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PiecesOSky » Lair » Wingripper
Level 20
Spiral Male
May 25, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryEldritch Falcon
SecondaryMidnight Peregrine
TertiaryLapis Runes
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins
sword_1_by_rexcaliburr-dbedyub.png WINGRIPPER
;; traveller, night warrior

of the Wing line of the Pieces OSky // One who tears

Alignment // NEUTRAL GOOD


Personality // Phasellus id ante augue. Maecenas id accumsan enim. Suspendisse potenti. Ut eleifend bibendum nisl sit amet maximus. Donec ornare erat nec diam posuere semper. Nullam semper orci id venenatis vestibulum. Morbi at nisi gravida, efficitur ex vel, ultricies erat. Maecenas viverra nulla est, id sagittis lacus iaculis ac. Nullam ex tellus, fermentum at erat non, auctor mattis turpis.
-- Likes // Giving and receiving affection, doing well in battle, seeing new places, helping others.
-- Dislikes // Responsibilities, being unable to help others,



Wind Aligned


Third generation Night Warrior!

An adventurous sort who set out to explore Sornieth. Little did he know that his chivalrous ways and dashing appearance would result in many lovers!

The first time he left the Wondswept plateau was as a bodyguard to Cloudkeeper, on a diplomatic mission to some nearby Plague clans. There he met a curious young Naomi descendent. She decided to return to The PiecesOSky with him for a wile, where the two spent a few happy days.

Hosted by Guild of Flames
Once Wingover ran out of his special ink to paint cloth. He had a lot of work to do, so he asked Wingripper to buy it for him. It was made by infamous master who lived in Zephyr, his paints were rare and expensive as well.
When Wingripper was on the halfway of his road, he saw a young dragoness. She was alone, injured after a fight, barely standing on her legs and circled by scavenger birds. Wingripper immidiately rushed in the flock, scratching it with his sharp teeth and claws. Scavengers got scared of him, and flew away, but one of them bit dragon's hip.
When the kid was safe, Wingripper provided first aid to both of them and asked what she was doing here alone. The dragoness told him her name was Alex and she was a Night Warrior, just like him. She decided to prove to the guild where she lived, that her assasin skills lay in her blood, and she could kill a harpy with her bare hands. Searching for one for weeks, she travelled far away from home, and if Wingripper wasn't near, she would be someone's dinner so far.
The dragon understood that Alex won't be able to fly for a long time, and brought young spiral to her home by himself. When he appeared at the guild, everyone met him like a hero. They were searching for Alex for so long, that everyone thought she's already dead. Every member thanked the dragon personally and even sacrifised a lamb for him!
The Leader said to Wingripper, that his family is her family, his friends is her friends, and she would be glad to give him and them a shelter in the guild anytime and anywhere.
The spiral spent a good night here, having fun dancing and telling stories. When Wingripper was about to leave, Alex gave him food, piece of armor and the box of paint he was looking for.

