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Silwyna » Lair » Moondust
Level 20
Pearlcatcher Female
Apr 07, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Pinstripe
SecondaryCharcoal Bee
TertiaryMoon Firefly
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
sword_1_by_rexcaliburr-dbedyub.png Moondust
Every one can master a grief but he that has it.

„Are you sure you want to do this, child?” the old Bogsneak asked softly. Moondust stared into the dragon’s blind eyes, her own small body was shivering. She wasn’t sure whether it was from cold, fear or excitement. Maybe all of it. But there was no turning back. Not for her. She had been searching for the old alchemist for so long, followed whispers and rumors until she had finally found her in a remote hut high in the mountains of the Cloudscrape Crags. “I am. I have to. I don’t want to feel helpless ever again…” Moondust said. Her voice shook as memories of her past resurfaced. Memories she couldn’t block out whatever she tried. They haunted her in her dreams and made her life a dreadful nightmare. With immense effort she focused on the Bogsneak in front of her. “It will be painful.” The Alchemist said softly. Moondust almost laughed. No pain could ever be as bad as the one she was already suffering. “I know. But I have to do this.” Moondust replied. The Bogsneak sighed and handed her a small scroll. It felt weird, soft and warm almost like living skin. “Be careful child. Search for a safe place where no beast, Beastclan or dragon can find you. You will be vulnerable and disoriented after the change. It will take time to adjust to the new body.” Moondust nodded, but remembered that the old Bogsneak couldn’t see her. She cleared her throat. “I will be careful, I promise. Thank you for your help.” Turning around swiftly, Moondust left the hut.

A few days later Moondust had found a cave high up in the mountains. It seemed huge yet she herself would be much larger after the transformation. Meltwater was dripping down on one side of the cave into a rock basin. It would have to do. Her frail body was shaking but her grip on the scroll was firm. She unrolled it and her eyes darted back and forth reading the words that were written on the parchment in blood. Moondust breathed in deeply. She’d better make no mistake or she’d end up as a twisted mass of flesh and bone. After she cleared her throat one last time, she sang the incantation. Her voice echoed in the cave, and faded away. With shaking hands, she pulled her silver dagger and aimed for her heart…

The pain was excruciating. Her insides were on fire, her heart was racing and she couldn’t breathe. I will die here in this cave, Moondust thought. I will see my children again. Images of her two little hatchlings emerged, alive and unharmed, instead of dead and maimed. They laughed and waved at her. Moondust wanted to wave back, but she couldn’t move. Struggling against invisible chains, she thrashed around on the wet ground and before she blacked out, her lungs finally expanded and she gasped for air. The images of her children faded away as she retched and spat blood. She struggled to get up on paws far larger than her previous ones. Her first steps were clumsy and unstable but she managed to stay on her feet. Slowly, step by step, she stumbled to the water basin and collapsed. Her reflection in the water was no longer that of a fragile Fae, instead a huge yet graceful Pearlcatcher stared back at her, eyes wide open with shock. The pain slowly subsided and her ragged breathing eased and slowed down. She had done it. She had left her weak and frail body behind and created a new one. A strong one. A body fit for combat. It was time to follow the path of her mother’s bloodline. Nobody should ever harm her or the ones she loved again. She would protect them and never fail again.




Night Warrior (Generation 7)




Name // Moondust

Role // Warrior

Personality/Background // Moondust was born a Fae not a Pearlcatcher. Unlike her fierce mother, she never showed any interest in combat. She preferred to sing and dance and swim in the sea. Until one day, a band of pirates came and raided her small village. Moondust neither had the strength nor the fighting skills to stop them when they slaughtered her Clanmates. Her firstborn children were brutally murdered right infront of her eyes. This horror that befell the ones she loved changed her. The carefree and joyous Fae died that day. She blamed herself for not being as strong and battle-hardened as her mother and decided to embrace her Night Warrior heritage and left home never to return. She never wanted to be helpless and weak again, never fail to protect the ones she loved again. Her breed she thought was a disadvantage for a strong warrior so she decided to change it. She wandered through Sornieth searching for a fellow Night Warrior that would be willing to train her and a Clan that would welcome her. She found both in the Forgotten Sanctuary. But the memories of the night her children were taken away from her, never leave her. They haunt her in her dreams, and she craves for revenge knowing that she will never get it as the pirates that killed her children were lost at sea.

Familiar // Pumba
-- Role of familiar // Moondust found Pumba the Beetleboar stuck under a fallen tree. He had been searching for insects. Moondust freed him from his unfortunate position and Pumba has been following her around ever since.

Mate // Gilgamesh
After the loss of her first mate and children Moondust never thought she’d ever fall in love again. Until she met Gilgamesh, the stern and ruthless Reaper. There is a darkness in him that resonates with the demons she buried deep within her soul. Moondust is not afraid of him and doesn’t shy away from his grim profession. She knows what he is and what he does and she respects it.



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