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Abysea » Lair » Mosquito
Level 25
Wildclaw Male
Jun 16, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySwamp Iridescent
SecondaryBlood Spinner
TertiaryMaroon Runes
Eye TypeFire Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
MOSQUITO Property Manager for House Wavecaller


xxx Mosquito is the Housing Manager for House Wavecaller. He deals with meeting newly recruited dragons and shuffling them into one of the unoccupied building on the Isles. He also has the less than glorious task of collecting rent from all of them and evicting uncooperative tenants. It's a thankless job but one that somebody has to do and with a bad reputation as is Mosquito feels no harm can come from him doing it.




Back when he was part of the Abyssal Fleet he was the "shuffler". He went around and evaluated where dragons skills would be best suited. Oftentimes he would move them without asking if they even wanted to transfer beforehand which resulted in most dragons treating Mosquito as a bane to the fleet. He didn't mind, just so long as he got paid. Even now all he seems to prioritize is monetary gain.

xxx 22258.png

HOUSE: Wavecaller
JOINED: Founding, Y0
MAGIC: Average

HATCHDAY: Jun 16, 2014
DEITY ALIGNMENT: Shadowbinder, Neutral


STORY Everyone has one to tell.

He is and always will be a gambler. It's just how he is. He knows he's likely to lose it all but he can't stop himself. He's lost countless mates because of it and during times when he's on a winning streak he's gained a few unsavory friends. He's… been beaten a few times for unpayable debts. Then one day his situation improved a little bit. He met Luck. This was the early days of the Abyssal Fleet, before it had really taken off the ground. Luck was in need of loyal followers, and she bet a lifetime of servitude against Mos. He lost and since then has been tailing Luck as her personal lackey.
xxx He supposes it could be worse. She could be mean or cruel to him. For the most part she lets him do whatever he wants after all. He only has to sort through dragon's talents and skills and place them where he thinks they'd improve or thrive. It sort of different kind of gambling, and he can appreciate that.

Ever since the Fleet was destroyed and turned into House Wavecaller his mission has changed slightly. He needs to place dragons in houses, neighbourhoods. It's now a matter of figuring out which neighbours would not be at each other's throats all day and night. A bit more tedious than his last job, but he doesn't mind doing it nonetheless.

Mosquito isn't exactly nice. He ignores most dragons and has little interest in long term friendship. Still, he's managed to get Zuu on his good side and she doesn't seem to hate him for how blunt he can be to her face. She's an exception, not a rule though. Most dragons still have little love for the aging wildclaw, not that he minds. He'll do his own thing and they'll do theirs. Leave him alone and he'll leave them alone (for the most part, sometimes he has to bother tenants). Why then did he volunteer to take Serva as his charge? Maybe it's for the irony. Serva is quite literally his personal servant and Mosquito is the personal servant of Luck. Maybe it's because Serva is almost if not more as disliked as he is. Either way the tundra morphed into a chimera begrudgingly follows him. Mosquito has taken to carrying a knife on him at all times. He can never shake the feeling that Serva might try to maul him like a wild animal...


ART and other info

Gen 6
FL: Ego (gen 1) ► Citrine ► Avekir ► Rai ► Faras ► Mosquito
ML: Nima (gen 1) ► Phaedra ► SourGrapes ► Kiwi ► Celesta ► Mosquito

reached lv.25 during springswarm 2020

by Miyouri

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