shadow_0.png From warm blinding light, into the dark, cold realm of shadows the young adventurous Spiral went.
His heart thorobbing as he stood in the middle of the Driftwood Drag. Pictures of beautiful, glowing mushrooms he knew from this realm cross his memory, but no sign of them or any kind light as far as he could see.
A darkend river next to him, silently flowing, carrying pieces of wood, bark, and leaf-litter, that stick together to little dams here and there.
For a while Wingripper watches the water flow silken, when a sound of cracking branches turns his attention toward the inscrutable underwood.
The sound grew closer, and the Spirals heart began to beat faster and louder. What was coming for him? A beast? A hostile dragon, angry that he crossed their territory?
But none of these... A little Capricat emerged from the shadows, clearly affectionate as it started to lovingly rub against the startled Spiral, as if trying to soothe him.
‘But what is a creature like this doing in such a dark Place?‘ he wondered as he picked up the small familiar and looked around. Curageous he stepped into the underwood where the cat-like creature came from and followed a small path that was hidden from his vision before. The capricat was now i front of him, seeming to lead him somewhere while a Duskrat or two cross their way from time to time, providing a little Snack fort he hungry and weary traveler and his furry companion.
Soon the odd pair emerged from the Underwood once again, but this time Wingripper found himself facing a wide field, dotted with beautiful, glowing mushrooms . He has reached the Whispwillow Grove. For the first time, in this dark place, he felt no hostility around him, but rather the soft light seemed to welcome him. shadow_1.png
But as he looked closer, something seemed to move between the mushrooms, something that seemed equally bright and shining. With sudden exitement the young Spiral realized he was facing a swarm of faeries, playfully flying trough the air.
Cautiously he stepped closer, but instead of being scarred away when the small creatures spotted the drake, they took an equal interest in him and started circeling his head in excitement.
“They seem to like you quite well.“ An unknown voice suddenly disrupts the quiet. Startled the Spiral turned around and almost swept away a fragile Fae, barely half his size, with his tail.
“Excuse me, i did not meant to startle you!“ he apologiced and flew a bit into the air so their eyes would be on equal height “My Name is Discord and it came to my attention a traveler came to visit us~“
shadow_2.png His new host savely lead him to a small but cozy lair, hidden in the middle oft he Foxfire Bramles, where a warm welcome awaited Wingripper. The sharp thorny vines surrounding him caused an uncomfortable feeling to build up inside of his stomach, but Discord explained calmly, that these were just a defense and that he does not have to worry for his savety, as long as he stayed in the save space oft he lair or had someone indigenous ot lead him, which he promised he’d do.
In this place filled with darkness, it was impossible to know, when day began and when it ended, no light ever broke trough the thick, dark fog above the land oft he Tangled Woods. However, he felt the tiredness in his bones, when night fell. He was given a warm, cozy nest padded with soft feathers and pelts and a cloak to keep him warm.
The next day he woke up to laughter and light chattering. The other dragons were already awake and doing their daily chores.
Sleepily he crawled out of his cozy nest, a few feathiss still sticking to his wings, accompanied by the capricat from the day before, which seems awfully fond of him... Affectionately Windripper names his new, furry friend 'Chocolate' as its fur reminded him of the sweet treat.
Dragons, young and old, he has not seen the day before greeted him, showing their different craftsmanships and skills, telling tales and nursery rhymes native to the Tangled Woods.
A skilled carver and Blacksmith shows him the art of sculpting, gifting him with a beautiful, self made Onix Idol of their flight's deity.
So the days passed and he barely kept the number as they do. He learned the name of the small tribe he visited to be the Kage-Tribe and accompanied the hunters on their daily quest to keep the stomachs of their comrades and youngsters filled. He watched them fight in awe and even learned new skills as well.
Among these hunters, he met Oracion, a beautiful, young Imperial. Though appearing Icy and cold from the outside, her heart was filled with warmth and softness, and it did not take long for Wingripper to fall for the elegant beauty. 34799094p.png
The next thing he knew, they were blessed with trhee healthy eggs.As much as Wingripper was eager to meet his children, sadness filled him, knowing he had to part with his newfound Family soon. After five days of breeding then, he was finaly able to hold two healthy sons and one gorgeous daughter. All of them bore the sahdow eyes of their birthplace, and looked up to their father to become strong, Night Warriors, just like him, one day!
Naturally his stay has to come to an end sooner or later. So one day, Discord and Oracion approached him with sad, but smiling expressions. "The time has come for our ways to part." the Fae announced "but let us show you one last thing, before you continue your travels across our wonderful land of Sornieth." together they flew towards the Heartland of the shadow realm, where the feeling of the Shadowbinder's presence grew closer. Enormous ruins, once part of the Sunbeam Ruins laid there, completely engulfed in Shadows. An intimidating and yet fascinating last view of the land that was so hostile but yet so welcoming to the young traveler...
One Last time, the two friends and lovers exchanged a smile and a friendly goodbye, before Wingripper crossed the border to the shadowlands flying into a new adventure. For the first time in what feels like ages to him, he saw the bright blinding Sun and the beautiful, blue sky again!

6 September - 13 September | The Blindsiders | Location: Unknown, Foxfire Bramble.

And so it was time to leave again despite his short return to his home clan. After all, a traveller could never stay in one place for too long before losing his desire to travel, or so his seniors had told him. He could rest upon reaching his new destination. And of course, where better for a warrior like himself to visit, then the underground society of mercenaries and assassins? A place where there was danger at every turn and the dragons he expected to meet were likely not so friendly. But perhaps he might find himself a little job while he was there, and be able to make a little money to bring home.

