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Peyp » Lair » Dream
Level 25
Coatl Male
Jan 03, 2018 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCerise Wasp
SecondaryCrimson Bee
TertiaryCottoncandy Runes
Eye TypeIce Primal
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
SEyyIjd.png HMb5tTF.png

The embodiment of dreams


A stirring in the blank, darkness of the world. A movement where there shouldn't be, a thought let loose from a mind. The tattered remains of dreams long gone. It stirred, opening sleepy eyes that weren't quite eyes. But in this world, visualization was all that mattered. Sight crashed into the creature, leaving it stunned and blinded for a moment.

A pitch black atmosphere surrounded it. No noise, nothing to fill the empty void it was trapped in. But it could see what surrounded it, despite the gloom that wanted to suffocate it, turn it back into the thousands of parts it had come from. But why? It was not wrong, it was not hurting anything. It merely existed, and that was all.

A spark in the shadows caught its attention. Why would such a bright being come to a place of darkness and emptiness?

It gently moved towards the illumination, though the motion felt more like flying than anything. It took longer than it had expected, but that didn't matter. It needed to see what this being was!

At last, it reached the radiant being. Its consciousness was tired, and it wanted nothing more than to drift in the darkness and become nothing more than a lifeless speck.

The light was shining brighter than it had originally thought, as well as much larger. It looked as though the blaze it omitted would swallow all the shadows and make everything as bright as itself.


Though hard to look at, it couldn't help but to stare at the wall of light, leaning closer and closer. It burned its vision, until the world went white and a sharp bolt of pain shot through it.

And then the world had colour.

Each colour seared into its vision, making it dizzy. It tried to move forwards, but it merely fell to the floor with a thunderous crash.

Immediately, small beings jumped onto it, small claws digging into the sensitive skin. Dazed, confused, and in more pain that it had known since it had gained consciousness, it lifted its head. A small hatchling, barely big enough to look at it, was staring at it as though it were the sun shining after a year of night.

"Sir? Are you okay?" the hatchling asked, while the others continued to nip at its tail.

"What is a.. Sir?" it asked the small being, unsure of how the knowledge of speaking had come about. It just had seemed.. Natural.

The hatchling looked at him with large, brown eyes. "Well.. all of us thought you looked like a male coatl. We always called you Dream. Would it- Would it be okay if we called you Dream?" the hatchling asked tentatively, as if afraid of saying something wrong.

"I.. Suppose?" the new creature mumbled, trying to find a way to see what form it had taken in this strange, new world. It stepped into a small puddle of water, startling it at the sudden sensation. It jumped back, shaking a foot, sending water droplets flying.

After the cold sensation faded, it looked into the puddle of water. The reflection of itself caused it to back away in horror.

It looked like a large version of the hatchling, but with stitches and holes. What kind of form was this? So large, so bright? Where had the world of darkness gone, and why had it put the creature here?

The hatchling clamped down on Dream's tail, making him yelp. "Bhavith wants to talk to you," the hatchling said. When he focused, he thought he could hear a faint humming sound when he or the hatchling spoke.

A tug of its tail pulled Dream out of thought and began to follow the hatchling, who looked determined to take him to this 'Bhavith', whether by choice or force.

The hatchling led him to a large room that contained a lake. Looking into it, Dream could see small, darting shapes and shadows that made him want to dive into the water to find out what they were.

ciBavhM.png XEM5qlc.png
Once Dream's eyes managed to move from the body of water, he saw a grape-coloured Pearlcatcher sitting next to the water, peering into it as if it could give the answers to all questions ever asked. The pearlcatcher absently nodded to the hatchling, who beamed and clumsily flew out of the room.

