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SpaceSnakes » Lair » Di
Level 25
Skydancer Female
Apr 18, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Metallic
SecondaryAmethyst Bee
TertiaryViolet Opal
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins




· Composed | Wise | Deliberate ·

The empire has fallen...


Di was once a compelling queen from a time long gone, recognized for her stunning looks and remarkable authority. Draped in mountains of valuables and exotic foods, she was almost worshiped as a goddess by her people. Though, her empire was not a flawless one. Her people were not very independent... They looked upon her for everything from food to shelter, to even simple guidance. She shared her fortune and wisdom amongst them, and they prospered. Many kingdoms from lands far away sought to set up trade deals, and tourists loved to come and see the beautiful land.

Her kingdom boasted a diversity of inhabitants, with subjects who had come to settle there from all across Sornieth - from the ever-growing jungles of the Shrieking Wilds, to the deepest colds of the Cloudscrape Crags. Those who lived there served a purpose. Many of them were skilled artisians; masters in the craft of pottery, textiles, poetry, and painting.

Any who were lucky enough to gaze upon Di herself describe it as a certainly unforgettable sight; her sensuous red eyes and sleek, glowing body was certain to make anyone's heart flutter. Her form was decorated with beautiful golden jewelry, purple roses, gallant silk robes, and upon her head sat a brilliant, aureate spiked crown. Some even say that opal was incrested within her body, gleaming in even the dimmest of lights. While flying, her wings glistened in the sunlight shining down on her, her feathers almost appearing translucent. Her voice was said to have been granted by the angels themselves; soft and cogent, yet it traveled with ease across the winds. Everyone could agree that authority radiated from her in a powerful aura, and they respected that.

Though, with power, also comes envy. Many looked to her empire in jealousy, longing for what she had. Di also commanded her own army, as she frequently had to prepare herself and her kingdom for potential attackers and invaders. Her soldiers were swift and cunning, trained to eliminate the threat without mercy. They fought with pride, taking out their opponents harshly, but never in vain. Together, they won many battles, but never could win them all. At times, they suffered many casualties, sometimes even losing land or citizens in the process.

As time flowed on, many began to realize that Di wasn't as perfect as a creature as they thought her to be, and maybe even what she thought herself to be. Her flaws would shine through at times, despite her repression of them. Vanity led to carelessness, and carelessness led to mistakes, especially in battle. Poor battle tactics left them with a heavy blow in their forces, whether that had been from disease from spending too many nights out in harsh weather, or simply being too insensible to opponent's tactics. Back at home, civilians began to grow weary of their seemingly omniscient leader. They wondered, if Di were sharing her fortune with her people, why did some still live in poverty? If she is such a wise and feared military commander, why are there seemingly so many, if too many, casualties at war?

Everyone knows that powerful kingdoms must grow and fall, and Di's empire was no exception. After many hundreds of years in a constant Gilded Age, corruption grew more and more. Acquisitive civilians pushed for more power, advancement, and money, and the city grew restless. It seemed that almost every day there was a new conflict, and the streets became unsafe for anyone to roam. The dissension sometimes went to the extremes of burning down homes and businesses. Soon, civil war broke out, and Di's army couldn't draw back the passionate, burning hostility and anarchy of the opposing forces. The whole province went up in flames, and the empire was no more.

Di is the only survivor of the destruction, purely due to the loyal guards who risked their life to protect her and get her to safety quickly. She now prefers to live in solitude, far from any civilization. A shadow of her former self, her once powerful voice is now down to a whisper, and her bolstering confidence has toned down to mere content. She has become paranoid and skittish, weary of any noise or voice she may hear - for what if those who defied her have finally come to find her? The memories of the chaos still haunt her, but she is still very much proud of her reign, her empire, and her people, despite what what became of it and them.

Rumors have spread through the wind of a great, ancient city said to have been made of pure gold, with millions of harmonized inhabitants, ruling the lands around them for centuries to come - all disappearing without a trace or even artifacts to suggest it's presence. Some even say that you can still hear their most memorable melodies drifting through the forests.

Only one remains who knows what happened to it, and she is the one who sings those very songs...


All these memories, mine: the lonely coast and the marble spires, the peregrine and the quail, the dust of seasons and the crackle of old books that reveal new stories. Gold coins and silver amulets, weary feet and a sky full of fallen stars. The olive tree and the dying flame, my armor cracked and rusted from battles neither won nor lost. All of the bangles of semi-divinity weigh heavy on my limbs; I fear I will not fly again.


echoes of the past,
rumors whispered in the dark
of the fallen queen.


She once ruled a kingdom,
Adorned in praise and gold.
Flowing silks draped graceful limbs,
Jewels glimmered in their folds.

And yet all things must end,
Her reign became disgraced
By careless pride and haughty eyes
Blinded by her mistakes.

Seek her in the silence,
Find her in the trees.
On summer nights her gentle voice
Will simmer in the breeze.





fr__shadow_by_baelfin-d8uyn7o.png fr__shadow_by_baelfin-d8uyn7o.png fr__shadow_by_baelfin-d8uyn7o.png fr__shadow_by_baelfin-d8uyn7o.png


4 / 14 / 2019


Offer to Taishiro #250155 if ever considering selling

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