The Blindsiders were only known by word of mouth, and quite a few of Wingripper's acquaintances knew about the hidden encampment. It won't look like much on the surface, but once you find the town and if you don't happen to get torn apart by the guards above, head to the church. There's a portal there. You'll know it when you see it. Those were the only vague words he'd been given in regards to the area.

The dusty, unassuming city stood there in the midst of darkness, shrouded by heavy mist from Foxfire Bramble itself, and that blown across from the Hewn City. It was made of mere stone and destroyed cement. Upon reaching the limits of the town, it turned out to only be a small part of it - a single, tattered marketplace and a taller building he assumed was the church. It didn't look occupied at all, except for the glinting eyes and the sound of sharp, metal knives against rough stone as he passed through the marketplace. This was a dangerous place - he could feel it in the air. Good thing he looked the part too, donning his old clothes to blend into the dark, dusty environment.

No one stopped him, so he went straight for what he assumed was he church. Half its walls had been blown down, and upon entering it didn't look like anything could exist here among the ruins of fallen debris. Snaking past the collapsed pillars and walls, he did find a faint, purple glow that revealed to be a portal. A particularly stern looking Imperial sat next to it, eyeing Wingripper. But he didn't say a word, so Wingripper just slid through the portal.

Coming through the portal revealed a massive underground city made of the same pale stone and cement, though darkness had been chased away by hundreds of torches lighting everything up below him. Dragons of all sorts milled around, sparring, talking, flying, chasing, drinking, eating,
resting. From the ceiling of the cave it was in, it didn't look too bad.

A silver figure caught his eye as it zipped past, the air behind her trailing with the shimmer of heat,
though the air remained cool, the circuits on her wings sparking and glowing and pulsing with energy. Maybe she was someone he could talk to to get settled. The silver Skydancer headed straight for a clock tower, so Wingripper followed closely behind. One of the walls of the clock tower had been blown out, making for an entrance to... whatever it was. The Skydancer disappeared inside.

Wingripper hovered outside for a little, considering if he should wait for her to come out. But what if she didn't? Instead he flew up to the hole in the wall, peering inside. "Excuse me, miss? Perhaps I can talk to you for a moment?"

Peering inside revealed the silver Skydancer with the glowing circuits, and a silver-black Wildclaw who appeared to have- was that metal on her face? They stared at him, the Skydancer seeming particularly unamused at being interrupted. "Can I help you?" The Skydancer asked.

"I'm Wingripper, a traveller. I was wondering if there was anyone I could talk to to maybe get settled?
Just for a week though." How awkward, but he had to play the part. Everyone in the Undercity was dangerous in one way or another.

The Skydancer excused herself from the Wildclaw, turning to Wingripper. "I'm Consoleglitch,
commander of the Blindsiders and overseer of activity in the Undercity." Her voice had an oddly robotic quality about it. "The city is open to mercenaries as long as they can suffice for themselves.
You're welcome to stay as long as you need, but don't expect us to baby you. It's a society,
not a babysitting service. You may go."

Wingripper just nodded, unsure of what else to say to that. Something about her air of authority was strange, but he felt compelled not to ask any more questions. So the city was open to him, huh?
Well, that means it was time for a little exploration.

Throughout the week he found himself taking clients on - though he mostly attended to those who only want him to scare off stalkers and dragons who were bothering others. He didn't find himself staying in the Undercity too often with the amount of work he had to do, and always that feeling of being watched somehow by the Consoleglitch hung over him, even when she wasn't in sight.

He got to know some of the clan's mercenaries, but found too many of them constantly coming and going to actually get a chance to know them. He met the clan's courier Rex and thought she was something adorable until he found out that she had a girlfriend in another clan. He met Chai,
the Undercity's tea shop owner who said he wanted nothing to do with the fighting, but it was good business down there. He met Dr. Malakai and his apprentice Dr. Aralt when one scuffle got too serious, and met other mercenaries including Navire, Emry, Antares, Blake, Envy, Blackwire, and the silent Reaper. They were all odd figures, every one of them. They were all strange and weird and perhaps even a little psychotic, but they were interesting to hang around in the very least.