The pearlcatcher turned to him. “My name is Bhavith. I’ve been waiting to meet you for quite a long time. Perhaps I should clarify things for you, yes? I’m sure you’re struggling to grasp all the information you’ve received in this short time.”

ays passed, and the hatchlings slowly accepted that this creature, who they’d decided to name Desire, was truly their painting they had loved for so long. Repitor had cried for an hour, while Julissa had interrogated Desire until her head swam. Maliok sat through the whole interrogation, ready to attack. Desire sat through it all, barely managing to answer the questions. But eventually she answered to their satisfaction, and they led her around the Cave, showing her the different rooms and the entrances and exits. She learned at a fast pace, impressing the hatchlings when she managed to find her way outside on her own. They found her asleep next to the wall she’d come from. They watched her sleep for long moments before eventually began to speak.
“There’s another.. Thing.. Like her. The younger hatchlings are in an uproar about it!” Maliok whispered.
“Yeah, I think Bhavith said something about that! Some toy coming to life. I think they named him Dream,” Julissa muttered skeptically.
“Maybe we should take her to meet them! They’ve been here a few weeks, I think. They’ll know how to help!”

LfieXCM.png ZtQWExj.png
ciBavhM.png The next morning, the hatchlings told stories of their “adventures” to Desire, who listened with wide eyes. Her eagerness soared to new heights, until she was begging them to take her on an adventure. The hatchlings, looking at each other with the eyes of a cornered stag, eventually came up with a lie. “We- we can’t! It’s not safe, and you’re still new. You’d get hurt if we took you out there!”

Desire sulked for the rest of the day, and the hatchlings began to feel guilty.
“Maybe we should just take her to the Coatl that’s like her. I heard his name is Dream.”
“I guess. But do you think she can handle it?”
“Better than she handled not going on an adventure, at least.”

With grim determination, they took Desire back into the Cave. “We’re going to the hatchery, Desire. There’s somebody there we want you to meet!” Julissa exclaimed. Desire followed with eagerness, not showing a shred of the sadness or confusion she’d experienced earlier.

They trekked through the labyrinth-like tunnels, eventually making it to the hatchery. Once there, they saw a male Coatl entertaining the young hatchlings with silly buzzing and humming noises. The young hatchlings were scrambling over one another, trying to get a better view of Dream. The group waited until the fresh hatchlings had worn themselves out before they approached Dream. “Sir, our friend here is- She’s like you. We thought that you two could be friends…” Julissa trailed off, staring at the Coatl with large, pleading eyes.

Dream smiled at her, patted her on the head, and turned to Desire. Desire promptly tripped over a hatchling toy and landed at Dream’s feet, causing him to smile.
“Still getting used to your legs, I imagine?” he asked her, helping her up.
“Yeah, stupid things won’t work properly,” she muttered.
Dream snorted at her comment and motioned to a far corner that was free of hatchlings. “Shall we speak alone for a moment?” he asked her. When she nodded, he turned to the trio. “Thank you for bringing her here. I’ll take care of her, I promise!”
The hatchlings left, leaving Dream and Desire alone. Dream led her to the far corner with a faint smile.
“So, do you remember how you became a dragon?” he asked.
“No, I didn’t exist, and then I did,” she said warily.
“Alright, I guess that makes sense. I used to be.. Something. Not quite sure. Maybe something.”
“I was a painting. Those hatchlings always watched me.”
“Do you know why you’re a Wildclaw?”
“What’s a Wildclaw?”
Dream chuckled and sat down on a chair, motioning her towards another chair. “I believe you have much to learn, and we have much to discuss.”

Written by SalazValana, #358889!

Pretty pink boy, with pretty flowers.
Looking holy and divine.
Pretty pink boy, with arcane powers.

Dancing gently in daisy showers.
Best friends with Marie, his feline.
Pretty pink boy, with pretty flowers.

Generous soul that never sours.
Giving up his cat is where he draws the line.
Pretty pink boy, with arcane powers.

Lives by, "What is mine is ours."
Someone no one could malign.
Pretty pink boy, with pretty flowers.

With purity that could last endless hours.
Glittering gloriously, like a sign.
Pretty pink boy, with arcane powers.

Blessed pink boy, who's love towers,
With hope and joy, he does surely shine.
Pretty pink boy, with pretty flowers...
Pretty pink boy, with arcane powers...

Written by PoeticPursuits.


Bio template by @Mibella, find it here.
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