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RingMaster » Den » Windward
Level 20
Gaoler Female
Jun 12, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryEldritch Tiger (Gaoler)
SecondaryShadow Stripes (Gaoler)
TertiaryPlatinum Ghost (Gaoler)
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins


Night Warrior and Traveling Dragon | Adventurous | Curious | Generous | Innovative


Windward is an intrepid young dragon who, like the rest of her family, takes great pride in her combat training and prowess. Mastery of tooth, claw, and blade is in her blood, but she doesn't want the same stale training that so many other Night Warriors receive. She's seen it again and again - they go to their new clan and they stay there, and they learn to fight the way that every other warrior in the clan is trained. No new knowledge is spread to other clans, and nothing changes.

Windward has decided that she will shake off this stagnation, and has chosen to dedicate her life to traveling the clans of Sornieth. She will study the battle techniques of many clans as she travels, incorporating and molding their styles and strategies into a form of combat all her own.


The warriors of the Suncircle, Windward's birth clan, fall into three primary categories - the hunters, the mages, and the guards. Hunters rely on brute force to defeat their enemies quickly, enabling them to forage for the clan's resources. Mages use their magical talents for research, healing, and defending the clan's perimeter. Guards also patrol the outskirts, but are also called on as explorers and cartographers, mapping the labyrinths of tunnels beneath the plateau and defending the clan from the monsters that sometimes emerge from the deep. Windward completed the early part of her training under the tutelage of her grandmother, Adamantine, and learned the value of quick, decisive strikes, especially against larger opponents. But her family has a history of magic-usage too, and Windward hopes to augment her attacks with a set of Spellclaws once she is strong enough to use their magic.


The first clam I visited was one with many warriors. TheTigersDen a territory filled with tamed Tigerblood Foo and Mantled Foo familiars. The familiars aren't the only creatures waiting to pounce on any trespassers. The warriors in this clan have modified their battle training to use the environment around them. A I learned the hard way at the start of my training. My mentor was the best fighter in the clan, the very appropriately named GreenWings. On the first day of training I had a simple task, put one paw on my mentor. If only I know how difficult a task this would be. We started off in a small clearing in the forest we stood on opposite ends of the clearing facing each other.

"All you have to do is tag me. Now go" Greenwings called to me.

Springing forward my wings beat the air to help propel me forward. I had anticipated he would dodge to the sides but he had been quicker then expected. GreenWings dodged just out of claw reach. after a moment to recompose myself I lunged again but this time Greenwings retreated into the forest. Without hesitating I rushed after him not wanting to loss him in the brush. My eyes locked onto him as we flew though the trees. This was my mistake I didn't pay attention to the surroundings, I was sole focused on the dragon ahead of me. Greenwings turned abruptly dropping straight down to the forest floor. I wasn't able to stop quick enough and flew straight into the hanging vines Greenwings had just lead me straight into. Crashing head first into the vines I was instantly entangled, unable to dislodge myself. I hang there while Greenwings stood under me watching me hang in the air.

"You must watch your surroundings, you must learn to utilize everything around you." Greenwings advise.

That's how my first lesson had gone. Those words I won't forgot as I continue my training. I had more lessons before I it was my time to go. I had learned to use vines to ensnare enemies, running water could help mask wing beats, and many more things. My skills in battle may be enough to have me recognized as a Night Warrior I still wish to travel to more clans to learn how clans in other elements fight. With this I leave TheTigersDen and continue my journey.

Add your clan's training strategies here!


Thank you for taking me in! I’m a traveler from ZenithNadir's lair! If you think it’s time for me to move on from your lair, I’d love it if you sent me home, or sent me back sightseeing in the Loved Ones Sightseeing with Tales thread. I can also stay at that thread’s Hostel if you don't have space for more travelers.

While I'm staying with you, please train me alongside your clan's warriors! I will happily lend my strength to your clan for the duration of my stay. Please write a few notes in my bio about what I learned while training with your warriors. You may modify my stats as you see fit, and you can add battle stones to me if you'd like, but please send me along to complete my training and don't exalt me! My goal is to reach Level 20 and become a fully-fledged Night Warrior like the other dragons in my family - if you'd like to read more about my family, click the Night Warrior button in my bio.

Lairs I've Visited
  • parrimay #271169
  • upowlnight #54701
  • TheTigersDen #56294
  • ZenithNadir #44542
  • LupusHellbores #359580

Generation 6 Night Warrior

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