September 21 - September 28 | Clan Voracity of the Starfall Isles

Wingripper's next journey took him to the pink-hued cliffs of the Starfall Isles, where he was welcomed by the small but prosperous Voracity Clan. Upon his arrival to the region, he was quickly approached by Twister, the clan's Wind flight ambassador, who took it upon herself to provide him with a formal introduction to the clan's residents, and an invitation to stay as long as he liked. While perhaps, a bit over-zealous in her efforts, the flighty skydancer did manage to provide a passable first impression of the region.

Wingripper's week was passed pleasantly enough, with the clan's many scientific and religious scholars eager to meet with the traveler, and hear of his journeys throughout Sornieth. He found a kindred spirit in Cradog, the clan's traveling storyteller, and the affections of Greenbird, a wildclaw dragoness from the Gladekeeper's domain. He fathered two hatchlings with Greenbird, one of whom remains in the Voracity clan as a joyful reminder of Wingripper's visit.

Though his stay in the Starfall Isles was brief, Wingripper left his mark on the dragons he met, leaving them eager to hear news of his future adventures, and perhaps one day see him again.

September 30 - October 2 | Clan; Thorn Of Roses
The moment Windgripper entered the territory of the Thorn of Roses Clan, he was greeted by a rather large purple and white guardian female named Minseok. She showed him around, though he got wary glances from most of the other dragons, some of them were happy to greet him. Especially Heathen, the pirate, wanting to learn more about Windgrippers travels. Minseok told him the nights could get cold in the shadow realm, providing him with a coat and a few of armored boots and gloves. When she added in the tail and wing pieces,
He got curious.

"Don't worry, those are to keep our familiars from biting you. They usually mean no harm." Was what she told him before she left him on his own. Though he wasn't alone for long, he was quick to make many friends with the dragons that were kind to him, though a few had funny names.

Though Windgripper was only there for the night, he grew a close connection to one of the Male dragons. More or less, a relationship with Jerome the clans Ring Master. It was odd but Windgripper didn't mind because he saw the good in Jerome which made their love stronger.
Jerome taught Windgripper a few things about how to make comedy and put on a show. Especially during fights to distract an enemy. Though they couldn't nest any eggs, they were glad for affection towards one another and the small spiral brought out a side of Jerome no one knew about.

When it was time for Windgripper to travel again, he sadly parted ways with Jerome and the Thorn Of Roses clan. Though Minseok did hope he'd return again some time.

October 11 - October 19 | The Shimmering Shallows Merchants of the Fishspine reef
Night had fallen as Wingripper flew over the choppy waves of the sea of a thousand currents, he wasn’t exactly sure when the last he saw land was and was certain he’d probably not see it again for a long while. The hours drew on, until out the corner of his eye he spotted a speck of light, glowing brightly in the midst of the dark, dark ocean.

Making his way towards it he came to its source, an island dotted with floating lanterns, quiet markets and chatting dragons. As he landed a white spiral approached him, introducing himself as Qibli before directing him to a worn down market-stall.”Welcome to the shimmering shallows clan, wanna learn how to steal a purse?” Wingripper politely declined but Qibli seemed unfazed, the two slipping into casual small-talk over cups of steaming tea.

Wingripper soon left Qibli’s stall, waving a curt goodbye before making his way to wonder around the market. It was currently not to busy, only a few dragons here and there peering into curtained stalls and chatting with their respective owners; but it still had a lively air to it, store owners chattering between themselves, clan hatchlings scuttering around trying to coerce snacks off of older dragons.

Wingripper found himself outside a trinket shop, iridescent seashells and polished stones hanging from the roof, tinkling in the wind. Two wildclaws stood behind the counter, one, freckled with black and white markings intently chipping away at a quartz stone to make it a sphere while the other, wrote down numbers in a book, green claws stained with ink.

He shifted through a box of bracelets, digging out a pair of iridescent bangles that had small runes carved into the sides. “Protection charm, good choice.” Wingripper flipped around to see the green wildclaw behind him, peering over his wings to see the bangles he’d chosen. She took them out of him claws and walked back over to her counter, stamping something in her book before placing them back in Wingripper’s claws, “That’ll be 6 gold pieces.” He passed her the gold before slipping them on, the runes marked in his scales, glowing faintly for a second before dimming again.

