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Kwispii » Lair » Tregen
Level 10
Mirror Male
Aug 02, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAntique Poison
SecondaryMoon Toxin
TertiaryLead Underbelly
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins

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Nightingale-in-training - Generation 4

nature dragon father. ice dragon mother.

nature - wild, primal, nurturing

ice - analytical, calculating, collector

arcane - dreamer, curious, magical

- - -

Middle brother out of a nest of three.
Alignment - Chaotic Good

Starkly independent and makes his own way in the world, but is kind and benevolent. Freedom is the most important thing to this young Mirror. He cannot wait to get out from under his mother's wing and travel.

- - -

Looks like this independent wanderer is a little too far from his home lair (324094, magicalnonbinary), and now he's off to see Sornieth! If ever you feel the need to exalt, he'd really appreciate it if you could just return him to his home lair, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here.

Owners I've Had:
(lair # here/username here)

324094, magicalnonbinary (home lair)

307852, Chardons
256252, Petall
266555, Layenne90
330253, PantheraScience
310371, QueenRed
224079, YukiTora
358744, MrNone
362123, Kwispii

Inventory wrote:


First entry

tonight's the night... the moon is high and the stars call my name. I'm not sure if it's the stars or my own excitement. I'm finally doing it. I'm leaving my parents, who do well for themselves. They will have many more children to love and care for. It's time. It's time for me to make my own way in the world. I don't know how that'll be, where I'll go or who I'll meet. But I'm excited for the road ahead. May the Arcanist's magic lead my mind and heart in the right direction.

A new place

I archived to reach the Focal Point from the Crystalspine Reaches. I stay in the shadow and try to not make any noise, but I feel observed. I know that centaurs of the beast clan could be near by but I am ready to fight them ! I need to keep moving for now.

A dragon jumped on me and put me to the ground ! It was a dark blue Nocturne. I tried to defend myself but she was so strong, she kept me on the ground easily. She asked with a rude thon of voice
"Who are you? What are you doing that far from the road ?"
I couldn't answer, her white cold eyes paralyzed me, was it a spell ?
She stared at me for what I felt like an eternity then, she released me. She asked me to follow her. We started walking and she calmly said
"I was following you for a while. What are you doing here ?"
I told her who I was and that I wanted to become stronger.
We stopped. Her ghost eyes stared at me again. I felt like ice again but I stand still and kept looking in her eyes. Finally she said :
"Follow me"
We flight a short distance and stoped in front of a cave. She asked me to wait outside.
The sun is rising. I am still waiting and I can hear noise coming from the cave.
Should I go inside ?
The dark-blue
I kept some stardust !

A Guardian came out of the cave. I felt small for a instant. I couldn't know if it was a male of a female. This guardian said with a smile "Good morning, you might be the Tregen. Come with me."
We walk in the cave for a few minute. That guardian, Ray, told me he was some sort of chief, someone that organize the life of the lair. but he was also a scientist, like a lot of dragons in this lair.
The noises where getting louder. We entered in a big cavity, there was a hole on the top where we could see the last stars disappear in the sun light. Inside the cave, there where a lot of young dragons with purple and pink lights flying around. Ray told me that they were preparing the Starfall festival, because of that a lot of dragons cames here to train to go with the Arcanist.
They give me a place to rest aside of the center room and told me that I can come and train when ever I want, there are 5 trainers ready to help ! I am their guest and I can stay as long as I want. I am so exited !
After a few days of training I can already feel stronger ! I met a lot of new dragons crazier from one another. But I think it is my time for me to go, I don't think my place is here but I know that every where I will go, the Arcanist will be with me.
They give me a familiar to keep me company and keep training during my travel.

Entry 3: A String of Festivals

My next stop is at an island floating high above the twisting crescendo. The storm battered me mercilessly before spitting me out to the island. From there I was brought to the palace to be healed.

Recovery took much longer than expected, and I grew antsy to travel once more. Still, the healers would not let me go, so there I stayed, getting to know the palace staff.

As Starfall grew closer and closer, I grew more and more excited. The queen was hosting a grand ball for the event, and the whole island was invited! On top of that, she invited me to be the guest of honour, and to share the traditions of Starfall with the clan. It was a beautiful evening, and the first time in a while I felt happy.

After Starfall, the healers let me try and fly, but unfortunately, before I could leave the island, a great wind picked up and I was blown backwards. I lost control, and damaged my wing once more. I was forced to stay. Again.

Riot of Rot grew closer and closer, and soon it becsme clear I would be there for the plague ball as well. I grew determined. What better time to prove my strength than at a celebration of survival? One of the events was a competition of strength, and I decided that I would take part. The healers were reluctant to let me go, but in the end, I was allowed and I ended up winning!

My wings are still damaged. I can fly, but not very far. The healers have places my wings in a brace so I may continue to heal. I am tired of not having my feet on the true ground, however, so I am making plans to leave by airship. The healers have given me medicine to help me keep up my strength as I go. I may not be able to fly like I once could, but I can run, and one day I will fly again. I plan to leave before the festival of Earth. I would like to experience the celebration in another clan.

Entry 4: Starwood Strand

After many months of traveling on foot for so long and through so many different regions, I finally ended up in a place that seemed oddly...familiar, although I couldn’t quite place why it felt that way. I stared at the line of overwhelmingly tall trees, squinting while my vision scanned up the nearest tree trying to find the top of it through the light of the afternoon sun, and wondered how these trees got to be this tall. No matter how hard I looked I could not see beyond the trees.


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