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Snipe » Lair » Hiram
Level 25
Skydancer Male
Dec 25, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMint Poison
SecondaryAzure Striation
TertiaryMagenta Glimmer
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 40 / 50
Apparel & Skins




From his early hatchlinghood Hiram had known of the older brother he could have had, who had instead left his family behind without a second glance to see the world. He grew up on stories of the young tundra who had cut all ties as soon as possible and felt far closer to this distant figure than the uncaring family who had not learnt anything since. It was not long before he, too, renounced them and set off on a long journey with one destination: his real family.

Tracking one lone traveller from such a long time before proved to be no easy feat, especially when he did not even know the exact location of the origin. The journey from the Starfall Isles back to the Tangled Wood where the trail began was long, but simple when compared to the false starts and many, many replies of “you expect me to remember if one particular unremarkable tundra passed this way some indeterminate but lengthy time ago?”.

Progress was slow and many times he came close to giving up, before happening upon a stroke of luck and inching forwards again. Thanks to the good will of the gods, he encountered a clan of snappers with whom his brother had travelled the barren length of the Shattered Plain before parting from them just across the bay from the Crystalspine Reaches. Not believing his good fortune on this breakthrough, he made haste back to the isles he had left behind so long ago.

It was late in the day when he first caught sight of the pink crystal stretching upwards, and lit by the setting sun behind it was full of promise in a way he had never seen it before. With renewed vigour, it was not long before he finally, finally, followed the trail to a clan with which it seemed his brother had spent quite some time. On arrival there, he found that while this was true, this was where the journey ended unless he wished to pledge himself into the Windsinger’s service.

In quiet, apologetic voices the Sect of Lacunae explained to him that his brother had been very happy with them and had taken up caring for the local plants and crafting potions from them. He had believed that he could change his appearance and even his breed with these potions but before he had succeeded the clan, however unintentionally, betrayed him.

Hiram listened with horror as he was told of how his brother had been sent to stay with a friendly clan and, while he had finally gained a name of his own, had been largely ignored and forgotten about. By the time the Sect had thought to check up on him, they discovered that their newest member had been accidentally sent to the Cloudsong with a group of exalts and while they desperately tried to get him back, it was too late and Nimini would be not be returning home.

Hiram’s anger grew as he listened to their timid explanations and he took to the skies to think. He had not come this far just to be separated from his goal at the last hurdle. While he wanted nothing more than for the two of them to be together, he had no particular interest in living out his life performing pointless tasks for a god that was not his and who wasn’t even around. And from the tale he had heard, he was pretty sure that his brother did not want that either. There was only one solution: he had to bring Nimini back.

This proved easier said than done and after a few false starts he settled on his solution. Knowing that to steal an exalt from a god would be disrespectful on an unfathomable level, he started to research Old magic. He began to learn the essence of a being and the interweaving of souls. Working on plants and then on small animals found nearby he steadily honed his skill and waited until the moment was right.

Opportunity came in the form of two soon-to-be parents remarkably similar to his, passing by with their clutch of eggs. As they slept, he snuck past them and stole an egg, probing them with his magic to select the most appropriate choice. He replaced it with one of the abandoned eggs sometimes found in the wilderness, knowing that by the time the parents discovered the switch it would be too late.

The Sect believed that life came from the trees, rocks, and sky, and therefore made certain that all three elements were present for a birth. Rather than allowing the stolen egg to hatch in the traditional nesting grounds, Hiram snuck away through a portal to a quiet part of the Starwood Strand - an area where the rocks had worn down to dust long ago. It was here, where the soul would take longer to stabilise, that he performed his rite.

As the hatchling slowly emerged from the egg he began to speak, soft but compelling and full of power. Closing his eyes, he reached out towards the Cloudsong, felt around and pulled. The tiny body grew rapidly, seeking to contain the emotions and experience being poured into it. By the time Hiram’s words stilled and he opened his eyes, satisfied that the transfer was complete, it was an adolescent dragon curled at his feet. Not wanting to disturb his slumbering brother - brother! - he gently scooped him up and bore him home.

As Nimini grew, he showed no signs of knowledge of his origins. Mute but expressive, he loved his brother and the two grew close. Hiram helped to guide him in his early attempts at horticulture, quietly providing the plants with a little extra boost to encourage him but gradually decreasing his help as time went on. Nowadays, he spends much of his days away from the lair, where he can maintain the secrecy of his rites, but plants and animals near the lair often receive a suspicious burst of good health just as they look to be dying or even dead. The clan turns a blind eye to these instances - it keeps everything in good order and after all a resurrectionist is a completely different thing from a necromancer.

When evening comes he settles down in the clearing and watches the world go by. The lair is more full of life than ever since he arrived, and among it all his brother is safe and happy and here - and that’s all he ever wanted.
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