Just as he was about to leave the green wildclaw grabbed him by the arm,”You’re new here right? Let me show you around ill show you some of the sights.” She pulled him out into the streets before he could say anything, waving at the other wildclaw as they left. “Name’s Leia, you?” She pulled him outside a bakery, flipping the owner some coins and handing Wingripper a piece of bread.”Oh its Wingripper, thanks for the bread.”
“No problem, you looked half starved anyways.”
Wingripper blinked at her in confusion before she dragged him away from the stand and into the streets again, more crowded now as night began to fall.”So tell me Wingripper how did you end up on our measly little island.” Wingripper lost himself in his words, talking about his travels to the floating cliffs of the Archaists and the glowing forests of Shadowbinder. Leia listened intently, guiding them towards a glowing fire up ahead while nodding and humming every-so often.

As he slipped out of story-telling he noticed the curious stares of hatchlings looking up at him, blue eyes sparkling with interest. A bogsneak lying to the left of him left out a hearty chuckle, “Well hatchlings isn’t it nice to hear some new stories for once?” The hatchlings, which wingripper saw now were gathered all around the fire, in groups, some even laying on the back of the bogsneak chirped in agreement,”Well traveller do you have any more stories you’d like the tell?” Wingripper racked his brain for a few moments for jumping into the story of one of his mentors exploits, laughing when a few of the hatchlings tried their best to reenact some of the scenes he had described.

The moon was high in the sky as Wingripper and Leia left the fire, the glowing coals being lightly shifted by the bogsneak, who he learned was called Boki as the hatchlings slept in piles around her.

Leia showed him to her cave in the island, at the north-end facing end where only a few dragons were seen, the two of them curled up next to each other before falling asleep and the moon hung bright above them.

Wingripper spent the rest of his week uneventfully, wondering around the stalls and ships that made their home in the island, but he did father 5 eggs with Leia, the hatchlings staying on island moving to Boki’s cave where they joined the other hatchlings.

On the final day, Wingripper felt the winds change, it was a sign he was ready to begin his next adventure, Leia knew it too, she gave her last goodbye as he waved at her from the clouds, before making his way over the glistening seas and to new lands.

November 4-11|Clan Vanshira of the Spiral Keep

An invitation came from a large but obscure clan, in the deepest reaches of the Sea of a Thousand Currents - We hear you have an instinct for helping those in need. If you would be willing to come stay with us for a week, we would be grateful for your assistance. Wingripper was understandably a little apprehensive about visiting a clan that far down, but it promised to be an adventure, and as the writer said, he couldn't resist an opportunity to help someone in need.

The directions that came with the letter pointed him to a particular spot out in the middle of the Sea, promising that he would meet someone there who could take him down to the clan lair safely. The only landmark anywhere near the coordinates was some sort of floating building, anchored against the tides and flying a banner embroidered with a golden seashell. Sitting on the roof was a female Spiral with iridescent blue skin and star-patterned wings, whose exact pattern seemed to shift every time she moved. She'd clearly been waiting for him, and flew up to meet him as he began to circle for a landing. "You must be Wingripper," she said, darting within a few feet of him before swooping back down towards the surface; a bright blue Pearlcatcher, nearly invisible under the water, poked her head up nearby. "Honestly, we weren't expecting you this soon. Follow Azure; she can get you down safely."

It was a very long trip to the bottom, safely ensconced in Azure's travel-bubble, long enough for some quality conversation. The building overhead was actually a tavern called the Soggy Sweetpuff, run by a Nocturne who rarely spoke and a Snapper who talked enough for both of them; the name came from the Nocturne's familiar. It was both a link to the outside world and the only surface landmark indicating the clan's location. The clan had moved around more than once, but wasn't likely to move again. Both his escorts were native Water dragons. Azure had been born in the clan; the Spiral, whose name was Ligea, had come from a different clan. And, perhaps most importantly, the clan was full of single dragons, including both Azure and Ligea. Wingripper couldn't help but wonder about the nature of the help they were asking for, and whether it would include some quality time with either or both of them; whenever he asked, all either of them said was "You'll see when we get there". He certainly hoped so; this far down, he couldn't see much of anything.

