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PantheraScience » Lair » Mamon
Level 1
Nocturne Male
Mar 03, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOrange Skink
SecondaryWatermelon Morph
TertiaryHoneydew Scales
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins
435969Lore Notes:

~Fruit Expert
~Named after the Mamon Chino fruit.
~Very hyper and cheery
~Starts talking really fast when talking about fruit
~Keeps a large greenhouse of fruits from all over Sornieth
~Doesn't get along with Amala cause she hates on his gardening skills
~Only eats fruits




Forum Bookmarks wrote:

Other wrote:
Apparel wrote:
So many Haunted Flame Candles

Studious Druid
Familiars wrote:
Skins/Accents wrote:
Genes wrote:

Note: I'll take any gene since I will probably need it eventually.
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Dream Dragons wrote:
Male Mirror - Light Eyes
Antique Jaguar - Ivory Bee - Ivory Runes
('Me' Derg)

Male Wildclaw - Earth Common
Jade Giraffe - Tarnish Striation - Tarnish Runes

Female Skydancer - Plague Multigaze
Latte Python - Latte Striation - Antique Smirch

Female Imperial - Plague Glowing
Phthalo Basic - Turquoise Basic - Antique Ghost

Male Wildclaw - Lightning Rare
Banana Pinstripe - Banana Trail - Robin Glimmer

Male Wildclaw - Water Unusual
Driftwood Ripple - Teal-Jade (Preferably Mint) Bee - Teal-Jade (Preferably Mint) Glimmer

Female Pearlcatcher - Fire Glowing
Sunset Starmap - Sunset Alloy - Oilslick Opal

Male Imperial - Lightning Glowing
Cyan Starmap - Teal Alloy - Abyss Opal
Lair wrote:
PART 1: Lairs

1. Where do you live on your flight's map?

2. What does it look like before you enter? What is the grand facade that you show to the world that this, THIS is your home!
The entrance is a wooden structure wall built into a cave system. It being back in the caves, keeps it warm and out of the harsh weather of the Icefields. The only door in or out of the Inn is sectioned off with cutouts for the 3 breed sizes, Large, Medium, and Small. When you walk in, there is a desk where Uncia sits with her log book for visitors to sign in and out should they want a room. To the right past the desk and straight ahead is a large open seating area with a fireplace in the center where travelers can get together and plan trips or even play games.

3. Now let’s work on the inside. What facilities will you need to service your clan? Try drawing a map!

Sleeping areas: There are 3 floors of rooms for visiting dragons to rent out for however long they wish to stay.
Storage: Most storage is kept on the lowest underground level of the Inn where only workers are allowed and food is kept in a 'Glacier Room' in the kitchen that utilizes ice magic to keep food fresh and cold.
A place to relax or entertain: The large open area that spans the entrance, a bar with plenty of seating placed the left of the open area.
Beastmaster area for keeping familiars: All familiars generally stick close to the dragon that they are bonded to or they wander freely so there is no need for a designated area.
Research: We don't have any research facilities because this is an Inn and we don't have much need for them.
Production: Most productions are kept to the second underground level including: Greenhouse, Forge for heat, Library, Enchantment Room, Tailor. The fish hatchery is outside the cave in a large pond and the butchery is located in a small cave away from the Inn entrance.
Other: Bar on the first floor, Rooms for Workers are on the first underground floor, Kitchen is opposite the bar across the waiting area, there is a nursery room for Jubatus to watch traveling hatchlings on the first floor, a guard is usually stationed outside the Inn.

4. Since you have that map out, do you stick to FR’s official dragon sizes? If so, make sure you have passageways for your largest dragons. Do your smaller dragons keep their own mini-colony somewhere?
I use the official FR Dragon sizes when building my Inn as to fit every breed from Faes to Imperials. Most halls and rooms are built to accommodate a large Imp's bulk with more room to fold out their wings at least half-way. Some rooms are separated for smaller breeds though should they want an average size room for their size (Large/Medium/or Small).

5. It’s a good time to think about technology.
The Inn has a more rustic feel to it, wooden walls, beams, ceiling, and furniture with candlelight lamps and chandeliers. It is heated by subtle fire magic that keeps the whole Inn heated from the center stone fireplace that goes through all floors. The beds are simple wooden frames with luxurious mattresses with soft cloth and silk bed spreads that are made by Tarsk, the Tailor, with the help of Velga, the interior designer. The nursery is just a play room with padded flooring to entertain hatchlings as dragons do not nest in the Inn so there is no need for anything more. As a business, everyone in the clan is literate and most worker can understand the Coatl librarian through practice and learning Coatl speak.

