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angedelamort » Lair » Warden
Level 20
Tundra Female
Jan 13, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryEldritch Falcon
SecondaryFlint Stripes
TertiaryVermilion Runes
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Generation 4

Congratulations on adopting a Night Warrior Hatchling! If you're interested in knowing more about the project, please click the button!

"It's leader!"
The dragons in the small mining village clan hurried to greet the lowering shadow of Granith. The wise, mighty she-dragon gracefully landed in the centre of the camp and bowed her head as soon as she touched the ground. "What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Granith's mate and the clan's second-in-command, Scivil spoke softly as he hurried over, his battle-worn wings ruffled with worry. "What's... This?" Granith straightened, revealing a small furry bundle tucked close to her belly, sleeping soundly. "Hush. I have returned from the Plague camp. I managed to rescue a hatchling that was to be exalted." At the soothing rumble of her voice, the small hatchling snorted and wriggled around. "Scivil?" "Yes, love. I'll take her to the lair." The guardian gently grasped the greyish-black bundle and flew off as swiftly as he could to the clan's molten lair.

"Try and catch me!"
"No fair! You're flying!"
The three hatchlings of the clan played Catch the Cuckoo on the cracked hot ground of the dragon lair. "I'm the Cuckoo! Come on and catch me!" Two-day-old Insence crowed, rising unsteadily into the air with his frail, downy wings. A sudden vision flashed across Essendon's mind. "No! Plume! Come down! You'll get hurt!" Essendon shouted at the ever-rising guardian. "But I'm fine!" Insence yelled back, her scaled wings now becoming one with the lava's hissing steam. "Ani! Essen! The view's incredible up here-" Her sentence was suddenly cut off as her fragile wings gave way. Insence plummeted to the blacked, crusty earth like a meteor of dark purple. A sickening thud and crack echoed around the area as Anicia and Essendon rushed over. "Insence!" Anicia gasped, shaking in terror at the sight of her friend. "Wake up! INSENCE!" Essendon could not make a sound. She had seen this with her own eyes - another set of eyes, but still very much her own. She tried, tried so hard to warn her friend, but in the end, what was achieved? Insence still lay there, her wings bent at an awkward angle. Crimson blood seeped out from beneath his soft brown down, and her chest was barely moving.

"What in the name of the Flamecaller-INSENCE?!" In a flash, Malingee was by the injured hatchling's side, Insences scruff in his jaws. "Oh, goodness - what in tarnation were you hatchlings doing? He must be rushed to Granith this instant." Without another word, the Bog flapped his wings and zipped to the leader's den. The other grown dragons sent Anicia and Essendon back to their lairs, tutting and gently scolding them. At this rate, Essendon was unable to keep it all in. "I warned her!" she sobbed, glowing red eyes bright with sorrow. "I saw this happen, I tried! But, I couldn't..." Nargun swept Essendon into the comfort of her rocky fur. A few dragons exchanged glances. "Shh... My sweet, you couldn't have done better." The rock cursed Tundra hesitated a while, before continuing,"Essendon, what did you say about seeing this happen?" "It was like... A vision - A glimpse - of what will happen. I'm sorry! I knew, and I couldn't stop it..."

"That's a job well done already, young one." Dragons swivelled around and bowed respectfully as Granith glided into the lair, Insence curled up on her back. Essendon gasped. "Is she..." Granith nudged her. "She's fine. A broken wing is nothing in a flight of the flames!" Pride was evident in her voice as the leader carefully lowered the small bundle onto a patch of softer ground. "Heal without disturbance, youngling," she murmured in Insences ear. She straightened, fiery gaze fastened on Essendon. "Essendon, I believe you have a very special power of precognition." At the confused look on her face, Granith continued, "Which is, the power to percieve future events before they occur. I believe it is rather rare for a Plague or Fire dragon to possess this particular talent." At the words of her clan leader, Essendon sat up a bit straighter, feeling a sliver of pride jolt through her wings.
"Thank you, leader. From now on I shall make use of this talent to assist and strengthen this clan!"

Her first batch didn't go so well as Essendons powers were still very new and caused her to have a miscarriage. Only one baby survived and was forced to join another clan as they had better medical attendance for its deformities but the other two babies were killed.
Her second batch of children seem healthy and very lively. They went to help the flamecaller goals.
Artwork done by cheesypickles62



Formerly Essendon | Silent Watcher
The Ghost of the Past

The Timekeeper

She never expected to be turned into a monster, never expected to be anything but, well, herself. And now here she was--only she wasn't herself. She was a monster of bones, dying to be set free. Her powers of precognition have run awry, setting loose the power that was so long contained. However, the Warden, the beautiful spirit whose body had long wasted away had found a new home. By the time this new spirit had "infected" her, so to say, she was almost beyond repair, her mind drove into the very corners of insanity by her powers. Those powers, which had once helped her clan so much. It was much like a gift. A deadly one.
Those who knew her as Essendon, now called her the Warden. The Warden of Time.
And that was Essendon. Essendon was out of control by then, having to be kept in an asylum.


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