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Chardano » Lair » Cornelisse
Level 20
Snapper Female
Jan 09, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Iridescent
SecondaryEldritch Shimmer
TertiaryStonewash Spines
Eye TypeFire Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins

The Night Warrior

Make your family proud.

Lisse knew she should do better. The blood running through her veins was that of a warrior, there was no denying that. It was the reason she had been brought to the clan in the first place. It was the reason Vasama was still so patient with her, training her personally and always ignoring her fumbles and mistakes.
Still, it was pointless. She was too weak. Too soft. She was too slow, too clumsy and too hesitant. It wasn't because she didn't want to be a warrior. In fact, she wanted that more than anything. It was the only way for her, always had been. It was the way that would make her family proud.

Vasama was getting angry with her. The wildclaw didn't say it outloud but she could see the irritation in his eyes when he explained the correct move for her the tenth time that day. Others were snickering on the sidelines - they had already finished their training that day and apparently had nothing better to do than to point and laugh at her. She was mortified. Worse yet, Vasama didn't do anything to them. Her mentor had always made sure the training arena was not a place for idle talk and nonsense but this time he just stared at her and told her to continue.
Later in the evening she'd walked up to them and demanded an apology.
"Your blood means nothing here," they had said. "Prove yourself before you start acting all high and mighty."
She really, really hated to admit it but they might have been right.

Weeks later she was getting desperate. She had worked harder than ever before but she still hadn't made any progress. So she was hardly suprised when she tumbled to the muddy ground once more.
"Rise up," commanded Vasama. Lisse didn't listen. She was done with this.
"Rise up," the wildclaw repeated.
"No." Lisse tried to keep her voice calm but the tears were already creeping into her eyes.
"What did you say?"
"No! I'm done with this! I'm never going to be a soldier! It's all useless and you know it!"
"Cornelisse." There was a thin tone of warning in her mentor's voice.
"I hate this! I hate you! I wish I would have never joined this stupid clan!"
Ahe ran away and hoped Vasama hadn't seen her cry.

The violet-scaled wildclaw who was always following Vasama around showed up in her cave that night. She was suprised to see him - he had never shown any kind of interest towards her before. As far as she knew, the other dragon didn't even know her name.
"What is it?" she asked. Had Vasama sent him? Not that it mattered anyway. She couldn't face her mentor, not after this. She was leaving the clan for good.
The wildclaw - Ambrosia, she think his name was- smiled at her. He looked pleasant enough but there was something in his eyes she didn't quite like.
"I believe we can help each other."
"What are you talking about?"
Ambrosia's smile widened. "Tell me, snapper. Have you ever wanted to be truly powerful?"
Lisse frowned. Whatever she had been expecting, it wasn't this.
"What do you mean?"
"Take a look at this."
He took something from his pack and put it carefully to the table. It was a heavy and thick, old-looking book. Ambrosia opened it and turned his head.
"Are you not going to read it?"

The book told a story about a sword.
"Used by the leaders of the Bloodmoon Brotherhood, this ancient artifact was crafted to have enough power to rival an Emperor when wielded by a capable warrior. It has been said to trap the souls of it's owners when they die, draining their life force and making their magic part of it's ever-growing powers."
There was an illustration of a beautiful golden blade decorated with white jewels. She looked at Ambrosia in confusion.
"What are you trying to say with this?" She asked. The other dragon curled his lips to an arrogant smile.
"Take a guess."
"You cannot possibly be telling me this is real. This is just some old and boring hatchling's tale." A thought formed in her head. "Are you trying to play a prank on me? Are the others along with this as well?"
Ambrosia just kept smiling. "My dear friend, if I was just joking around, I'd certainly pick someone more interesting to play with. I know that the sword exists and I'm going to get to it. I just think I'm better off with somebody else with me."
Lisse hesitated for a moment. "What do I get from it?"
Ambrosia raised his eyebrows. "Why, the sword, of course."
"I thought that was what you were after."
"Oh no. I am looking for another object entirely. I just happened to find out the sword is located in the same place."
Lisse thought about his words for a while.
"Why me?"
Ambrosia rolled his purple eyes. "Vasama has told me about you. He's talked about your... potential. I think you are perfectly suitable for the task I need help with."
Lisse blinked. Vasama had complimented her? Somehow the thought made her feel flustered and anxious at the same time.
"So you'll come?"
Lisse nodded. She was going to get the sword. She was going to make Vasama proud.

"A grave?"
Lisse stared at the monolith looming above them. She and Ambrosia had been travelling for days until they had arrived here. She was still anxious about the gloomy atmosphere and unnatural silence of the Shadowbinder's domain but Ambrosia seemed to be right at home here.
"Yes. The blade is hidden inside it."
"We are robbing a grave?!"
Ambrosia tilted his head. "Now, 'rob' is such an unpleasant" word, isn't it?"
"This isn't-" Lisse didn't know what to say. Her parents had always taught her to respect the dead. A grave was a final resting place of a warrior and it deserved to be left untouched. "You are horrible! You should have told me!"
"Are you going to turn back now?"
"I'm not doing this! Not for you!"
Ambrosia sighed. "I see. Such a pity. I really need your help to open the doors."
Lisse growled. "Well you can open them yourselves! I'm leaving!"
"I'm afraid that is not an option."
"Watch me!" She turned away and started her way back but suddenly stopped when she felt something cold press against her throat. She gasped in suprise.
"What are you-"
The last thing she remembered was a sudden sting of pain when the knife dug it's way into her flesh.

She woke up alone. There was a note besides her. She read it. The words turned to mush in her head, like she didn't know how to process them anymore. Grateful...Blood sacrifice...Got what I needed...Price inside.
Her limbs felt heavy and stiff. There was a distinct numbness in her mind, as if her senses had been dulled all of a sudden.
She walked into the cavern that had been revealed from the ground. The sword was laying in the middle of the floor.
She picked it up and felt a sudden surge of energy take over her.
She didn't have doubts anymore.



- She can't talk much because of her throat being slit. She mostly whispers nowadays.

- She also wears a scarf for the same reason.

- The sword makes her strong but also overrides any protective instincts she might have, making it easy for her to get injured. It would be dangerous if she wasn't already... dead, you know.

- Ambrosia resurrected her with his magic and so maintains a small amount of control over her. Not enough to boss her around but enough to make sure she doesn't take revenge on him.

Art and design by WaAiTeSeng~

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