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ZenithNadir » Lair » Dawnshatter
Level 20
Nocturne Female
Aug 21, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Wasp
SecondaryViolet Facet
TertiaryPhthalo Opal
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins








Generation 7


Generation 9


Keen | Independent | Curious | Wily

A mage and cursebreaker of unusual potency, Dawnshatter occupies a unique position among the Night Warriors of the Suncircle Clan. Her true-sight allows her to see the threads of magic woven into the world around her, and to glimpse things beyond the scope of most dragons' perceptions. While the rest of the clan is aware of her gifts, Dawnshatter has deliberately left the scope of her abilities somewhat vague. If they knew about the potency of her abilities, her clanmates might fear her unnecessarily, or try to stop her from using her gifts in her magical studies.

Dawnshatter's unusually keen sight was less of a surprise than it would have been, if not for her somewhat peculiar ancestry. Her mother, Thalia, is a descendant of Naomi, a line of dragons with many curious and often terrible powers. Her father Moonscrye has a true-sight gift of his own; born on a day that usually did not exist, his gift for peering into liminal spaces had served him well during his life as a reader of omens with the Suncircle Clan.

Nevertheless, the potency of Dawnshatter's gift was one that required tremendous training and discipline for her to balance. Seeing the threads of magic that wove the world together was a blessing in many circumstances, but other times it was little more than a bright and flashy distraction. Over time, Dawnshatter became more adept at using her other senses to distinguish the pulse of magic around her, reserving the full potency of her vision for occasions when it was needed.

As both a Night Warrior and the clan's most eminent cursebreaker, Dawnshatter occupies a nearly unique dual role in the clan as both a fighter and an advanced student of magic. To many dragons, her intense drive to master all the skills she possesses seems to be madness, folly, or a combination of both - but to Dawnshatter, the rewards are worth it. She is well aware of the strength of her gift, and the power it has to both help and harm herself as well as others.

Occasionally, a dragon will question why, exactly, Dawnshatter is so determined to master her true-sight. It's a question that Dawnshatter has always refused to answer directly. "I like knowing things" is generally her reply, and if pressed further she will become mysteriously deaf to further inquiries.


When Dawnshatter hatched, she was born into a world in which day had become night.

She had been due to come into the world already, but it was curiosity which ultimately drove her to break through her eggshell and investigate the strangeness of the world around her. Why had the air outside suddenly become cool? Why were the night creatures of the desert singing, when just minutes before they had been silent? Why was the light leaving from the sky more rapidly than any natural sunset? Dawnshatter pushed her way free of the egg, the urgent need to know burrowing under her scales like an itch she couldn't scratch.

When she emerged, she felt the sensation of a soft cloth being wiped across her closed eyelids and let out a faint squeak of surprise. "Don't fret," cooed a gentle voice as the cloth continued to pat her dry, wiping away the slime left over from the egg's interior. Dawnshatter blinked her eyes open and saw her mother for the first time, a Fae who was only slightly larger than Dawnshatter was herself. "There - now you can see us," she continued. "And you picked just the right time - the eclipse is about to start."

Eclipse? Dawnshatter had no frame of reference with which to place the term, but she sensed that the eclipse, whatever it could be, was the source of the strangeness she had felt while she was still in the shell. Now that she was exposed to the cool desert air, she could feel something else as well - a dull throb of energy, quiet but growing in magnitude. It charged the air around her and made her scales tingle.

"Don't look directly into the sun," said another, deeper voice. Dawnshatter turned and saw a pale-eyed Nocturne with glittering wings not unlike her own, and supposed that this must be her father. "Until the eclipse truly begins, it will hurt your eyes. But once the sun is gone, you can look your fill."

Of course, the fastest way to get a hatchling to do something was to tell them not to do it. Dawnshatter immediately turned her gaze skyward, hungry for a glimpse of the mysterious sun that was apparently disappearing as they spoke. Her father let out a yelp of alarm, but it was unwarranted - while the light from the tiny golden sliver in the sky was certainly bright to look upon, it didn't hurt her eyes. "It's okay!" she said. "I can see just fine."

Dawnshatter continued to raise her eyes to the tiny sliver, watching it grow smaller and smaller until finally it vanished altogether.

Dawnshatter felt the magic in the air pulse around her and blinked in surprise. What she saw when she looked upon the sun again, though, was truly astonishing.

The bright disk of the sun may have been hidden from view, but that didn't mean it was gone altogether. Dawnshatter could still see the blazing aura of the star emanating in sweeping arcs, filling the space around the black void with tongues of pale golden fire. But that wasn't all she saw. Without the light of the sun to limit her sight, Dawnshatter's gaze was able to pierce straight through to the veil of the world, to the place where the light of Sornieth met the darkness of space and the deeper, more substantial darkness that lurked beyond it.

As she watched the eclipse and the endless, formless shadows that danced just beyond the reach of the star's light, Dawnshatter felt her wings tremble. What was this ceaseless darkness? Why could it only now be seen? And why, she wondered as she took stock of the dragons that surrounded her, was no one else struck dumb by the same nameless terror?

When the sun began to emerge and the throb of magic began to fade, Dawnshatter was able to breathe again. As her clanmates broke into applause and cheering around her, it occurred to her that no one else around her had been able to see what she had just witnessed.

While the terror of the moment still lingered, the prospect of a mystery was enough to propel Dawnshatter's curiosity to the forefront once more. What was the terrible thing she had seen in the sky? Why could it only be seen when the sun was darkened? And why had no one else seen the writhing evil that lay beyond the veil?

Dawnshatter never wanted to lay eyes on such a monstrosity again, if she could help it. But if the answers to what lay in the unknown were willing to lay themselves bare to her sight, who was she to deny her own gifts?

Maybe there was more than darkness lurking out there in the vastness of the cosmos. Maybe, with time, she could find some answers, and discover still more secrets.



9th Generation Descendant
(Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Granddaughter of Naomi)

Naomi---> Willow---> Fia---> Ammutseba---> Hastur---> Cypir---> Pharah ---> Thalia ---> Dawnshatter

Pulchrior --> Orion --> Nychta --> Inkling --> Lance --> Thalia --> Dawnshatter

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