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Cicadas » Lair » Alexandre
Level 1
Pearlcatcher Male
Jan 17, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryPearl Poison
SecondaryRose Facet
TertiaryMetals Stained
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Uh-oh, looks like this young fellow wandered a little too far from his/her home lair(Goji, #5381), and now he's off to see the world! If ever you feel the need to exalt, he'd really appreciate it if you could just return him to the home lair, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here. This is not necessary, but s/he would be very grateful!


Owners I've Had:

Goji, #5381
Petall, #256252
Buffykiev, #213400
unidra, #64884
EternalPhoenix, #177640
GrinningWolf24, #212075
TomSwifty #327532

Lair One
My journey starts during the peak of the Crystalline Gala.

The earth is cold, but I feel in my heart a Wanderlust that cannot go ignored. I am still young, without a hoard to call my own, so I leave only with my pearl strapped to my back and the call of the world from within the precious stone. Wind is a free place, but I cannot stay here forever. This life is not for me.
So I begin my trek out into this expansive world, wondering who and what I'll meet along the way. I pray new friends to find me, and enemies to never show.

Lair Two
I hadn't even left the windswept plateau when I arrived at my first stop.

It's nice here, at the Inn Over Yonder, the inn that floats through the skies of the plateau. I don't know what compelled me to stay here, when I was so close to leaving my birth flight, but the faces seemed friendly and the air was abuzz with excitement over their next stop. Apparently, the captain had plans to land the ship on the highest and most dangerous cliff of the reedcleft ascent. I joined them for the ride.

Up top, we encountered a very angry wildclaw. She had just finished climbing the cliff and was muttering something about failing to be the first non-wind dragon to touch the soil. In the end, she joined up at the inn. Last I saw of her, she was offering tours to any dragon who would listen. I've heard stories of how dangerous her tours are, so I opted to stay aboard the ship.

I didn't plan on staying here as long as I have, but the wind is calling to me again. I must take off and fly, before too long. I will never forget the dragons I met here, but I could not live with myself if I did not venture beyond the reaches of my birth flight.

Lair Three

I headed north, into the lands of the Scarred Wasteland. This area was vastly different from my homeland, and I found it was very unforgiving. I was constantly on guard, in fear that diseased creatures or dragons would jump out at me at any moment. It was that fear that made me want to get out of this land as quickly as I could. But I soon became lost.

However I stumbled upon a little haven in the hard land. A mismatched clan welcomed me in and gave me a place to stay for as long as I wanted it. These dragons were all nice enough and I stayed for a while, making friends and listening to their tales. But I soon found I wanted to move on, and I set off in hopes of leaving this rotting land.

Lair Four

I missed the Windswept Plateau, so I traveled back and explored the Reedcleft Ascent, where I found the Windstone Clan. I think it's supposed to be a bed and breakfast. I was told to at least wait until the rest of the clan arrived. A bunch of them are traveling performers. Well, they arrived eventually. They were entertaining, but I had waited so long that my cabin fever was too much to enjoy it. The magician must have sensed this and pulled me into a performance so she could pull a pair of roundhorns out of a hat. I like them more than I want to admit. Someone else gave me a scarf to keep warm during my travels, but I don't remember if it was someone in this clan or another clan. So, I'm heading off with my new gear.
Lair Five
My travels soon took me to the Southern Icefield where I came across a pretty small Clan going through a relocation of their current home. It seemed something had happened to cause this sudden move but no one was willing to give a reason why. I was fine with not knowing honestly, this wasn't my place to stick my nose into. However despite all of the chaos going on they were quite a number of traveling dragons like myself around. One in particular had caught my attention, an older imperial with black scales and rich red wings. We spoke with each other and got along quite well even with everything going on around us. We had a nest while we stayed in that Ice clan and the hatchlings were taken in by the Clan who promised to take care of them until they were old enough to leave. I stayed behind once she had left giving the hatchings names before I had gone once again on my travels. I'm not sure if I'll ever meet her again but who knows maybe I will.

Lair Six- Namesong
GrinningWolf24, #212075, 9/24/17

Two handsome, pink, new dads who have left their partners and young to continue their journeys walk into a city of tents.

No, literally that is the punch line. Also, a bar is involved.

"Waittress, another pint please! I need to stop seeing my mate's face....."
"Same for me."

The imperial looks over to the rather sparkly and attractive pearlcatcher. "What's got you, friend?"
"Nothin' much. I mated to another traveler, and after we nested, she left. Now the young'uns are with the clan we were staying at, and I'm on the road again. What even is life?" He sees the pearlcatcher drink deep of his mug, draining the rather fruity-looking contents.
"I hear ya'. I myself made the mistake of mating to a rather kind and pretty young lady myself.
Only trouble was.... she was an oracle. And doing such was an act of treason. On top of the fact that she was wanted for 'possible innaccuracies' and 'treason against the crown'." The imperial made air quotes, his swishing tail taking out another patron, a rather small and clumsy tundra.

At this the pearlcatcher snorts into his now-empty mug. "Oi, mate. You're right- you've got it much worse."
"Not as much as my mate. Now she's in prison, unable to see our hatchlings until they've mostly grown." The imperial swished his mug around, watching the questionable contents swirl into a small tornado within the glass.

The pearlcatcher looks from the imperial, to his own empty mug, to the ground, before his snout bobbed back up again, once more towards the imperial. "Eeh, friend, can I buy you a drink?"
"That would be nice."
"Waittress! Another round! The good stuff!"

*quite a number of drinks later*

"A-aan- *hic* t-then the centaaaaur says 'We don' like yourrrr kind here! Ya' bes' shove off!'" A roar of laughter escapes both dragons, and they have to hold each others' shoulders to even remain upright. Stumbling, the pair work their way out of the bar- out of the city of tents in fact. In a haze, they walk an unknown distance before collapsing.

TomSwifty 327532

Alexandre had barely left the doctor and gotten his bearings before being roughly buttonholed by his previous companion. "There you are!" cried the imperial. "Listen, I'm ready to get out of here- you coming?"

"Well, I was hoping we could stay here just a little longer." Alexandre may be a wanderer, but he wasn't sure he wanted to leave before he could even look around. "I mean, the doctor told me to get some rest, and I don't think traveling is-"

"He's not a doctor." The imperial (what was his name, anyhow?) grabbed Alexandre's foreleg and gave it a tug. "And we're leaving." He looked into the distance, suddenly appearing worried. "Oh deities, I don't where we are or anything, or-" he shook his head. "Nevermind. Let's go." He lifted off with a flap of wings, dragging his companion who had just absorbed the earlier part of the conversation.

"Wait- what do you mean he wasn't a doctor?"

Home at last.

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