If it hadn't been for his escorts, Wingripper probably would have been lost wandering the dark ocean floor for all eternity. Spiral Keep itself, in all its enormity, was all but invisible to him until it suddenly loomed up mere feet from his nose. Azure and Ligea seemed not the least bit bothered; they simply swam around to one particular entrance out of hundreds and beckoned him inside. The interior was surprisingly dry and well-lit, undoubtedly enchanted to be so, and the walls were decorated with various paintings and mosaics depicting subjects from abstract shell-like designs to the Gladekeeper (why the Gladekeeper, of all deities?) His escorts didn't let him take the time to admire the art properly, hastening him down various other equally well-decorated corridors, down some less well-decorated corridors, and into a series of corridors with no decoration at all. Finally, they herded him into a room where a red-winged Snapper, a brown Nocturne, and an armor-clad Pearlcatcher were paying close attention to...well, what was that? A pile of rough green fabric? A heap of Toridae hides?

Then the "heap" lifted its head, and he realized "it" was actually a Spiral - a Spiral that was little more than skin and bones.

"Her old clan had the gall to set her up for auction in this condition," the armored Pearlcatcher said, his voice laden with disgust. "We've been doing what we can for her, but...it's not just her body that's a wreck. It's her mind. Watching half your clan - including your own mother - feast on a regular basis while the other half - including you and your father - slowly starves to death will have that kind of effect."

All thoughts of romance went flying out of Wingripper's mind as soon as he realized that pathetic heap was a dragon. Just the idea that any dragon could do this to a clanmate on purpose... "I'll do what I can," he said. "I won't promise miracles, but I'll do what I can."

The next week seemed to blur together; Wingripper spent most of his time in Esper's chamber, joined intermittently by the others of the clan. While Askja (the Snapper) and Cocoa (the Nocturne) did their best to coax as much food down her as she could safely consume, he did his level best to coax some sort of positive emotion out of her. Mostly he told her stories - about himself and his travels, fairytales about the deities, gossip he'd picked up from around Sornieth, anything he could think of. Finally, three days in, he finally got a response from her, the first words she'd said since joining the clan - "Did you get the paints, in the end?"

A complete recovery was going to take far more than he could do, and might never really happen,
but by the end of the week, when it was time for Wingripper to move on, Esper was actually smiling a little, occasionally contributing a few words to the conversation around her, and looked something like a live dragon again. As he perched on the roof of the Soggy Sweetpuff, ready to take off, Ligea came flying up to see him off. "I'm sorry the circumstances weren't very pleasant, but it was good to have you around, and thank you for your help," she said. "And...maybe you could come back again sometime, under better circumstances."


Some months later, he received another letter - not from the clan as a whole, but from Ligea specifically. The clan finally has room for hatchlings, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, the letter read. Come quick - space doesn't last long around here. Well, Wingripper could hardly ignore an invitation like that, so back he went to the Sea and the floating tavern with the golden nautilus flag. This time, Ligea met him alone.

In almost no time at all, the two of them were sitting on a nest of two eggs. The huge lair was less crowded than usual - many of the clan, Esper included, were off at the Windswept Plateau for the Mistral Jamboree - but he welcomed the chance to see some of his old friends again, including Cocoa and Nieno, and meet some new ones like Urano and Noman. (Apparently the clan lair served as home base to a crew of mostly Ridgeback pirates, which fact he'd missed during his previous visit.) Before the end of the week, the eggs hatched into a pair of nearly-identical boys, lively and cheerful as Spirals ought to be. Arrix elected to stay with the clan, but Kiril decided to pursue the path of a Night Warrior somewhere in the Starfall Isles.

"You'll come visit again sometime, right, Dad?" Arrix asked as Wingripper perched on the roof of the Soggy Sweetpuff, ready to take off once more, and he faltered for just a second. But no, he was a wanderer born, and he couldn't deny that any more than he could deny the need to breathe. Besides, as the saying went, it took a clan to raise a hatchling. His children were in good hands.
Clan of the Fivespirals:
Aemben saw this fellow from afar, and signaled to him to join her - she was ready to nest, and needed a male to assist her. She fancied Wingripper's come and go ways, and hoped their young would see the world as he had. The pair mingled before agreeing to have eggs together in the den of Fivespirals, her clan. The clan welcomed Wingripper gladly, seeing newblood was rare for the clan these days.

