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Silwyna » Lair » Asaphida
Level 20
Pearlcatcher Female
May 19, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOilslick Giraffe
SecondaryOilslick Safari
TertiaryAntique Ghost
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
sword_1_by_rexcaliburr-dbedyub.png Asaphida
A whisper in the dark.

“Your grandfather is what?!” her distant cousin Stormlight asked raising his voice slightly. His piercing red eyes were narrowed in disgust. Asaphida backed off a few steps, suddenly afraid he might harm her. She could feel his barely restrained anger and her instincts told her to run. But she was done running. She had come here, to her family, to be safe. Safe from that thing which was wreaking havoc in her beloved homeland. To be trained and educated in the arts of war, that was her birthright. And nobody would take that from her. It wasn’t her fault that her family’s bloodline not only included the blood of the living. She took a deep breath and looked at the older dragon defiantly. “My grandfather came back from the dead. He died and was resurrected. But he is not a dumb, dragon-eating zombie. He is as kind and intelligent as he was before that…incident. And I am as alive as you are. My heart is beating, my blood is running through my veins. I’m breathing the same air as you. If you cut me, I will bleed. And when I die, I won’t come back. If that’s what you are afraid of.” Stormlight frowned, still staring at her. “Mind your tong, hatchling. If you die here, you will indeed not come back. We burn our dead. There is nothing left to come back, at least not bodily.”

Asaphida flinched when suddenly a dagger seemed to come from out of nowhere, cutting her arm and drawing blood. She wheeled around, teeth bared and growling. A pale coatl smiled at her, licking the blood from his dagger. Stormlight snapped at the pale one while grabbing hold of Asaphida’s arm. “Are you mad, Morvyn? I mean, madder as usual? What was that about?” The pale coatl named Morvyn bared his teeth and hissed aggressively. “Call me mad one more time and you will be sorry. Very sorry indeed.” Asaphida shivered. There was something in the voice of that coatl that made her fur bristle. Even Stormlight didn’t want to bring matters to a head. With a forced smile he said: “Just tell me why you attacked our guest. You know it is forbidden to harm another clan member or guest.” Morvyn grinned wickedly. “I just wanted to collaborate her story. You seemed … worried … about her nature, and I can assure you that her blood tastes like that of any other living dragon. She is what she says, a living, breathing being. Whatever her grandfather is, she is as alive as you or me.” Asaphida stared at him. Her blood tastes like that of any other dragon. She wondered if she wanted to know how he would know that. Stormlight himself didn’t seem to be taken aback at all by this strange statement. He kept smiling and thanked him for this insight but Morvyn had already retreated into the shadows. In the blink of an eye, he was gone. Asaphida shuddered.

When Stormlight finally turned to her again, the angry and disgusted look in his eyes had disappeared. He pulled her closer to inspect the cut on her arm. He seemed concerned. “You better get that cut checked out, Morvyn usually poisons his weapons. I apologize for his behavior. He is…well, you better see for yourself. Or better yet, stay away from him.” He sighed. “Lugaidh is our most senior Night Warrior, he will see you when he gets back from patrol. Until then, take a look around. Get to know the place and its dragons. Talk to them. Tonight, we’ll meet at the tavern. Then Strider will tell you his story. And after that you decide if you really want to stay here. But first, I’ll take you to Fahlyse, our healer.” Asaphida followed Stormlight through the Citadel and out into the Ancient Grove. What a strange place this was. She had never seen anything like it. But then there were no ancient forests in the Sunbeam Ruins. And certainly, no trees that were big enough to live in. Maybe she should stay in the Citadel for the time being, she felt more at home with walls of stone around her. She smiled to herself. Whatever that Strider would tell her, she wasn’t a coward. She would face whatever evil was lurking in the shadows of these ancient trees. It couldn’t be worse than the thing that had driven her away from her homeland.

She had no idea how wrong she was…



Night Warrior (Generation 7)


Name // Asaphida
-- Origin of name // A now extinct species of arthropods that once roamed the salty seas.

Role // Archer & Warrior

Personality/Background // Asaphida is not only a descendent from Pulchrior’s and Kidara’s bloodline but also from a more sinister bloodline, the Fossils. She carries the marks of her forefather’s curse visible for everyone on her dark-brown hide. But she doesn’t try to hide it. After all, there is nothing wrong with her. She is as strong and as sane as everyone else.
After the calamity that had befallen their homeland, her family decided that it would be better for her to train in a more secure environment. And Asaphida, dutiful and obedient, left the home she loved for the unknown. She is eager to learn and prove herself. Unlike most, she prefers to fight with a bow and not a sword. She is fine-boned and agile, usually her enemies are dead before they even know what hit them. Lurking in the shadows, some say her fighting style is without honor, but honor counts for nothing if you are dead. Her comrades soon learned to appreciate that she has their backs.
Asaphida is friendly and outgoing, a trait she shares with not many of her Night Warrior comrades. As one of the more approachable Night Warriors, she is often the one her fellow clan members turn to when they need the help of a skilled warrior.

Familiar // Pebbles
-- Role of familiar // Asaphida never warmed up to the idea of living inside a tree. She made her home in the Citadel, but her garden is her pride and joy. Pebbles was a gift from Sakura for taking care of some rather nasty vole that damaged the roots of her beloved cherry trees. Asaphida never knew how big those voles could get, until she took on the assignment.
Pebbles now lives in a small pond in her garden, but he also spends brief periods outside the water, following Asaphida around while she is working there. Sometimes she takes him with her to the bigger streams and lets him hunt small water insects. Most sneer at her unimpressive and slippery companion but Asaphida enjoys his company. Furthermore, the mucus he secretes is a key ingredient to a poison she uses for her arrows.



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