace and seeking peace, they think through tough situations well. Luna will likely communicate in a traditional way, with mature language. She communicates openly, and won't be one to keep many secrets. She learns through hearing others, and balance of things such as watching and listening. She might have a soft-spoken or smooth voice.

Venus Sign
Luna's Venus Sign is in Scorpio. Scorpio is always interesting to have in Venus in some shape or form. It goes pretty well with all that Libra in her chart. Venus is the planet of love. It is all about relationships, love, how we act in relationships, what we need in relationships, and our feelings toward others. Scorpio is a Sign of death, rebirth, depth, intimacy, closeness, and passion. They are often known to be romantic people. This works well in Venus. In relationships, she needs someone who is loyal, and she can trust, as it takes awhile for her to trust in someone romantically, and possibly platonically. She needs depth and intimacy, closeness and bonding. She acts loyal and intense in relationships, and takes them very seriously. She will seek a romantic partner that reflects these traits.

Mars Sign
Luna's Mars Sign rests in Capricorn. This goes well with her Libra wanting peace. Mars is the planet of war, the opposite of Venus. It is our anger, frustration, rage, passion, courage, and desire. Yikes! Capricorn is generally a very steady Sign, grounded and determined in their actions. They have a secure way of thinking through things and staying down-to-earth. This is a good planet for Capricorn, since Mars' angry energy can often be drowned out. Capricorn in Mars will make good decisions when anger, and will think things through before they stand out and act. However, Capricorn is also a Sign known to be persistent. This meaning, if someone did a wrong on Luna, she would find a way to get revenge, and not give up until that would be accomplished.

Jupiter Sign
Luna's Jupiter is in Libra. Awesome with that Libra Mercury, too! Jupiter is all about growth, how we learn, what we understand, and our optimism. It is changing for the good. With Libra, a Sign that seeks peace and harmony within all, Jupiter is bound to be very powerful on Luna. Luna will likely grow through good occurances, like finding peace, rather that be inner or by helping others. She learns through the same way, and assisting other dragons. She understands what it takes to achieve balance and that much-needed harmony. She will be a very optimistic dragon, waiting for the good sides to come out of situation and always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturn Sign
Luna's Saturn is in Sagittarius. Well, this goes interestingly with everything else. Saturn is the planet of rules, self-discipline, setting restrictions for yourself, and regulations. Sagittarius is the opposite of all of that. They like to be independent, free, have no rules set upon them, and go against what is already known! This may mean Luna has a bad sense of impulse. She may be an impulsive buyer, because she does not know how to set limits for herself. This may come out in the form of being reckless in helping others through all the Libra needs in her chart. She won't like rules in general, and will want to break them. Once again, from Libra, this will likely be wanting to break the rules in a good way. She may be reckless with her self-discipline, as that is a trait from Fire.

Uranus Sign
Luna's Uranus is in Aries. This will benefit her Libra well. Uranus always goes great with Aries, as it is the planet of change, rebellion, sudden shifts, and reformation of the self. Aries, too, represents all these traits. Aries love change, and can adapt very easily to it. The same goes for rebelling. If there was a rebellion for, say, peace, all of Luna's chart would make her rebelling recklessley for a good cause! She may be a protestor, or speaks out often for causes. Sudden shifts or change definitely do not bother her, both because of Uranus in Aries, and all the Air within her chart.

Neptune Sign
Luna's Neptune Sign is Pisces. This is a great planet-Sign pairing. Neptune is the planet of creativity, dreaming, intuition, emotions, and imagination. It is about art and the essence of art. Pisces is actually the ruling Sign of Neptune, so everything works well! Pisces represents the same qualities. They are dreamers, love to work within their own minds, create art, and represent their wild and sensitive emotions through artistic ways. This will mean Luna will work to represent her needs for harmony and peace through art, likely, creating beautiful works. She will be a dragon with a vibrant and colorful mind and imagination, always knowing how to make a situation better with art.

Pluto Sign
Luna's Pluto Sign is Capricorn. Always a great place for Pluto to be! Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, ultimate power, strength, depth, and courage through power. It is, by far, one of the most powerful planets (yes, Pluto is a planet). Capricorn is full of stability, determination, knowledge, and logic. This makes Luna's protests for harmony and peace very stable and powerful. She may deliver powerful messages that are steady and secure in logic. Her overall energy is strong and impactful to others and those around her.

Ruling Elements

Luna has a pretty steady and balanced array of elements.

Air - 4
Earth - 2
Water - 2
Fire - 2

This means that Luna's ruling element is Air.

Air is the element of movement and adaptibility. They are often intelligent people, able to adapt and change. They are often very talkative people, and like to share information with others. Luna will represent all of this. She likes to talk, mostly for a cause, from all that Libra. She adapts and learns quickly about new situations or changes to problems. She will want to share all her ever-changing information that she learns!

The rest of her elements are excellently balanced.

She has a secondary Earth. Earth is all about steadiness, stability, loyalty, and abundance. It is a love for Mother Nature. Her air will likely cancel out the stability in some of her actions, as she might be somewhat shaky. However, her talks for causes may be based off nature, or making nature better. She is loyal, which is also represented within her Scorpio Venus.

She has a secondary Water. Water is calmness, tranquility, sensitivity, emotions, and feelings. This and her other secondary Fire will pretty much cancel out each other. She will represent somewhat of a calm dragon, but might be sensitive to some subjects. She may contain or hold back powerful emotions.

She has a secondary Fire. Fire is all about rebellion, passion, desire, anger, frustration, and energy. This and Water will contrast. While Luna may be calm and focused, she may also be extremely passionate for her causes, and speak with lots of energy. It is relevant in what she believes in. The anger and frustration within the Fire element will be cancelled out by Capricorn and all the Libra wanting harmony and peace.


Dragon Astrology Reading by Alphanix. Their thread is located here.

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