From their union three eggs would come, and of those eggs - two daughters and a son. All three bore their mothers markings: ghostly and skeletal. Two were sent to the Gladekeeper's service, while one, a spiral, remained in the lair of her mother. Wingripper, while proud of his progeny, took his leave shortly after the hatching, on his way to a new lair to learn from.

Runaway clan

@TheRobinsBerry 's clan

wingripper had a lovely time visiting the newest clan, all the way in the Southern Icefield! He met a lovely Skydancer by the name of the Robin, though her Pearlcatcher friend didn't seem too fond of wingripper. The two said they often traveled alone, though from time to time they accumulate friends or other runaway dragons seeking refuge. It doesn't last long though; as they never have a permanent home.

Much to Wingripper's surprise, the Robin had explained to him why they were constantly on the move, while Cranberry, the Pearlcatcher, was gone of course.
The two got involved in something..they really didn't want to. Cranberry already being a thief was used to living on the run and in the shadows, but the Robin was a different story (that she didn't elaborate on).

They got involved with a Mafia after the Robin had been thrown into the Twisting Crescendo by one of the grunts and lived, though badly mangled. She told him she doesn't think she would've survived, if it weren't for Cranberry. He was a passerby when he found her mangled up body, though once he realized she was still alive, he slung her on his back and took her to a small den ripped within a cliff wall to heal. He's too proud to admit he did it out of the good of his heart, though, she says.

Wingripper enjoyed his stay with the small crew, and even spent a bit of time raising a nest with the Robin. She adored the hatchlings..

Moondust, Rue, and Rosaline.

Wingripper soon had to say his farewells however, as the Robin said he could visit anytime. ...If he could find them. The two exchanged a beak nuzzle, and Wingripper was off to find a new adventure. Cranberry seemed relieved he was gone..

The Horde

@Gula 's clan

It had taken some getting used to for Wingripper. Being a hero-for-hire in an army. It was not what he was used to, but his temporary compatriots seemed like decent enough folk. To get through the wasteland, one needs clean water and fresh food, but both of those cost a hefty sum. Marching in the file seemed like a good enough way of making up that cost at the time. The soldiers seemed glad to have a trained warrior among them. The Velites Wingripper fought alongside were mostly inexperienced and unaccustomed to battle. Wingripper provided a sort of figure to focus on, "Do as he does!" "Follow that Spiral!" "Duck!"

Wingripper's deeds did not go unnoticed either. The Legion was glad to have him, and they would be quite amiable to position another skilled warrior in their ranks, but something dragged at Wingripper. He would love nothing more than to fight alongside the young warriors, protecting them and bringing glory, but the horizon beckoned with great force. What lay beyond it pulled at his thoughts every time he glanced over to it. "A few more days." He would say to himself. His commission was short, just a few months for a bag of silver and gold to buy himself some provisions for the flight out of the no-man's-land. West seemed like a good enough direction at least!

On that last day, Wingripper marched along with his army one more time. As the Legate deposited the treasure into his claws, the Legionnaire saluted curtly, followed by the rest of the unit with a loud bellow-like shout. Wingripper watched as they turned and marched off into the misty, sanguine morning. The sound of armoured against bodies and the ground boomed through the early day for some minutes. Wingripper saluted himself into the distance as he took off from the ground, spiraling for a moment before careening his way west, the opposite direction of the army. "Had they marched him this way on purpose?" He wondered for a time.

One thing Wingripper did know though, that Army was a friend all its own.

@chimmy's floating island clan ;; 040618-110618

as it turned out, 'this way' was the bottom of a massive mountain, sloping up to a summit nearly hidden in the clouds. it's beautiful, green, and speckled with flowers. when he comes closer, the scent of magic is glaringly obvious. it floats all around him like so many wisps of smoke, but there's one that calls out to him.

it's the scent of scrying water from this side of the wind territories: spicy and sweet. it calls to him, and he takes to the air easily, curiously curling over the verdant slope until he can finally see the pretty spiral. she's decked out in blues to match her stunning scales, snowflakes swirling around her despite the fair green of her eyes.

