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EclipseMirror » Lair » Eliza
Level 1
Skydancer Female
May 11, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Vipera
SecondaryCrimson Rosette
TertiaryGrapefruit Crackle
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 44 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Blood mage
All shall go well. Don't you believe in me?
♪I am so much more than royal
Snatch your chain and mace your eyes♫


Personality (featuring the talent of ZincAlloy)
With all the grace innate to a skydancer, Eliza stands proud as matriarch Corona’s favourite. Her polite and outgoing demeanour suggests a friendly dragon of proper upbringing, and yet something seems off about her. Perhaps it’s her connection to certain experiments that are questionable at best. Maybe it’s that she openly admits to being a blood mage. Or just maybe, it’s the way she asks everyone if they’ve caught any interesting blood-borne diseases recently. Such macabre topics delight Eliza, almost as much as watching weak-stomached dragons squirm while she talks about them does.

Regardless, everyone eventually figures out that Eliza doesn’t have their best interests at heart. This generally only happens after she’s run out of reasons to keep manipulating them, but sometimes they’re ever so slightly clever and figure it out earlier. Eliza doesn’t really care. Seeing their realizations of betrayal is more entertaining anyway. But it’s not like everything Eliza says is false flattery. She never lies; she only twists the truth until it serves her purposes, the same way she can twist the blood in a dragon’s veins so that it too submits to her will. The only dragon exempt from Eliza’s plotting is Corona. Eliza would never harm her dear Mamma, and that respect runs deeply enough that she wouldn’t dare use her magic to tamper with Corona’s blood.

Eliza’s manipulative skills and blood magic go claw in claw, each supporting and justifying the other. She claims that she’s a blood mage only out of necessity, but that’s only true on a technicality. Sure, Eliza does suffer from a condition where her blood clots inside her veins, and yes, she did originally delve into blood magic so that she could survive without constant treatment. But she could have stopped there! There’s no reason she needed to go farther, to learn how to not only control her blood when it’s outside her body, but how to control the blood inside other dragons as well. Being able to knock another dragon unconscious by preventing blood flow to their brain is fully self-serving, no matter how much Eliza claims it has medical uses. (Similarly, the reason that Eliza never mentions her blood-clotting virus is contagious isn’t that she simply forgets to bring it up.)

As blood magic isn’t exactly a common pursuit, Eliza’s had to develop her own rituals to develop her powers. While some of her experimentation is on how to most effectively get blood into and out of her body (as a plague dragon, she doesn’t have to worry too much about contamination), most of it focuses on blood that will remain outside of her veins. Whether that’s because it’s currently inside someone else or simply because it’s more useful in the surrounding environment doesn’t really matter. Making a temporary blood construct is useful wherever it forms, as far as Eliza’s concerned. Creating one that isn’t temporary is even more useful, but that’s going a bit too far into her and Cascade’s projects. Not that Eliza really cares, obviously, but Cascade can be ever so secretive.
Early Life (featuring the talent of ZincAlloy)
Among the children of plague, hatching with a new and horrifying disease is the norm. Sure, this causes many hatchlings to die young, but removing those who are too weak to survive their gift from the Plaguebringer early keeps the dragons of the plague flight strong. However, not every draconic parent is willing to accept their child isn’t strong enough to survive.

Eliza’s mother was such a dragon. It didn’t take her long to realize that her daughter wasn’t going to survive with her intervention, and she was appalled that her child could be so weak. One of her own blood was better than that, and she would make Eliza survive, whether Eliza wanted to or not. Thus, she force-fed Eliza every medicinal herb under the sun, and had strange healers attempt dangerous and painful treatments if they had even the slightest chance of improving her circulation.
One of those treatments worked. Eliza lived! Unfortunately, not only did none of the other things her mother attempted help, many were actively harmful, leaving Eliza a weak and sickly hatchling. Her mother never accepted that what she was doing caused those problems, and instead blamed Eliza for being weak in the first place. She kept subjecting her daughter to these so-called cures, and so for years Eliza was frail without any home of improvement. And in the Scarred Wasteland, where survival of the fittest is the way of life, she was constantly mocked by other plague dragons for her weakness. Her mother took vengeance on those dragons, but only for the purpose of defending her own bloodline; completely without care for her daughter’s feelings. This only made things worse. Not only was she feeble, but she had to listen to jeers about how she relied on her hated mother for everything.

