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Apricotjello » Lair » Ziora
Level 1
Pearlcatcher Female
Apr 27, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryLead Poison
SecondaryPearl Paint
TertiaryWhite Underbelly
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Uh-oh, looks like this restless lass wandered a little too far from his/her home lair (256252, Petall), and now she's off to see the world! If ever you feel the need to exalt, she'd really appreciate it if you could just return her to the home lair, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here. This is not necessary, but she would be very grateful!


Owners I've Had:

309765, RJMac (plague)
5381, Upshur (Shadow)
284879, ConfusedKing (Arcane)
12962, Zikul (Light) - Lost her pearl and her ability to fly
256252, Petall (Wind)
321012, Apricotjello (Lighting)

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Ziora was excited to follow her mom on adventures. One of the first stops was an Arcane clan with a Wildclaw leader like her mom! During this stop, 3 dragons like her were born. She grew close to them, playing with them when they felt up to it and the mother would allow it. She found it fascinating that she use to be like them. She tried to be careful with them.

Before her mom said it was time to go, though she wouldn't say why, she got to go on a gathering session with the mother and father of the hatchlings plus a gray tundra. She had a lot of fun crawling into places they couldn't get to to find something exciting!


He called himself Tempakeet, and he was terrifying. What had first been a shadow in the sky, soon turned into the shape of a pitch black imperial: Before she knew it, he'd caught her in his claws and flown off with her. She was to become his bride, he had chosen her.

Once they reached his lair, which was atop a tall pillar in the depth of the Tangled Woods, he placed a curse on her so that she could no longer fly, threatening her that if she ever attempted to escape, he'd do even worse than that.

Heartbroken, Ziora had to cope with the meager existence there: Other female dragons had been hoarded up in a similar way, robbed away from their clans, one of them was Ellasear, who was the only one to dare approach her once Tempakeet had left. She healed her bruises, and spoke to her in a hushed voice.
"Some of the dragons here won't think twice about telling on you, so what I am about to share with you, you mustn't pass on.

"You are a newcomer, so I trust you. I have a plan to get out of here - this place is high up, jumping would be fatal, but there is another way. The slope is steep, but for a slender skydancer like myself, and an agile pearlcatcher like you, a descent is possible. However," she licked her beak in contemplation, "You'll have to leave behind the pearl - Yes, I know," she noticed Ziora's widened eyes, "it's the essence of what you are, but you see... this dragon must be destroyed. I do not intend to leave all these dragons behind to please his personal whim - when I am out of here, I'll organize a raid against him. I come from a powerful clan with many high ranking warriors, he won't be any match for us. You'll be able to retrieve your pearl then - I can't have you wait here. We need to be two for the climb, it's not possible to make it alone."

Ziora considered the options, and then agreed to proceed. She hid her pearl in a place she thought no one would look, and then they started their descent.

The climb was dangerous, the rocks wet from an storm that had passed through just days ago. On instinct, the two dragons kept close: Ellasear slipped once, and it would have gone very badly, had Ziora not been able to catch her by the tail.

It took almost an entire day to reach the bottom, and when they did, they cowered in the bushes and watched the sky for Tempakeet's shadow. Eventually, they crossed into the more peaceful lands of the Lightweaver.
"You are welcome to accompany the army in its attack," Ellasear told her that same evening, when they had found their way to the clan and the debrief had finally been accomplished.
"I'd rather not," Ziora answered in honesty.
"Then I'll make sure your pearl is found and brought to you." They nodded in agreement, and the attack was launched.

From what Ziora was told after the fact, things had gone wrong very early. Tempakeet's personal collection of wives were not all there against their wishes: Those who had proven themselves loyal to him had been granted training and flying. Ellasear's warriors found themselves hit pretty hard by skilled warriors, and the females who weren't on Tempakeet's side were too crippled by their flightlessness to fight back.

The intense use of magic did something to the magnetic field of Sornieth, as though so much magica wasn't supposed to be channeled in one place at such a rapid speed. The pillar, torn by the vicious dragons and spells, cracked from the effort - and that was when Tempakeet arrived, just in time to see it go down, he watched from afar. Some warriors launched at him, but it was too late - he left without a fight.

The pillar, the flightless females and Ziora's pearl were all lost to the fall. Once Ellasear had finished telling her of what had happened, she thought she'd never feel happy again. Her pearl was lost - either cracked or buried deep under rubble and the dead, and as if that wasn't enough, she was still flightless.

She had a decision to make - either, she'd go to Shadow Flight and look for her pearl, or she'd try to regain her ability to fly, first.


She decided to first seek her flight. After all, what would happen if she found her pearl, but was unable to reach it due to her flightlessness. She wasn't sure where to go to find it again, but she felt that the best place to start looking was wind. After all, that flight was known to have the most skilled fliers, and many wind dragons spent more time in the air than out of it.

What she hadn't expected was to happen upon her mother's birth clan. Iyonda Landing had changed from the inn her mother had hatched in to a large and bustling port town. She had never met her mother's family, and was shocked to find the welcome she received once she had announced herself to be Louisa's daughter. Preparations were made to throw a party to celebrate her visit, and many dragons flooded her with questions about the well-being of her mother and about her own adventures. All the planning was cut short, however, when she was unable to follow them up to the higher airborne platforms of the town.

The ferry service for flightless dragons carried her up too one of the lower platforms, and all preparations for the party were halted when they realized how overwhelmed and tired she was. It was then that Hew stepped forward, and suggested that she receive some medical attention. She was then brought to Baron and Belarus's business where they tried a few simple herbal remedies over the course of the next week. Nothing worked, the magic was far too deep. It was then that Hew and Res took on the care for the pearlcatcher.

Months passed, and though Ziora grew comfortable in the clan of her grandparents, she longed to join her family in the skies. Res and Hew tried every remedy possible, but nothing seemed to work. She was flightless still, and she seemed to be doomed to remain that way. Her spirits fell.

As she spiraled deeper and deeper into her depression, she was unaware that Hew was beginning to find a alternative method of flight. After weeks of talking to important dragons in the clan, he approached Ziora with his idea.

Being a port town, the clan had an abundance of sky ships. If Ziora could only learn to sail one, she could gain flight without use of her wings. The thought of being able to feel the wind in her scales again lead her to become hopeful again, and she let Hew And Res bring her out of the treatment center.

There she was presented with a sky ship of her own, big enough to carry only four dragons tops without getting too cramped. Flying lessons began the very next day. It did not take long for her to master the ship, and to her joy, she was flying again. All that was left to try her skills in the skies of other flights, and all would be well again. With practice, she too passed that test with flying colours.

Soon, she knew it was time to find her pearl again. She was sad to leave the dragons she had grown close to, and they were sad to see her go, but she wasn't complete without her pearl. Setting off into the skies once more, she knew she would never forget what Iyonda Landing had done for her.


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