"hello," she says, curiosity twisting the syllables. her voice is accented with something thick; it's like the grumble of frigid water running beneath the ice, down south. she extends a gold-tipped paw; he takes it as the invitation it is and winds closer. "who are you?"

from there, it's like a whirlwind. they slip through the boughs of the tree that forms the entrance to the island she lives in, and the clan welcomes him. apparently they're used to her bringing home 'strays', as an orange warrior lightheartedly jokes. he's passed over a few pieces of jewellery, and he settles in easily. it's in his nature, of course he does.

a day passes. he spends it with her - naisilla; her name is naisilla, and she spent much of her childhood in the southern icefields, like he'd assumed. two days, and he learns from one of their artists how to mix poison into the ink he tips his warbrushes with. three, and naisilla proudly pats a clutch of three eggs when he wanders into the nesting grounds after the soft-spoken sneak.

overall, his time is lovely - a welcome break from the previously somewhat hectic schedule of his last visit, but after the sixth day dawns pink and yellow across the sky, he feels himself start to get restless once more. he agrees to stay and meet his children; seeing them hatch never fails to bring something warm to his chest. each little one is offered a trinket to remember him by, and then naisilla - she clings a little to him, but in the end doesn't complain when he murmurs a promise to return.

he's good at goodbyes. after buttering up each cranky clan member that gathers for his send off, and comforting the more teary ones (mainly hatchlings outfitted to be sent off to their deity in a few days), he's looping off into the distance once more, ready to start yet another adventure.

Once again, Wingripper found himself in the realm of Shadows.

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Just when Wingripper was feeling the urge to travel once more, he ever so conveniently recieved a letter, carried by a messenger magpie. A plea, really, from a clan who resides among the Tidelord's waters and various islands. The clan was simply named 'Anghora'. And the content of the letter read as such:

"To the Spiral known as Wingripper, we humbly require your assistance in a matter most dire. Our clan has been overrun by creatures of unknown origin. The sun has not risen. We cannot leave our territory. For those who have tried.... never returned. Nor had they ever arrived at their intended destinations.

We are not even sure, if you will be able to physically reach us. But please. We are in dire circumstances. We truly do need your assistance."

- Ikarem, of Clan Anghora

Deities above, what had even happened? Night of the Nocturne was but a few days away, and the days leading up to the festivities were supposed to be grand, as always. But what if.... that hadn't been the case, here?

He didn't bother dwelling on the idea too long. These dragons needed help.


It was admittedly difficult. He was encountering horrors at every turn, and at every corner, trying to navigate through the air, sea, and land. But he arrived, despite all odds. He barely escaped those horrors unscathed.

And upon meeting the clan's lair gates, he was immediately ushered inside by a large, armor-clad Guardian. She quickly explained that her name was Ikarem, and that they had to get underground immediately. And that, too, was done hastily.

Upon being met with the rest of the inhabitants of the clan, a large claim of about 50 or more dragons. They were all scared, hurt, or both. It was here, where he spent most of his time. Underground. And it was here, where he, alongside others, devised a strategical plan of attack. Ikarem was at the head of it, despite her obvious injuries. And behind her, was a rigid Mirror named Fade. Fierce, loyal. Despite her brash personality, she helped keep everybody calm. Or, at least tried to.

It was a long, long week. Which bled well into the actual Night of the Nocturne festivities - which other clans were no doubt - hopefully - partaking in. But it was managed. The evil had been beat. And it was with a victorious cry that rang out, when the Anghorans finally saw the light of day.

But more than two things were celebrated that sunrise. A clutch had been hatched, in the middle of that week. Nay, it may not have been the best situation to conceive and nest hatchlings.... but it had been a massive relief to find that the hatchlings had been ultimately unscathed by the horrors that surrounded them. Two little Guardians, bearing the runes of Ikarem, and the same markings as Wingripper.

The Night Warrior felt accomplished. He helped these dragons in their need, and they all had come out of the situation alive and well.

With a soft farewell to his two young children, and a more formal farwell to Ikarem, and the entire clan, he departed with a small smile on his face.

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