Eventually, a chance for respite came. An allied clan was in trouble and needed new members to help rebuild. While she may have been barely more than a hatchling, Eliza was willing to leave everything behind to escape her current situation. And as if she wanted to snuff out the last bit of love her daughter might have had for her, Eliza’s mother agreed without a second thought. Shipping Eliza off to the Starfall Isles would mean she’d never have to deal with the disgrace to her bloodline ever again.
And so, Eliza was sent away on a supply caravan. Her mother didn’t send anything with her, except for a list of demands on what was to be done with her daughter. The trip was long, and Eliza only began to second-guess her rash decision more as it stretched onwards. There was no guarantee that the arcane dragons would be any better than her mother. They could easily be worse. Once the caravan neared its destination, Eliza suddenly realized she needed to hide the list her mother had sent, before the arcane dragons could get any ideas. But to her distress, it had been locked up with other, actually important, papers, and she had no way to get her claws on it. Before she knew it, they’d arrived, and she was waiting for the rest of the caravan to go through the formalities before they could begin to unpack. Her heart dropped as her new clan’s matriarch found the list, and she wanted nothing more than to run as the tundra read it. But then, before she’d even made it halfway through, the matriarch crumpled the parchment up and threw it away. At that moment, it felt like a weight was lifted from Eliza’s heart. Perhaps things wouldn’t be so bad after all.

For all the trouble she caused her, Eliza can recognize that her mother did teach her some valuable lessons. How to manipulate others, building them up with constant flattery, only to crumble them with a few cruel words directly to the heart. But she taught Eliza this believing it was the only way her weak daughter could possibly keep her bloodline alive. Eliza disagreed. She’d become self-sufficient by her own power, not by using others’, and especially not her mother’s.
Okay, she did use what her mother taught her to dupe that magus into giving her his tome on blood magic in the first place, but that doesn’t count.

After all, she quickly surpassed what was written in the book. It was a good introduction, but for Eliza’s needs she needed to attempt her own rituals. That she wasn’t worried about injuring herself helped, since whatever state her blood ended up in was probably better than its original one. Luckily, Eliza figured out how to unclot her blood before she figured out how to violently remove it from her body. Theoretically, that was all Eliza needed to learn, but she kept going, discovering all sorts of unpleasant things that are possible with blood magic. From preventing blood flow to specific parts of the body to shaping it after it’s left the veins, as far as Eliza’s concerned blood magic can do anything she could possibly ask for. It’s possible she may eventually be able to use it to reanimate someone, but for now all she can do is increase the pressure of the blood still in a dead dragon’s veins and use that to puppet their corpse around.

Current (featuring the talent of ZincAlloy)
Few dragons of Clan Wonderstark have accomplished enough to hold Eliza’s interest, and none but Corona have been so impressive as to earn her respect. She prefers to work by herself, devising her own blood rituals without having to worry about things such as ethics and morals that would cause a lesser dragon to hesitate.
Despite this, she often works with Cascade. As Cascade is rarely seen, those who want information on how his projects are going are forced to ask Eliza. And she only speaks about their progress when she has something to gain from it. A gift or two can get her to open up, but don’t expect her to divulge everything. Eliza knows how to leverage even the smallest bit of information, so a secret that’s still of use to her will remain as such. Dragons can at least take solace in the fact that she’ll never outright lie to them.

Of course, Eliza wouldn’t work with Cascade unless she had something to gain from it. The benefit of her blood magic to Cascade’s cloning process is relatively clear to the rest of the clan, but Eliza doesn’t make what she gets out of the deal well known. For the cloning process to be safe, someone has to destroy the clone's original soul, leaving room for the soul of whoever Cascade's trying to revive. This duty falls to Eliza, as her magic is suitable for the task. But destroying a soul (and the rest of Cascade’s work) is still highly experimental and produces far more failures than successes. Cascade has tasked Eliza with ‘disposing’ of the failures, but both of them know she doesn’t do that. At least not immediately. Those failures are subjected to Eliza’s own experiments, subject to rituals designed to heighten Eliza’s own power without any chance of escape. Cascade doesn’t care what happens to them, after all, and nobody else even knows they exist.
When she’s not involved with Cascade’s grand plan, Eliza spends her time scheming and manipulating her way to greater status in the clan. All in secret, of course. She wouldn’t want her dear mamma to worry about what she’s doing. Corona might not approve of her pulling other dragons around by her heartstrings, and definitely wouldn’t appreciate any attempts to spread viruses that are so slow acting they produce no symptoms until it’s far too late. Eliza has considered using some of the failed clones as pawns for her machinations, though there’d have to some that survive for that long in the first place.

Somehow Eliza doesn’t really care if her clanmates discover her conniving ways. Well, seeing Corona disappointed in her actions might be enough to break Eliza, but beyond that it’s little more than a game to her. A game with fantastic rewards if she wins, and basically no risk for losing. It’s as if Eliza believes herself to be untouchable; as if stealing a feather from her wings was as impossible as drinking the Wyrmwound dry. Sure, a few dragons might end up hating her, but there’s plenty more where they came from. One day, perhaps there’ll even be ones with obedience written in their blood.

>Eliza has a love-hate relationship with the lorekeeper, whom she wants to divulge information from but not at the risk of her own secrets. Wyntre is somewhat disappointed by her unwillingness to divulge them.

>Eliza often arranges her blood to form pretty patterns before they clot over her, such that other dragons will be interested in her golden decor until they realise what it is.

best friend

by RisingShade!

Bio Layout: CityTurtle

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