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Juri01 » Lair » Ronan
Level 5
Tundra Male
Nov 12, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOilslick Skink
SecondaryBlack Current
TertiarySilver Underbelly
Eye TypeNature Common
Energy: 45 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• R O N A N •
The Recluse

  • Hatchday: Nov 12, 2016
  • Original clan: Nature
  • Parents clans: Father - ice Skydancer // Mother - shadow Tundra
  • Came to clan: was adopted on Nov 14, 2016 from the Riparian Clan (FoxScarf)
  • Familiars: Centaur Archer (awakened)
    trained: Swift Lumen (A), Sorcerous Arms (R-...)
  • Internal politics and foreign affairs: Fiendark - strategist / Étaín- diplomat
    43337096.png // 40566755.png

  • Takes part in Étaín's Ambassador Training Camp




Ronan is a very distant young male. Keeping to himself, he doesn't really talk much, except for to those he truly connects with. However, it is very rare for Ronan to make friends, as he prefers to operate alone. It isn't that he doesn't like others, he just really enjoys those silent moments where his head is his own. Saying this, Ronan is incredibly smart. He likes to spend his time tinkering with different things to make something new.

Surprisingly though, Ronan has a way with the kin of Beastclans. After going through the Ambassador training, he then became the spokesman between dragons and beastkind.

For all his skills though, Ronan's greatest talent lies in the field of public administration. Even his familiar Faile is a natural politician. Together they are easily able to manipulate others and build political coalitions between various groups and factions. These are skills the both of them put to good use in mediating between dragons and beastkin and guide them to a better understanding of one another.

Companions: Ronan and Faile

Faile is quite bigger than other harpies, slim with a high voice and a flat way of speaking. The young Condorwing Champion is beautiful in an exotic way; trained from a very early age and seasoned in battle. She was nothing like any other harpy Ronan has ever met.

Her personality could only be described as ‘quite aggressive’ and she is occasionally prone to emotions like anger or jealousy. Faile harbors a keen intellect which she uses to manipulate other or to create circumstances that would benefit her dragon companion Ronan, who she swore an oath to follow the rest of her life. Emotionally, Fail expresses quite the territorial nature whenever it comes to said companion and their property.




First encounter with Faile

Ronan once again left his clan life to wander about the territory of wind. While enjoying the sweet, gentile winds of the Windswept Plateau and drowning himself in the wide open skies of his chosen homeland, the lonely wanderer observed all the other life forms on the road. Next to birds and other wildlife, he suddenly noticed a flock of Raptorik seemingly being on the hunt. The Tundra congratulated himself to his luck and—while keeping an eye on the pain above—decided to look for the perfect place to settle down for the day. Unlike any other Beastclan he came in contact with ‘til today, the Talonoks currently didn’t show any signs of interest in making peace with their dragon neighbors. Their latest attack, which left a young hatchling unable to fly for the rest of his life, was still very present and even Ronan wasn’t eager to make contact with them today.

Suddenly—as he already set up camp and got himself something nice to eat—Ronan noticed a different shape flying circles above his head. As he concentrated on it, the Raptorik flock took notice on the other flyer … and decided to pay it a visit! The dragon cringed at the sight of it. The lonely flyer had no chance at all! But it held itself in the air for quite some time, evading attacks and getting in some nice hits. In the end, it was still outnumbered and taken down by the small, vicious predators. The injured flyer stumbled down; quite near Ronan’s camp actually and the dragon reluctantly made his way to see, if he could offer a helping hand to whoever just got involved with the Raptorik.

The first thing Ronan noticed about the injured flyer after approaching it: it had to be the biggest harpy he had ever seen! Still, she was slim and quite beautiful in an exotic way. She had to be a worrier the way she looked and by the weapons she carried. What kind of harpy was this? Ronan never saw someone similar to her at any other Harpy Clan close by. Maybe, she was a visitor? He showed himself to her, tried to convince her of his good intentions so he could treat her many injuries. Reluctantly, the young harpy allowed Ronan to come closer and have a look. Soon, they started talking to one another, starting by giving their name.

“Wait a second! You are called Fail? Quite the… interesting name you have there.”

Ronan was unsure what kind of parents or teacher gave the harpy her name, but he was grateful that person wasn’t the Namegiver of his family!

Taile’s unmasked part of the face turned into a fiery red and it seemed like, she only could hold herself back thou to the injuries. Otherwise, the dragon in front of her would have never gotten an answer, but rather a severe beating.

“Listen there, dragon. And listen closely! My name is FAILE! It’s pronounced < fa-YEEL > and bears the meaning “falcon”. Keep that in mind, you stupid ****–"

The rest of the sentence turned into a frantic mumbling and Ronan considered himself lucky not being able to understand anymore of it. Well, it has been a stupid mistake on his behalf, so he'd better apologize.

They didn’t spent much time at the camp as Ronan wanted to bring Faile to a healer as soon as possible. After much persuasion, the harpy finally agreed to come along. So, she was about to meet her first dragon clan here in the Windswept Plateau.

Rapport with the Beastclans of the Windswept Plateau

Harpy Beastclan
The harpies under the great matriarch Talona had once a culture focused on the arts, now they are setting up for war against dragonkind. They currently are employed at the Trading Company and have become a great asset to the clan. It has become common practice for other beastclans--and now also our clan Àidhear--to have a permanent harpy ambassador ensconced within their ranks.

-->(Great rapport, very familiar with one another at the moment.)

Longneck Beastclan
Recently, some smaler clans consisting of the younger generations of Longneck are becoming more hostile with the dragons in the wind territory. Their exploding population seems to push even dragons out of their homes. As they may not threaten large dragons, the more smaller kinds however can find themselves close together with a hostile enemy and are swiftly driven out of their homes.

--> (Our clan has an allied group of Longneck living close, so we are in the lucky position of not having to deal with this problem at the moment. In the future, we might have to keep an eye on this matter though, as our family is made of dragon with a variety of differed sizes... so a bit more hostile Longneck clans settling down here in the near future might become a problem. We have to discuss the matter further with the leader of our befriended clan soon.)

Talonok Beastclan
They certainly are of a bigger problem and the most hostile towards our clan then the other Beastclans. Its different species--Raptorik and Corven--currently coexist harmoniously and in large numbers not too far away from our territory. Raptorik are hunters and warriors who use their wings to climb the air currents to dive at startling speeds towards their prey. The Corven at the other side seem of diminutive size (not growing to be slightly larger than a Fae) compeard to their larger companions.

BUT it is difficult to see them until they are close enough to strike. They appear in flocks and any dragon caught in such could get nearly cut to shreds (they dart and dive like hundreds of knives cutting the air). It's said that they are cunning and voracious, attacking relentlessly if their Corven compatriots are endangered.

Also, they are rapidly expanding, bleeding into areas where dragons made their homes. These beastmen are refered to as unpredictable, adaptable, and deadly.

--> (....especially for our curious, freedom-loving, adventurous Puffs! Remember the sad incident with young Kylar! The poor soul will never fly again after he was attacked as a hatchling, crashing and totaly destroying his wings! )


  • Étaín's Ambassador Trainees:

Wind - Niyol / Shadow - Kalki / Light - Yongrui / Water- Llŷr / Earth- Mahkah / Nature - Ctirad

Ice- Crevan / Arcane- Althea / Fire- Cináed / Lightning- Ishkur / Plague - Clot

37013623.png - 28463426.png
Associate Amb. - Amina / Beastclan Amb. - Ronan



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