Week 1: Advanced

1. Let’s talk about invaders.
Other dragons, beastclan, maybe an angry bug that just wants a new home and is drilling in your tree... Most dragons come to rest from the storms so there isn't much invading going on and Uncia has trades set up with most of the surrounding Beastclans as to avoid probable conflict. New familiars are also welcomed in and given a home should they show up looking for somewhere to rest.
If something were to get in, how would it do it? The only way an and out of the Inn is the entrance door, so they would have to get past the front guard.
Do you build your own defences or are there natural structures in your lair that discourages such a thing? Being a one entrance lair has it's advantages and disadvantages. The only non-living obstacle being the front door. If they do manage to get inside, there are ready workers to defend the Inn, most armed, trained and dangerous.

2. How is justice dealt with in your clan? Seeing as it is an Inn, there isn't much trouble going around besides the rare want-to-be-thief. Should that problem arise, they are quickly thrown out and left with Yoru to give them "a stern talking to" if you know what I mean.

3. Okay, focus on something more fun: The hoard!
The Record Keeper/Librarian keeps the hoard in a cavern below the Library for quick access. Everything is neatly sorted by many factors, the most prominent being by color and type.

Do individual dragons have hoards of their own? Where is that kept?
Some workers keep their own personal hoards in their rooms or wherever the hoard is deemed most fit, such as Tarsk and Velga leaving their hoarded supplies in the Tailor room.

PART 2: Personalities

So you've got a small collection of dragons. Now you need to string them together. Today’s focus is on your dragons themselves. If you have a large lair, start with five dragons, get those hashed out then add more one by one. For now though, focus on just five.

This chapter will be a two-parter. The next section will be focusing on jobs, so don’t worry about detailing that part just yet, but having an idea for general profession for each dragon is fine for now.

1. What social structure do you use? My clan is a Workplace

2. Personalities Overview:

+: Adaptable, Efficient, Generous
=: Businesslike, Moralistic, Progressive
-: Passive
+: Scholarly, Serious, Unfoolable
=: Preoccupied, Impassive, Placid
-: Asocial
+: Perfectionist, Tasteful, Trusting
=: Artful, Outspoken, High-spirited
-: Well-meaning
+: Alert, Protective, Solid
=: Private, Stern, Formal
-: Calculating
+: Independent, Patient, Reliable
=: Impasive, Unsentimental, Stolid
-: Cynical

3. Okay, now that you’ve got a basic idea of personalities, how do these 5 dragons interact with each other?
All of them work under Uncia with different jobs around the inn and all of them are thankful to work there since she gives them somewhere to live and go about their lives.

Yoru generally stays by himself in a small house built into a cavern outside the main Inn entrance and is visited often by Stellari. She is also the only dragon he interacts with on a regular basic.

Tarsk and Delacouri talk often as friends as well as Delacouri being Tarsk's fashion muse. Both dragons have a crush on the other but neither will admit to such feelings.

Carne is the Inn's butcher and the first resident Flesh Beast, next to Rosemary, who doesn't stick around for long periods of time. He mostly interacts with Akasha, the Inn's Hunter, since she brings him meats to butcher. They are also close friends as Akasha understands what he is and still treats him as just another old timer of a dragon.

Advanced Lorebuilding

*Will edit these in after rollover*

Done all that basic stuff at the top? Well, here's some more stuff to work on.

1. You have the basic of a personality down, now explore further. Find likes and dislikes for the following categories: Activities, Food, Objects/Presents from other dragons, personality traits in a mate.

2. What long term goals do they have in life?

3. What do they value the most?
Put this list of values in order of most important: Family, Truth, Honor, Friendship, Money/Materials.
For example, say a dragon’s family member is being imprisoned. What will your dragon care about more: the truth of what happened; Their own (or the family) honor that is being tainted; or will they value the fact that something bad is happening to a family member more?

Everything wrote:

Just your friendly neighborhood innkeeper.

You can call me Pan~
Tarsk wrote:
Detrys wrote:

Velga wrote:




"artificiiial" wrote on "2018-03-03":
Velga cries over cats and interior design. Its really an issue, a cat will go "Prrt?" at her and boom, tears all over. She finishes a project? Tears all over the new floors. She even gets dramatic about it, swooning with a claw to her forehead at everything.


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